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Engage Effectively With Firebase

The MSG91 Firebase Plugin allows users to send messages from a collection of documents in real time. Automate your customer engagement with ease, send cost-effective SMS, schedule updates from Firebase, without embedding any code

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This powerful integration empowers businesses to

Automate engagement tasks

Streamline communication processes

Enhance Overall Efficiency

Trusted by 30,000+ global businesses
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Customize your workflow to fit your specific requirements

Create custom triggers and actions that initiate messaging and increase engagement based on specific events or conditions in connected applications.

Send order alerts and recover abandoned checkouts via WhatsApp / SMS Create customer journeys with multi-channel communication Update customers on critical events- New Signups, Payment Confirmation, Send Invoice PDF

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The MSG91 Firebase Plugin Offers

A user-friendly interface

Intuitive setup process

Pre-build templates

Enhance your communication capabilities and automate your engagement tasks

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