SMS – tackling the What, Where and How!

SMS – tackling the What, Where and How!

Businesses run, but without a purpose. Because they do not know WHAT they are doing.

People work aimlessly in an organization, but without an aim and end. Because they do not know WHERE they are heading.

Tasks are done, but just because they are needed to be done. Because there is no idea about HOW they should be done.

And in the long run, it is only these three words which create an issue for the business. That is solely because enterprises are growing big only in numbers without caring about the direction of their work.

However, you can still keep some major matter of concerns tight just by tackling the What, Where and How of your business.

How SMS can help you confront the three issues:

1. What

If you have no idea about the ‘what’ aspect of things, you will always be clueless about the direction. Messaging helps to give a quick solution to the ‘what’ facet, thereby solving the issues at hand.

For example: Being the owner of a jewellery shop, you can send SMS’s to your customers and guide them about what could be suiting them this season. That way, the interested ones can give a try to what you have to offer.

2. Where

Being a businessman your role is not limited to selling your products alone. Your focus should also be on giving instructions to the customers so that they do not feel helpless while taking benefit of your product/service.

For example: You own a restaurant, and you just relocated to a new place. Now you can inform your existing as well as new customers about your relocation through a small SMS. Your customers will therefore be informed about the new place and they will not miss a chance to take benefit of what you have to offer.

3. How

Making your customers sit clueless is a bad option. So what you can do instead is take care of the ‘how’ option and do what you can to help your customers by guiding them about how exactly things should be done.

For example: if your customer(s) is facing trouble while using your product/service, clear instructions can be provided to them through BulkSMS and they can feel at ease while using the product. That will not only save you from the trouble of sending in your customer care executive to explain the details to your customers, but will also result in saving your time.

Such small instructions can therefore be sent with the help of SMS alone.

The burden of such small things should therefore be left to messaging only, which lets you tackle all the big/small things without giving your daily business chores a trouble.

Giving direction to your business will never be a matter of concern since it can be managed very easily by the transactional SMS Service alone.

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