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Deliver a consistent experience
with Transactional Email

With our developer friendly APIs, effortlessly
deliver informational emails that have high open rates.
Transactional emails are a unique set of one to one emails that are
ideally targeted for sending data driven and personalized messages.

Optimize and send
mission-critical transactional emails

Account creation | Password reset | Purchase receipt | Account notification and more..

5 minute integration

All our APIs are developer friendly, you can start in minutes.
Use the feature of A/B testing, scheduling, email analysis and tracking while
sending email via our email API with the high end ticket support of 18/7.
Ideal for sending targeted data-driven emails and personalized messages
with 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime SLA.

Email Tracking and Analytics

Debug a specific request or status of an email delivery or analyse report.
Get 30 days of log retention and 7 days message retention.

Suppression Management

Manage your opt-in, opt-out contacts and automatically deliver. Make the suppression list management easy. Automate the entire email opt-out collection with the webhooks to process and distribute in real time.
Automation in opt-out collection also works for other channels like SMS.

Receive email in JSON format

Get every email as JSON at your server via webhook. Setup MX record or forward email to our unique ID and we will send you as we receive.

Get notified via Webhooks

MSG91 webhooks notify your applications about key message events such as bounces, deliveries, clicks, opens, and spam complaints.

Create, Edit, Optimize and Send Transactional Emails

Why Choose MSG91
for sending Transactional Email?

  • Assured delivery with 4x delivery speeds
  • 30 Days of Log history to help you regulate
  • Transparent delivery tracking on every email
  • Easy and scalable developer friendly API to integrate
  • 18/7 Ticket support
  • Provides feature of send time optimization for real time delivery

Transactional Email to customers on time, every time.


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Similar to transactional SMS, transactional emails serve the purpose of updating your customers on confirmations. This can be about the purchase of a product, sending an e-ticket, password resets, login ID confirmations and OTP verifications. The fact that these are vital pieces of information makes them a high click rate.

After creating your account with MSG91, To get started with emails, get your domain added and fully configured. Then Set up SMTP or integrate with API to start sending transactional emails. Get API for Transactional email in the doc

Promotional emails majorly contain commercial content or message that has a commercial value & are generally sent to a large number of groups for generating the leads.
Transactional emails are triggered by a user action on a website or mobile app. Some common examples of transactional emails include password resets, shipping confirmations, invoices, account notifications, and welcome emails. These emails are typically sent programmatically through an email API or SMTP server.
P.S- We only provide transactional email services that can be integrated via API

Unlike promotional emails that are crafted and targeted to a predefined group of customers, transactional emails are auto-generated and rather simple in their communication. Transactional emails are not sent across in bulk, as it entirely depends on an individual and the time between the person-to-organisation communication. The email is also personalised to communicate directly with that individual.

Businesses do not require to take consent from the individual they are sending a transactional email to, as the email is only generated after the individual has initiated a request. This is also typically done to validate any form of information sent across.

MSG91s intuitive API lets you create emails that are auto-generated through programming and sent out to your customers. Here are some quick tips on creating clear and concise pieces of information for transactional emails.


  • Is your email action-oriented? If so, based on what the user has requested, create a template that answers or confirms those queries
  • It’s always good to break down your information into a step-by-step flow. This makes the communication easier to follow for users who are expecting verification confirmations
  • Be precise with what you want to communicate – make your points clear in the subject line of the email
  • Make use of our list of email templates if you require some guidance on how to best get your information across

MSG91 is one of the best transactional email service providers in India. We allow companies to send transactional emails to their desired customers without a hassle. All it takes is a few clicks to help keep your customers happy with regular updates on critical information regarding password resets, sign in verifications and more action-oriented tasks.

API stands for Application Program Interface. With a transactional email API in place, you will be able to seamlessly generate, send, manage and monitor all the transactional emails in your customer database.