Vaishali Raheja, January 22, 2021

Top Brands Are Using Number Masking For Their Business. Are You?

In the field of communication, privacy is a legitimate concern. We use our phone numbers quite often these days, from shopping to registration in social media. Number Masking can offer you the confidentiality that you need. But before going into details, let us understand what number masking is.

What is Number Masking?

Number masking is a solution that allows you to connect two parties without revealing either party’s phone number. The two-way interaction takes place without causing any discomfort or identity crisis.

So, here’s the scenario: You need to talk to your customers, your third-party agents, delivery personnel, drivers need to talk to your customers too. But how can they all talk without knowing each other’s phone number? Number Masking has the solution to this problem.

Safeguard your customer's identity and prevent misuse of private information
Customers today demand anonymity and privacy

Enhancing the security standards, improving customer experience are all good ways to add to customer satisfaction but to add value to this rising demand, the ideal solution lies in number masking, addressing your customers anonymously.

Number masking or call masking is one of the best ways businesses can safeguard their customers’ identities and prevent misuse of sensitive or private information.

Advantages of phone number masking

The basic technique is to assign an intermediate number to forward the call to the user’s real number. The behind the scenes are quite different, as even if you call from your actual phone number, the receiver's screen would display the proxy number.

  1. Masked phone numbers and call tracking
    Track, record and analyze all conversations with a single platform. The personal phone numbers restrict all the other tracking activities. You can easily measure quality performances of the agents and   determine the quality of conversation between the agents and the customers.

  2. Secured transactions from secured platform
    By using third-party phone numbers, you ensure that communication between two official employees or stakeholders takes place from our platform and no other personal information is exchanged between them. This completely eliminates the possibility of engaging in personal transactions. Such ways can help you keep all your business transactions fully secure and within your own platform.

  3. Quick communication
    When things go smooth it feels good and connected, similarly when smooth and flawless communication happens between customers and business and you provide them exactly what they need is utterly bliss. Your business enjoys effective communication that supports all its business operations.

Make a call from a masked number in order to prevent your identity.
How Number Masking is helping fast moving industries?

There are many threats in giving out your mobile phone number with unwarranted spam calls, scams and identity theft.

Food aggregators, cab aggregators, e-commerce platforms, dating sites etc. are keeping security and privacy as the main concerns when talking about giving out personal information..

The Solution is Number Masking

It is ideal for businesses that share customer information with third parties, allowing direct communication without the need for an external operator or the need to share sensitive contact details.

Industries using Number Masking as their modern business solution

Cab aggregators:
Cab aggregators such as Ola and Uber , Jugnoo are now following the security technology trends by connecting the riders and the drivers without revealing the numbers of either party.

From the driver facing app of Ola and Uber, instead of the customer’s phone number, drivers see a call button. When the driver is assigned a ride, the customer’s number is mapped to their phone number. In this way, calls are diverted via Hello without revealing the phone number.

Not only do calls get routed without revealing the other person’s phone number, but they’re also recorded for tracking.
This way, the aggregators know exactly the detailed information and history during these conversations.

E-commerce deliveries and 3rd party aggregators:
For every delivery, order tracking, refund process, approximately 2-3 transactional calls take place between the customer and the delivery personnel.

These calls are made for various reasons such as checking the availability of the customer, identity verification, delivery location and so on.
Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra etc use the phone number masking solution to prevent the private information of the customer and delivery agents just to smooth the process, maintain the anonymity of both the parties.

Masked numbers for healthcare
During the pandemic's tough times, it was important for doctors and physicians to be available for the patients remotely and for that, they needed to contact them directly. Even though it was crucial for them to be available, they don't always want to give away their numbers and maintain their private space.

Let's suppose a scenario:
A customer has placed an order and he is expecting it to be delivered on time. A masked phone number will help in calling the customer to find the exact  location by simply making a call from the masked number (here the personal numbers of both parties are masked)  and make sure the delivery is on time.

By adding the masked phone numbers, you can provide seamless communication and secure experience. Number masking also shows that you value not only the customer’s information and privacy but also the customer.
And once the customers feel secured, it increases their trust, and the trust level increases your chance to get chosen for the services attracting more customers.

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