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Secure and Robust APIs for SMS, Email, Voice, Authentication and more.

Send SMS

with bank grade

Right amount of information to the right audience at the right time

Build a Long-Lasting Relationship with your customer while working


Manage your customer communications efficiently from remote locations.


Invisible Verification!

OTP API to build a complete and futuristic verification process.

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America’s best-in-class communication API to enhance conversations

Full-featured APIs for developers & businesses to connect and engage their customers globally.

  • Proactively send notifications to customers
  • Delivery of time-sensitive alerts
  • Customer relationship management across platforms
  • OTP Verification in minutes 
Use MSG91, a leading cloud messaging platform, for the highest SMS delivery, lowest latency. Our special features like number database and message queuing can be path-breaking for your campaigns. Learn more
  • Stay connected with all your stakeholders
  • Push notifications
  • Brand communication channel
  • Best customer redressal medium
With transactional e-mails, you can provide an immaculate experience. Integrate and deliver email in minutes using our developer-friendly APIs, and send transactional emails with high open rates. Learn more
  • Elevate your communication
  • Get heard globally 
  • Nurture customer relationships
  • Put a voice to your brand 
Use MSG91’s flexible, powerful voice API to create a scalable voice experience. With the best communication platform, enjoy a seamless voice experience that unlocks doors to higher ROI. Learn more


Take a step ahead with your customers, solidify the relationship

Our dynamic cloud customer support solution enables your team to assist customers across multiple channels, making it simple for customers and teams to connect and converse. Enjoy the power of one of the best business communication platforms that open to your business a new world of opportunities.


Verify customers, Attest transactions, Guarantee Safety

Using the dedicated SendOTP platform, you can easily add a layer of protection to authenticate new and existing customers.
Integrate 2FA authentication into your web or mobile application to provide robust and efficient authentication. With the best business messaging platform, it’s simple and cost-effective.

Experience the awesomeness yourself


Built for the communications space, communication APIs define rules of the possible interactions between servers and communication applications. They also function as the communication layer between applications and databases. Easy integrations and cost effective solutions.

Founded in 2010, MSG91 over the years has built a robust product portfolio of communication services over a broad set of APIs, all available in off-the-shelf modules. We thrive on innovation and ease-of-use by constantly upgrading services and features to our core offerings making MSG91 one of the most feature-rich CPaaS platforms.

You can switch in just a few steps, you need to create your account with MSG91. Our Support Superheroes will help you in the integration process.
You can also refer migration guides to ease out the process.