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Multi channel supportSupport your customers on their preferred channel.Give your customers a better support experience via their preferred channel- SMS, Email, Voice, Push Notification, WhatsApp and more. Meet your customers where they are.
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Draggable FlowDrag and drop to create an omnichannel flow with ‘if-then’ scenarios.Choose when you need to initiate an SMS, email, or messaging conversation in a single workflow. Create a flow that is as simple or as complex as your business needs them to be.
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Time Based ConditionSend perfectly timed automated messages.Build a thoughtful sending schedule with time-based conditions that control the time zone of when your campaigns are delivered. Support your customers at the right time.
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API based ConditionsGet information instantly for real-time interactions.Call for data even when in mid of a flow by sending data to a third-party system or requesting data needed for your communication steps. Deliver real-time information to your customers.
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Contry Based ConditionSupport your customers across the world.Create personalized and memorable experiences for your customer across countries, languages, content, channels, flows and more. Easily connect, customize and communicate.
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