How Cloud Technology Has Changed The Outlook Of Health and Fitness Industry

The transformation of medicine to telemedicine, physical fitness to virtual fitness was difficult to accomplish. The health sector is under tremendous pressure to operate in real-time and provide access to multiple locations.

That’s how the idea of the cloud as an internal infrastructure has become crucial for the health and fitness industry.

Cloud based and API integration solutions have made it feasible for medical practitioners and Fitness trainers to outreach  COVID-19, the situation is ripe to enter new solutions and ideal to adapt cloud practices.

Health and Fitness industry trends that dominated 2020

  • Home has become the new fitness studio.
  • Streaming online fitness training has been introduced. (Never thought the Internet has this much power to make you move).
  • Grandma’s healthy recipes have overshadowed Modern medicines.
  • AI has transformed the human race with fitness. A virtual trainer on the demand who adjust according to your skill-set and body fitness level- Intermediate to Pro level.
  • Partnerships between Healthcare and Technology are delivering significant improvement in basic task- scheduling appointments, taking patient experience to another level.

These developments have been the driving forces of the increasing success of telehealth and telemedicine during the pandemic.

2020 has taught us the three important V’s -
1. Everything is Virtually possible.
2. Videos can be a great replacement for building human connection.
3. A Virus can be infectious to take command on your lifestyles.

Similarly, This year is garnishing the super-apps with Cloud, AI, Infrastructure to effectively fulfil the emerging need of health and fitness in each life.

Online medication apps like Calm, The Mindfulness , Fitness workout apps like My FitnessPal, Cult.Fit in India- contrasting the emerging need of health and fitness.

How Cloud Ensures Faster Access to Health Treatment Methods?

Private technology companies such as Teladoc, Doctor On Demand, Amwell, and large health care systems can provide a doctor directly to someone who contacts them. Other patients can opt for a telemedicine appointment with their physician, who is technology friendly through smartphones and computers.

All types of primary and specialty care and mental health services can be provided via telemedicine.”

A Huge Unlock for the Fitness industry

Travelling into nostalgia, building a career in Fitness and nutrition was an odd career option and not considered as a viable source of income.
But today, physical fitness is a luxurious way of lifestyle. Fitness influencers are everywhere communicating and teaching the importance of healthy and fit lifestyle.

Virtual Workout Training

They present on all online spaces engaging audiences and motivating them to choose a healthier version.
Communication is an important key when it comes to fitness, when a customer reads about fitness as an essential part of living, he/she tends to adopt it easily.

JUST IMAGINE: If this pandemic had happened 10 years ago—without computation, without cloud?

The pandemic took a clear toll on physical health, also the mental health was on the charge to ponder upon. According to a research,  a huge  number of individuals reporting the  symptoms of depression and anxiety are much higher than usual.

Long back, people find the happiness in small things and their mental health stays upright. But today, we lack the providers needed to be able to treat all those in need. Thanks to telehealth, mental health treatment can be a more regular part of a person’s healthcare experience, allowing them to access care wherever and whenever they need it.

Without DNA sequencing, without cloud, without bandwidth, without high-resolution selfie cameras- it would have been a nightmare to seek health care in 2020

Perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic represents a radical change.

It is a break in clouds that we are forced to dramatically transform in a meaningful way?
The innovative solutions that have been deployed to address the COVID-19 crisis provide an opportunity for the industry to advance the use of technology to deliver better outcomes for patients, and create tools that fit seamlessly within a physician's workflow.

This has always been the vision, but the coronavirus crisis highlighted the urgency, immediacy and magnitude of that need.
Beyond driving a shift in healthcare.

Best ways to move business-critical applications into the cloud.

  • IT, online customer interaction will act as a permanent and pervasive game-changer for every other aspect of the health industry— including its operating models, service offerings, collaborative capabilities and most importantly, end-user services.
  • Customer communication platform ensures seamless, personalized healthcare and fitness anywhere in the world, through omni-channel and secure data sharing.
  • Virtual fitness training and health reminders will take a highway in terms of customer engagement and client interaction. MSG91 as a cloud service platform will help in deducting the extra cost by transforming access to health services in growing trends and market without heavy investment in physical hospitals and clinical centres

Enhanced communication with patients will drive them toward better services via

  • EHR Personal health records
  • Digital imaging E-prescribing systems Emergency depart,
  • Telehealth Health information exchanges
  • Laboratory systems
  • Mobile health technologies
  • Real-time location systems

It is time for healthcare and fitness organizations to embrace cloud computing—to ensure that when the economy diverts and adapts it fully functionally, it stays in their favour. Email, SMS and other Omni-channel are the key indicators for the Health and Fitness industry to reflect an effective solutions.