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Hello lets you communicate for a real-time experience!
Connect with your users on their most trusted platform.
Serve them over RCS, WhatsApp and other channels that they prefer.

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Customer support

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Customers directly
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Our contact centre solution empowers interaction through IVR,
Call redirecting, call recording and call assigning.

What makes HELLO stand out

  • Provide customer support via screen sharing on a single click
  • Troubleshooting over video in seconds
  • Record agent performance for quality control
  • Understand your customers emotions through sentiment analysis
  • Solution for remote access and supportComing soon

Client Segmentation
with AI

Understand your customer in a structured
and shared manner. Segment smartly according
to customer action or event and automate


Data driven performance management

Seamless & quick integration

Delivers instant answers with knowledge base

Supports regional languages

Flexible Pricing

Chat across RCS, email, WhatsApp, call
  • One user interface for all channels and integrations
  • Track and monitor agent performance and analyse reports
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Unlike a call center, a customer contact center enables a business to provide expert and consistent omnichannel customer support solutions to its clients. While call centers only deal with customers by providing them solutions mainly through phone calls, customer contact centers have a variety of channels for customers to receive the help they require. For instance VoIP Telephone Services, Email, Text Chat, Fax services, Direct Website Interface, Remote Assistance and more.

Contact centers are third party companies like MSG91 that run customer service systems for other organizations while providing promotional messaging, OTP generation and verification, API SMS services and more features.

Build incredible relationships between your business and customers.

HELLO puts all your customer support interactions in one place, so communication is seamless, personal, and efficient–which means more productive agents and satisfied customers.We created a solution that integrated all channels and all languages to build awesome customer experience.

 Here are ten efficient tips to improve your contact center solutions:

  • Migrate to a cloud-based contact center system.
  • Improve your self-service options for customer support.
  • Consider implementing automatic call distribution for greater convenience.
  • Utilize overflow queuing.
  • Integrate your programs one-way with your ERP and CRM solutions.
  • Boost up your verification process in your customer service management software.
  • Adopt a call-back service if a virtual call-queue’s waiting time expires.
  • Utilize robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Keep your staff informed with a structured knowledge base to help them stay updated.
  • Review your essential metrics like Average Handling Time and first call resolution rates.

MSG91 HELLO is a contact center software that brings all your customer support interaction solutions under one roof so that you can provide seamless, personal, and efficient customer care support to clients. Our contact center solutions help in increasing your agents’ productivity while guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

With features such as providing customer support via screen sharing on a single click, troubleshooting over video in seconds, and recording agent performance for quality control, we are one of the best in business for 360-degree customer support systems. Our software will help you in understanding your customers emotions through sentiment analysis and also provide customer service solutions for remote access and support, making us a great package for your business.

MSG91 is a great live help chat software that provides great online customer support systems. MSG91 HELLO is a new and revolutionary live chat software that supports more than 30 live chat platforms so you can provide help to your customer through various channels of their preference. With full-featured chat and messaging combined in one, our live chat software can be integrated with Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter and more so your customers can reach out to you easily.

MSG91 HELLO autoresponders or chatbots let you reply to customers in real-time with the desired message at warp speed. Our business live chat software also enables efficient customer support solutions with chatbots that can be integrated into your solution to quickly respond to customers and provide "agent take over" when necessary. 

A customer support software helps your company to keep track of customer requests, communicate with users, and deal with other customer support solutions related issues more efficiently. Customer service software is a collection of tools provided by a service provider for companies to collect, organize, respond to, and create reports regarding customer support grievance requests.

A customer support software may be used to manage one or multiple channels of communication, for instance, email, live chat, SMS messaging, and self-service.  They may also integrate their customer support system with external communication utilities such as social media or group chat features. Companies can make great use of customer service software to ensure faster and efficient customer support solutions provided by multiple customer service executives working within the same system.

Live chat has been a staple and is a convenient tool in the online customer support software arsenal. It provides a conversational customer interaction software in real-time when clients don’t want to resort to emails and long queues in telephonic help desk systems.

Bringing in a business live chat software to your fold will help your business reach out to many customers at the same time, thanks to the chatbot system, which can provide adaptive AI solutions to customers to a large extent and transfer the matter to customer care agents only when required. This saves a humongous chunk of time while providing a quick and easy resolution to your customers.

MSG91 live help chat software provides live chat in regional languages across more than 30+ live messaging applications, which can help a business expand its reach to help customers in any channel and language they feel most comfortable in, thereby increasing consumer trust and goodwill.