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API (Application Programmable Interface), sounds like something heavy?


In today’s era where there are a tons of tasks to do in a very little time, we all need something which can make our tasks easier, and most importantly, something which enhances communication. And is exactly what an API does! Talking about MSG 91’s API, you can spread information on the go by simply adding our SMS interface into any application.


Save your Time by Automating Tedious Tasks with MSG91’s SMS API

How exactly does MSG91’s API works?

MSG91's Bulk SMS API working

It is that easy! Once you integrate MSG 91’s API into your application, you can easily transmit information to the desired recipients through MSG 91’s server.


Benefits of using MSG 91 API

We all want to bring about a change in the way we work, especially in the way we communicate. APIs are a great way to enable that. It is easy to use SMS API on any platform like blogging, ERP softwares, et al.

Benefits you ought to know if you are using MSG 91’s API:


Fast access: You will not need to log in to our panel and send SMS one by one. Just integrate our SMS gateway API in your software and send SMS directly from your software.


Communication in any language: Our SMS API supports Standard as well as Unicode characters which helps you in sending SMS in English and any other language.


PhoneBook API: You can add, delete, edit your contacts in MSG91’s Phone Book. You can even create groups for sending SMS in single SMS call and thus reduce the server load. What else? Create a group of users whom you want to send SMS and simply pass the group ID, and the messages would be delivered in an instant.


Two way Communication: Their opinion matters too. So we give you the option to create polls using our two way API.


Examples where you can use SMS gateways


  • Integrate SMS gateway in your CRM like salesforce to send SMS alerts on payment, due notifications etc.
  • Integration in HR software to send alerts to their companies employees, alerts of vacations, salary credit etc.
  • Schools can use SMS to send alerts to children and inform the parents about their holidays, report cards and their fee dues.
  • This SMS gateway API can help you in integration of SMS in almost all kind of websites, mobile applications and back office apps.

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