Whether you own an emerging startup, an already established business or a multinational conglomerate, customer satisfaction remains the top most priority. Most of the activities are strategized keeping customer experience in mind. Communication is the most effective way to ensure a good relationship with the customers.

Bulk SMS gateway have made sending Bulk SMS seamless by providing a communication platform keeping everyone well connected, at different levels of the process.

What is SMS Gateway?

SMS Gateway is channel which enables a computer to send/receive SMS to or from a telecom network, eventually routed to the mobile phones. It translates the messages which are in user-friendly application’s language to the mobile carrier compatible languages for the delivery over transmission networks to be able to reach the recipients. This whole process happens in a matter of seconds and the message is sent to a large number of recipients simultaneously.

This abundance brings in a plethora of SMS gateway service available in the market, giving a wide range of options to the user. But at the same time, choosing the best SMS gateway provider has become a challenge.

A diligent analysis of the services provided by the bulk SMS gateway provider, makes it easy for the business to choose the right Bulk SMS gateway to the behest of their business.

How does an SMS Gateway work?

SMS Gateway is a website through which users are able to send or receive SMS (Short Message Service) to recipients within the cell of the gateway, this could even be an international bulk SMS gateway serving across different countries. SMS Gateway connect to the SMSCs (SMS Centers) via internet for a hassle-free real-time message delivery.

The messages written in the user-friendly language in the application is translated to the mobile carrier compatible language which would be delivered over transmission networks to reach the recipients at the SMS Gateway using different APIs (Application Programming Interface).

Bulk SMS Gateway

This is how your industry is using Bulk SMS Gateway for communication


Send your clients updates about their e-commerce orders, product launches, discounts, promotions and more using Bulk SMS Gateway

Financial Institutions

Send Bulk SMS notifications about the account balance and also intimate them about other finance related information via Bulk SMS Gateway

Food, Travel and Hospitality

Update your clients regularly of their bookings, reservations, delivery, offers and updates by sending Bulk SMS via SMS Gateway service

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions use Bulk SMS to send regular updates to the students and their parents keeping them informed via SMS Gateway


NGOs send text alerts for upcoming events, camps or requirements via Bulk SMS to communicate with the volunteers using SMS Gateway


Inform the users about their appointments, reservations and other information by sending Bulk SMS regularly for seamless CRM operations using SMS Gateway


Securely align logistics operations by giving required information timely to drivers, delivery people, customers by sending SMS via Bulk SMS Gateway


Automobile companies inform their customers regularly about scheduled service, upcoming launches or payment reminders via SMS using Bulk SMS

SMS Gateway

API Integration with SMS Gateway

By choosing MSG91 as your Bulk SMS Gateway provider you get par-excellent Bulk SMS services. 

API integration plays a key role in the process of sending SMS to mass recipients using SMS Gateway from users Website or App. These SMS would largely depend upon and the API programming and are often seen in sync with the user’s action.

Here the SMS is sent from a PC with the target App or the Website which is connected to the SMS Gateway with the help of different compatible APIs. These APIs at MSG91 are compatible to different OS such as Windows 8, Android, iOS along with different scripts and languages such as PHP, Python, JAVA, XML, C#, Google Appscript, VB6, Oracle, Go Language.

These APIs well protected with AuthKeys (Authentication Keys) so as to make your SMS Gateways far more secure from any external threats. Apart from the secure AuthKeys protection, you get a personalized experience at MSG91 with different Addons making the process far easier and hassle-free.

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