Redefine A2P
messaging with RCS - Rich Communication Services

Interact via rich, branded, conversational RCS messaging.

Future of business messaging

Rich Communication Service is the new age communication protocol between messaging partners, telecom operators and
OEMs for rich multimedia messaging. It is everything you need for the next-generation
advanced messaging.

What can you do with Rich Communication Services?

Send branded messaging, create chat groups, have read receipts,
send high-resolution media, like images, audios, videos, gifs, map locations,
deep links to CTAs and have an insight on the performance of your messaging.

All the advantages of OTT communication delivered through the most convenient medium!

Bring on the conversations across every channel

Serve your customers wherever they are.

Add modern messaging into every application

Initiate a modern messaging experience for your customers into your brand’s website and mobile apps.

Deliver consistent and interactive experience

Be extraordinary while live chat with AI, bots and integrated apps for conversational business at scale.


Aid brand recognition by adding sender name,
logo & colour to your messages.


Build trust by communicating with a verified
account badge.


Form advanced communications by adding smart
actions like calendar appointments, read receipts and
varied call to actions.


Rich message template with an ability to add images, videos, audios, locations, QR codes and deep linking to send transactional or service updates.


Just like an SMS all you need to communicate with
your customers is their mobile number.


Reply buttons, multiple CTA options enable better
conversations and conversions.


Multiple matrices to create engagement levels and
get responses.

Unveil the next generation of powerful messaging



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Rich Communication Service (RCS) enables businesses to communicate with their customers in a more flexible and creative manner rather than simply sending out SMS updates. RCS uses smart messaging technology to send out rich information that can include short video clips, GIFs and emojis.

RCS is simply a more evolved and creative form of messaging, as compared to the age-old SMS and MMS formats. The cool feature is that it has the ability to operate within a phone’s default messaging app.  High-resolution pictures and videos can be sent to customers, opening new arrays of effective communication. Moreover, there are also no restrictions to the limit of characters you are allowed.

Encryption plays a key role in RCS Chat service. In today’s tech driven atmosphere, the flow of information can be very easily open to wrongful usage. But with an end-to-end encryption implemented, the information remains private and open to only the sender and receiver in question. SMS are subjected to open usage on permission based from third-party apps, yet RCS is purely encrypted, giving it 100% security.

With MSG91 Rich Communication Services in India, brands can interact with their customers in a simple yet sophisticated manner. Features you would typically find on chat apps can now be implemented on the standard messaging app found on Android phones. Backed by strong enterprise-level encryption, there is also a possibility of a higher trust factor coming into play.