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Simple as Login With GoogleLogin with OTP is as simple as login with Gmail Give your users a fast, non-disruptive and simple authentication experience. Implement login with OTP by entering your mobile number or email address to receive OTP via SMS or email.
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Inbuilt IP SecurityProtect against fraud, hacks, validation, blocking Minimize fraud with an extra layer of security. The inbuilt security ensures that when a login is risky the flow does not allow the bad actor to login by viewing it as potentially fraudulent.
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Support multiple channelsBuild customer trust and increase conversion across multiple channels Authenticate your users on channels they prefer. We support multiple channels including SMS, email, Voice, WhatsApp giving businesses and users the flexibility they need to authenticate.

Supercharge Your Business with Reliable OTP SMS Services from MSG91

Trusted OTP SMS Service Provider At MSG91, we understand the criticality of OTP (One-Time Password) authentication for your business. As a leading OTP SMS service provider, we offer seamless integration and secure delivery of OTPs to ensure enhanced security and user experience.


An OTP SMS service provider, like MSG91, offers a platform and infrastructure to send One-Time Passwords (OTPs) via SMS for authentication, verification, and secure access to user accounts or transactions.

An OTP authentication API is a software interface provided by MSG91 that allows businesses to integrate OTP-based authentication into their applications or systems. It enables the generation, delivery, and verification of OTPs seamlessly.

An OTP SMS gateway, such as the one provided by MSG91, acts as a bridge between the application generating the OTP and the mobile network operators. It ensures the reliable and timely delivery of OTP messages to users' mobile devices.

Yes, MSG91 provides a powerful API for OTP verification. With our API, you can easily validate OTPs received from users, ensuring secure access, authorization, and authentication for various services and transactions.

MSG91 is regarded as the best OTP SMS service provider in India due to its robust platform, high message deliverability, comprehensive features, excellent customer support, and a proven track record of serving businesses of all sizes across various industries.

Yes, MSG91 offers a reliable SMS gateway specifically designed for OTP delivery in India. Our SMS gateway ensures fast and secure delivery of OTP messages, helping businesses in banking, e-commerce, and other sectors strengthen their security measures.

Getting started with MSG91's OTP SMS services is easy. Simply reach out to our team or visit our website to explore our offerings. We provide seamless integration, extensive documentation, and dedicated support to help you implement OTP authentication effectively.

Yes, MSG91's OTP SMS service is highly scalable. Whether you have a small business or an enterprise-level operation, our infrastructure can handle high message volumes, ensuring that your OTPs are delivered swiftly and reliably to your users.
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