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Multi channel supportSupport your customers on their preferred channel. Give your customers a better support experience via their preferred channel- SMS, Email, Voice, Push Notification, WhatsApp and more. Meet your customers where they are.
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Draggable FlowDrag and drop to create an omnichannel flow with ‘if-then’ scenarios. Choose when you need to initiate an SMS, email, or messaging conversation in a single workflow. Create a flow that is as simple or as complex as your business needs them to be.
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Time Based ConditionSend perfectly timed automated messages. Build a thoughtful sending schedule with time-based conditions that control the time zone of when your campaigns are delivered. Support your customers at the right time.
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API based ConditionsGet information instantly for real-time interactions. Call for data even when in mid of a flow by sending data to a third-party system or requesting data needed for your communication steps. Deliver real-time information to your customers.
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Contry Based ConditionSupport your customers across the world. Create personalized and memorable experiences for your customer across countries, languages, content, channels, flows and more. Easily connect, customize and communicate.

Boost Your Marketing with the Best Campaign Software!

Why choose SMS campaigns? It's simple – they deliver exceptional engagement! With an astounding open rate of over 98%, your messages are guaranteed to be seen and read by your target audience. Whether you want to promote exclusive offers, announce exciting updates, or simply connect with your customers, promotional text messages in India are the secret to success.


An SMS campaign is a targeted marketing strategy that utilizes text messages to reach and engage with a specific audience. It involves sending promotional messages, updates, offers, reminders, and other relevant content directly to recipients' mobile devices.

To run an SMS campaign, you create compelling messages, define your target audience, and leverage the best campaign software platform like MSG91. The marketing SMS software helps you manage contacts, schedule message delivery, track campaign performance, and analyze valuable insights for better results.

Having campaign automation tools for SMS campaigns offer numerous benefits, such as high open rates, instant message delivery, wide reach, cost-effectiveness, personalization opportunities, increased engagement, improved customer relationships, and the ability to drive conversions.

MSG91 provides a comprehensive platform with powerful features for best text campaigns. It offers automation tools, personalized messaging capabilities, seamless integration options, reliable delivery, detailed analytics, and dedicated customer support to enhance your campaign effectiveness.

Absolutely! MSG91 enables you to personalize your promotional text messages in India by incorporating recipient names, customizing message content, segmenting your audience based on demographics or preferences, and delivering targeted messages that resonate with individual recipients.

Yes, there are certain restrictions and compliance requirements that vary by country and region. These include obtaining proper consent from recipients, adhering to opt-out options, and complying with local regulations for messaging frequency, content, and sender identification.

With MSG91's analytics and reporting features, you can track key metrics like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall campaign performance. These insights allow you to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns, make data-driven decisions, and optimize future strategies.

Yes, MSG91 prioritizes data security and reliability. We employ robust measures to safeguard your information and ensure secure message delivery. Additionally, our partnerships with leading telecom operators ensure reliable SMS delivery to recipients.

Absolutely! MSG91 offers seamless integration options with various CRM, e-commerce, and marketing tools. This allows you to leverage your existing systems and data, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your SMS campaigns.

To get started, visit the MSG91 website and explore our marketing SMS software. Sign up for an account, familiarize yourself with the platform's features, create compelling messages, define your target audience, and launch your SMS campaigns to connect with your customers and drive success.
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