Ideal for sending targeted data-driven emails and personalized messages, get started with MSG91 transactional emails now.


Create, edit, optimize and send mission-critical transactional emails

Optimizing Transactional Experience

Cloud based email solution, so that all your triggered emails reach reliably, every time.

Send bulk SMS using MSG91

Personal Touch

Personalize for better results and proven success

Send bulk SMS using MSG91

On Time

World-class deliverability and reliability


Seamless Integration

Set up SMTP or integrate with API

Send bulk SMS using MSG91

Developer Friendly

Dedicated email infrastructure

Deliver a consistent experience across every communication

Account creation

One of the first emails from your brand allows you to establish a reliable communication with your subscribers.

Password reset

Essential to apps that require the password as it allows users to recover password or set new ones.

Purchase receipt

Send purchase receipt emails directly to the inbox augmenting user experience while impacting revenue.

Account notification

Send notifications on important account activities to keep your users engaged.

To Send Transactional Emails

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