All You Need to Know about File Hosting option of MSG91

MSG91 is one of the best cloud-communication platforms with a phenomenal, robust, and secure API. We provide various and peculiar services to many businesses and enterprises.

The purpose of this article is to provide a brief overview of how you can create a public URL for any file using the File Hosting option.

You can refer to the below video:-

Or you can refer to the following steps:-

1. log in to the MSG91 user panel and click on the File Hosting option under Utilities.

2. Create a new Folder.

3. Under the added folder, you can upload the Files for which you wish to create a public URL.

Give your file a name, Choose the file from your system & upload it.

Note:- File name can only be of maximum 30 characters.

Note:- Supported Files are: png, jpeg, jpg, json, mp4, QuickTime,pdf

4. You can copy the public URL of the uploaded file from the Actions.

You can also take Actions like editing or deleting the public URL.