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Unlimited AgentsUnlimited free agents to power up your customer support. More agents mean continuous engagement, more tickets resolved and better customer support on offer. There is no number attached to your number of customer support agents.
ChatbotResolve customer queries round-the-clock across text and voice. Let the chatbot tackle simple repetitive queries that don’t require the soft skills and experience of your agents and when required, seamlessly loop in live agents.
AnalyticsAnalytics and reports to monitor your agent performance. Get deep actionable insights to deliver outstanding support and achieve your goals. The easy-to-analyse analytics reports will help your agents scale up their customer support.
Video Call / Screen SharingHigh-quality video calls wherever your customer is. Get on a video call with your customer to co-browse your customer’s screen. Take control of the meeting as your customer screen shares to show information or raise an issue.
WorkflowAutomatically assign conversations to a team or a dedicated agent. Get started with our existing Workflow or set up your customised Workflow based on your business support needs.
Screen ControlControl your customer’s screen from where you are Work on the remote screen as if you are really there. Once you get access, get complete control of your customer’s screen, mouse and keyboard to quickly resolve issues.

Eliminating Mediocre Customer Service

MSG91, the best customer support software, is designed with a range of sophisticated programs to assist organizations in delivering exceptional support and guidance to their customers. We offer a centralized system where customer support representatives can manage, prioritize, address, and ultimately take care of multiple employee or customer requests. Customer service software, however, consists of more than simply a ticketing system; it also consists of several customer service tools for small businesses to assist in providing impressive customer service.


Yes! Our customer service tools for small businesses are designed to handle high volumes of customer inquiries without compromising performance. It is scalable and capable of meeting your needs even during peak times, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted customer support experience.

Yes, our customer support software offers real-time analytics and reporting capabilities. You can access comprehensive insights into key support metrics such as response times, resolution rates, customer satisfaction scores, and agent performance. These analytics empower you to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve your support operations.

At MSG91, we understand the importance of offering affordable and competitive pricing for our customer support software solutions. We offer flexible pricing plans tailored to meet the needs and budgets of businesses of all sizes. To get detailed pricing information customized to your specific requirements, please contact our team.

MSG91's customer support software is cloud-based, which offers numerous advantages such as easy accessibility, scalability, and automatic updates. You can access the software securely from anywhere with an internet connection without the need for managing hardware or infrastructure.

CRM integration with customer support software refers to synchronizing and sharing customer data and interaction history between the two systems. It allows customer support teams to directly access relevant customer information from the CRM within the customer support software.
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