Boost Summer Spirits With SMS

Boost Summer Spirits With SMS

Beat the summer heat with every SMS beep this vacation!

The most awaited time of the year has arrived. Enjoy, have fun, go crazy, and do all that you always longed to do but couldn’t do because of shortage of time. The best time of the year is here and you are all set to do all that you planned round the year.

And, don’t forget that tiny little SMSs are at your service to let you free yourself completely. Here is how they can assist you:

  1. Movie Alerts
    The three ‘I’s of a movie take you out of this world to a world which you can’t resist to enjoy but love. Just Imagine, Involve and Indulge yourself in the movie and then see the magic of silver screen. Nothing can be better than it. Chill out this summer with a good movie and popcorn at your hand. All the cinema houses take good care of you by sending in alerts regarding new releases, your booking status, any schedule changes or any offers and discounts. Hangout with your best pals and have a great family time watching movies!
  2. Library Updates
    Books are the best refreshers. Curl yourself in couch with a nice book in hand, and a cup of coffee. Expand the wings of your imagination and move places at your comfort. Nothing can beat the experience of book reading and losing yourself in it. Enroll yourself in a good library nearby and enjoy the perks offered. The library people will update you about bestsellers of the week/month, new arrivals, reminders regarding issuing and returning date of the book and everything for which you needed to go to the library earlier. Just sit back and relax with your book!
  3. Have a Blast
    Cheers! Party time, vacations are here. Catch up with your friends and plan a party bash somewhere. Go out on a crazy outing to beat the heat this summer time. Wake up the kid in you to keep it alive and kicking! There are so many SMSs popping in, giving out information about best hangout places and party offers (they aren’t all fake), so you can try any one of them. Get together and make the best vacation of all times. This will be a memory to cherish all your life. You can have a beach party, go on trekking at a beautiful scenic place, go for rain-dance  and do all that which detoxifies you!
  4. Summer Camps
    Summer camps are the best examples of learning while having fun. Send your kids to the best summer camp out there and see the change in him. It is a thing which is beneficial at both the ends, Kids love it and parents love it even more! And on top of it, SMS notifications are there to keep the vacation spree in tact. Summer camp folks send information about everything your kid is up to. Information about the curriculum, schedule, timings, attendance details, and all that involved in it.
  5. Internship Programs

    Let’s talk business here. Summer time is best to pull up yourself and get ahead of the crowd. Invest some time in enhancing your skills and learn new things by opting summer time internship. It is the best thing to get an overview about any industry as it provides you a hands on experience. And, yes SMS is here too, to guide you. You can register yourself for internship programs through SMS, get information about the program inclusions, and the stipend offered.

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