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Transactional emails are sent to facilitate a consented transaction between the sender and the receiver, for example, the purchase of a product. Transactional emails are personalized and data-driven emails that are informational and non-marketed in nature. Transactional emails normally consist of information that a recipient wants or needs and consequently have very high opening (click) rates.

Common reasons to send transactional email to recipients include account opening emails, other device log-in flags, OTP verification, password resets, order receipts, account notifications, admission status, flight updates, and social media updates like upload and follower notifications. The information covered in these emails helps your customers to take further coherent actions wherever necessary.  

After creating your account with MSG91, To get started with emails, get your domain added and fully configured. Then Set up SMTP or integrate with API to start sending transactional emails. Get API for Transactional email in the doc

A transactional email is an automatically generated email exchanged between a sender and a recipient. 

Transactional emails are non-marketing informational messages that organizations and institutions have to send in order to validate a transaction or provide a product or service, as required by the client. Due to the mission-critical nature of transactional emails, businesses do not need to take consent from the customers beforehand to send these emails. For this reason, businesses don't need to take express consent from the recipient to send transactional emails. The updates and information are sent directly to the registered email address provided while logging in.

Once you have created the basic format of your transactional emails, these are auto-generated through programming and sent to the right customer. Use the following tips to create your email using MSG91 Email API for transactional email services.


  • Consider what the user may be doing right before your email notification appears in their inbox.
  • Focus on positioning your update in such a way that it helps the user by making their job easier, for instance sending easy to follow instructions and steps or links that auto-verify on once click.
  • Get to the information straight away. Make sure that the main update is in the subject line as well so that it is the first thing a reader sees in the email and knows exactly what your prompt is regarding.
  • Make use of templates and prompts for guidance.

A transactional email service is a service provided by organizations that enable businesses to send strategic transactional emails to their customers with lesser manual effort. MSG91 has robust developer-friendly APIs which help businesses create, customize and send transactional emails through proprietary transactional email software.
Within a few easy steps, you can keep your customers updated with their order details, booking status, login prompts, and other essential information that may or may not require an action from them.

A transactional email API (application programming interface) gives applications access to functionality available in an email platform. By using a robust transactional email API like that of MSG91, you can easily generate, optimize and send data-driven and personalized transactional emails. You can also enable access to A/B testing, scheduling, email analytics and tracking the status of the transactional emails sent to the recipient.