MSG91 Voice Call API
Programmable yet personal

Use Voice call API to build call flows anywhere in the world. Provide a personalized support in fixing complicated issues faster and easier.

Direct the way you interact
with your customers

Leverage voice communication with Voice call API by keeping a track of conversations.
Make, manage and route calls to your phone, app or website.

Customise & Craft Calls

The intuitive Voice Call API lets you build the call experience you want.
Every call can be customised.

Route customers to the right department or agent for solving their problem.
A simple HTTP request allows you to embed PSTN, SIP or VoIP into your tool.

Clear Calls

Ensuring high quality so you enjoy clear audio with low latency.
Our main goal is to keep your customer satisfied and help them to scale their business rapidly.

Control Calls

Get extensive reports to analyze and further build comprehensive calling experience.
Provide your customers everything they need- customer history,
order details, previous call records- all in one place, for fast personal support.

Build conversations
with Programmable Voice Call API

Seamless Integration

You need no additional support and resources while integrating Voice API into your system. Setup for a headset, an internet connection and patient ears that are ready to listen.

Low Latency

Be ready to make your call with very minimal delay in reach of time. Our support team keeps an eagle eye on the tracking, analysis and making sure your call ends with an amazing experience.

Global Connectivity

Our API allows the global connectivity of network’s  so that the world becomes smaller while you connect to any part of the world.


Pay Only for what You use

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Win hearts through the power of Voice