Be accessible and let people
interact with your brand via Virtual Number

Simplify your messaging experience with the use of virtual number
that enable two-way communication at ease.

You can try for keyword specific messaging and for keyword
 independent messaging dedicated to you alone with virtual number service..

Experience the ease
with Virtual phone number

Get feedback on online surveys in real-time with the
use of long code. Users can send replies to
the said number in an instant.
If your advertising campaign includes the use of long code, you can measure the effectiveness of the campaign in numbers, based on the responses received.
With a pre-formatted set of questions, you can create auto responses which can be sent against the questions asked via long code.
Integrate the long code into any web-based application to receive quick responses from users. There couldn’t be a better way to make your web application effective.


Code will be 10 digits mobile number of your choice. There will be a one-time set-up cost for the new mobile number (DID number). The keyword can be of your choice as the incoming SMS are differentiated by the mobile number in this case.
3000 INR/ month

One-time setup charge ₹ 5000

*Free incoming SMS worth ₹ 3000

When it comes to customer Interaction,
be ahead in the game.


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Virtual Number is a 10 Digit Mobile Number (sometimes also called as Longcode Number) to which your clients or members can send an SMS starting with a keyword. You will be able to receive the messages in your MSG91 inbox, on your email and also on your callback URL.
To activate long code, refer the below process. 1. Click on Long Code > Add the keyword (this is the most important step, choose a word that your client can remember easily) 2. Now you will find 3 options - reply SMS, email alert, call back URL.