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Unlimited Agents

Unlimited free agents to power up your customer support. More agents mean continuous engagement, more tickets resolved and better customer support on offer. There is nonumber attached to your number of customer support agents



Resolve customer queries round-the-clock across text and voice. Let the chatbot tackle simple repetitive queries that don’t require the soft skills and experience of your agents and when required, seamlessly loop in live agents.

Screen Control-ico

Screen Control

Control your customer’s screen from where you are. Work on the remote screen as if you are really there. Once you get access, get complete control of your customer’s screen, mouse and keyboard to quickly resolve issues.

Video Call / Screen Sharing-ico

Video Call / Screen Sharing

High-quality video calls wherever your customer is. Get on a video call with your customer to co-browse your customer’s screen. Take control of the meeting as your customer screen shares to show information or raise an issue.



Automatically assign conversations to a team or a dedicated agent. Get started with our existing Workflow or set up your customised Workflow based on your business support needs.



Analytics and reports to monitor your agent performance. Get deep actionable insights to deliver outstanding support and achieve your goals. The easy-to-analyse analytics reports will help your agents scale up their customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the Hello panel, click on the subscription tab, that is available on the left corner. It will open the page of the current plan and also the option to purchase a new plan. Click on that and you will be able to select from monthly and yearly options.
You can directly subscribe to the plan from the website itself. There go to Hello Service click on Get Started, fill in the necessary details, and subscribe to the plan.

No, there are no charges for Chat Bot, we are only charged for basic and premium plans. You can use the chatbot in a free plan till 50 tickets in Hello, after that you have to upgrade your Hello plan. Basically, we are providing the chatbot free for Trial purposes.
You can use this Chat Bot in WhatsApp, Instagram, Chat Widget on your Website, Facebook and so on. So test the Chat Bot Now.

You can use inboxes that are available in your Hello Plan for Instagram or Whatsapp. The number of inboxes assigned in each plan.

  • Free Plan- 2 inboxes
  • Basic Plan- 2 inboxes
  • Premium Plan- 3 inboxes

But in case you already have used the assigned inboxes you can always purchase a new inbox in basic and premium plan for rupees 500 each.

In case of a free plan you won't be able to purchase new inboxes. You have to upgrade the plan if you want the extra inbox.

We are providing monthly tickets with each plan and in case they end, you can also use extra tickets which you pay in postpaid billing. Here are the number of tickets assigned in each plan:

  • Free Plan- 150 tickets/monthly
  • Basic Plan- 1000 tickets/monthly
  • Premium Plan- 2000 tickets/monthly

Extra Charges for each ticket in different plans:

  • Free Plan- There is no option for more tickets in free plans as you have to upgrade the Hello Plan to Basic or Premium as per your choice.
  • Basic Plan- ₹0.5 per ticket
  • Premium Plan- ₹0.75 per ticket

Yes, you can have a customized plan for hello. Click on the link to schedule the meeting with the sales heads.
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