Why Email marketing can be tedious for you?

Why Email marketing can be tedious for you?

A lot of supplementary marketing methods have come to the forever since product promotion has been getting importance. Brand owners have therefore switched to other modes of marketing just to see which one will work the best for them.

One of the best examples of the hit and trial case is giving an attempt to Email marketing. But there are also many a reasons going against choosing Email marketing as a mode of promotion.

The best reasons out there are stated below:

1. Slow reach

Remember the childhood story of Tortoise and Rabbit, stating how slow and steady wins the race? Well, the story doesn’t work when it comes to online branding.

One of the very obvious reasons why Email marketing can be a tedious job for you is that it is extremely slow in reach and delays the customer response too.

2. Less impactful

Another reason why Email marketing can make your entire product promotion touch the depth of grounds is that it is very less impactful and doesn’t create a great impact on people like one thinks it will.

That is solely because the reach of Email is slow in the first place. And when the reach would be slow, the impact wouldn’t be great as it is.  

3. Doesn’t support two way communication

There wouldn’t be any scope for two way communication when Email marketing would be chosen as a means of promotion. This is because people rarely pay attention to promotional mails, due to which they do not consider replying to promotional mails important.

And what would be the use of a marketing method which doesn’t take customers reply into account.

4. No flexibility in marketing operations

One of the most important reasons why Email marketing will not be as impactful as other modes of marketing is that there is no flexibility in marketing operations since the entire process of communication adopted during Email marketing is one-way. Hence, there wouldn’t be any scope of making modifications in it, due to which the entire process of marketing would be rendered useless.

5. Low conversion rate

If there would be delay in the reach of promotional method used, chances of the targeted audience getting converted into end users would be very less.

And low conversion rate necessarily means that the returns on the investment in the promotions so done are very low.

It can therefore be inferred that Email marketing is not just a tedious job, but it is even makes the marketing process slow, thereby reducing your return on investment.

For a better way of promotion, take time to think about other modes of marketing, which are not only less time consuming, but also create a noticeable impact on the business.

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