Why Bulk SMS?

Businesses, be it SMEs or conglomerates, have customers’ satisfaction as their utmost priority. Due to this, most of their operations are planned to achieve customers’ satisfaction and build a good rapport with them. Communication is the most effective way to ensure a good rapport with the customers.

Bulk SMS services have made operations seamless by providing a communication platform keeping everyone well connected, at different levels of the process.

Choosing the right Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS is a much-anticipated communication channel to reach a wider audience by various businesses. It is one of the most omnipresent communication mediums in the market, when it comes to targeting a larger audience, with a higher impact.

This abundance brings in a plethora of Bulk SMS marketing services available in the market, giving a wide range of options to the user. But at the same time, choosing the best bulk SMS service provider has become a challenge.

A diligent analysis of the services provided by the Bulk SMS company makes it easy for the business to choose the right Bulk SMS service to the behest of their business.

This is how your industry is using Bulk SMS


Keep your clients updated about their e-commerce orders, product launches, discounts, promotions and more using Bulk SMS service

Financial Institutions

Send notifications about the account balance and also intimate them about other finance related information via Bulk SMS

Food, Travel and Hospitality

Update your clients regularly of their bookings, reservations, delivery, offers and updates by using Bulk SMS service

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions use Bulk SMS to send regular updates to the students and their parents keeping them informed


NGOs send text alerts for upcoming events, camps or requirements via Bulk SMS to communicate with the volunteers


Inform the users about their appointments, reservations and other information by sending Bulk SMS regularly for seamless CRM operations


Securely align logistics operations by giving required information timely to drivers, delivery people, customers via Bulk SMS


Automobile companies inform their customers regularly about scheduled service, upcoming launches or payment reminders

What do we offer?

By choosing MSG91 as your Bulk SMS service provider you get par-excellent Bulk SMS services with:

Send Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactional SMS

Establish a strong customer network with efficient communication using Bulk SMS. Using Transactional SMS you can send regular notifications and updates to your subscribed users. This would help you in establishing a good rapport with your customers, which would be helpful in retaining a large clientele.

Send Bulk SMS with MSG91 APIs

Promotional SMS

Promote your upcoming products/services by sending Promotional Bulk SMS to the prospective customers and let them know your brand a little better. Sending regular product launch, discounts and offer updates using Promotional Bulk SMS services could be very helpful in getting higher lead conversions.


Secure your customers’ accounts and transactions with 2FA by sending them OTPs upon signups, login, password reset, transactions etc. making your product/service robust and secured. This way ensure a better customer experience and satisfaction among them and build a good brand image.

Send Bulk SMS with MSG91 APIs

Unicode and Regional SMS

Make your communication with customers impactful by communicating in the language, they find more relatable. Send information to your users in their native language using Unicode Bulk SMS to enhance accessibility. You can send SMS in 18 regional languages as per your user’s demographics.

Send SMS Marketing Campaign using MSG91

SMS Campaign

Set up SMS campaigns for your Business with MSG91 and get detailed reports of the delivery and open rate as per the users’ demographics, device type for thorough analysis. SMS marketing via MSG91 can help you align your SMS campaigns for optimum reach with detail analytical reports.

Send Voice SMS with MSG91

Voice SMS

Send vital information to your users via Voice SMS using MSG91 Voice API. With simple IVR, clear calls, effective call tracking, low latency, seamless integration and global connectivity ensure the best effective and seamless communication established with you customers using Voice SMS  to the behest of your business.

Longcode API with MSG91


Set up a two-way communication with your customers by taking inputs from them using longcode. It has been very useful in taking feedbacks and responses from the customers where it matters the most. You can use shared long codes for keyword specific messaging and dedicated long codes which are keyword independent and are dedicated to you only.

SMS Add on Plugins with APIs

Add-on plugins

Apart from the above Bulk SMS APIs, MSG91 provides you with some very useful add-on plugins for softwares such as such as WordPress, Woo-commerce, Magento, Excel, Spreadsheet, Socket, SMShare, WHMCS, Vtiger, CS Cart, OpenCart and BUSY. These plugins help in making your SMS communication automated and customized.

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