What Is SMS API? - How It Can Do Wonders For Your Business

SMS has been a long-standing means of communication in mobile networking in about three decades. With the latest improvements to technology, the humble SMS has received its fair share of revamps too, and are now just not used to chat and communicate with near and dear ones. With startups, freelancers, and businesses setting up new and innovative ways to keep in touch with their client base, SMS has been playing a vital role in marketing and non-marketing communication for businesses. For instance, your customers can now receive the latest updates regarding new product launches, sales, and exciting deals to grab from promotional SMS that you can send to millions at a time, thanks to promotional bulk SMS API solutions that you can employ from service providers. Another example of non-marketing communication with customers would be sending them OTPs, login updates, order completion statuses, cancellation and refund requests and moreover a simple SMS where they are notified the second a process is underway.

We all often receive such messages through SMS all the time but never really took the time to think about how it works. How does a company send minute-by-minute updates to hundreds of thousands of users at the same time? The answer is simple, SMS API and its technology that has made CRM services more convenient for both the business and the customers.

What is SMS API?
API stands for Application Programming Interface. API is an interface that enables your business platform to communicate easily with several software components and services used by users. SMS API allows a business to use an intelligent computing interface to communicate with their customers using automated messages, scheduling promotional messages besides several other functions. An SMS API integration allows software developers to use SMS service providers to send and receive SMS within their websites, software, or mobile apps.

How Does SMS API Work?
An SMS API is an intelligent software interface that integrates with your system, software or hardware. Once the SMS API has been integrated into your software, the built-in protocols will now enable the process of sending automated SMS to provide a means for your business to communicate to large masses of customers or leads to expand your business.

An SMS API can help you perform the functions mentioned below:

  • Automated client appointment reminders
  • Purchase and delivery status notifications
  • Alerts and OTPs
  • Promotional messages

The Benefits of SMS API Integration
API integration can be a wonderful decision for your business when done right.  An SMS API integration can supercharge your business using the power of virtual customer service.

Following are the advantages of SMS API Integration:

  1. You can send messages to your customers at any time of the day by making use of the scheduling panel.
  2. Sending OTPs for automatic verification never seemed faster or easier.
  3. Keep your customers updated about their order status around the clock in real-time.
  4. It is a great means for sending promotional messages of flash sales, new products, and launches.
  5. You can add links to forms and landing pages while sending API messages.
  6. Track the status of the messages sent in real-time.

What To Look For When Choosing Your SMS API Provider

An SMS API service provider can make a big difference in your business communication operations and your CRM system. Therefore, it is important that you choose a suitable SMS API service provider that can cater to your requirements within your budget. There are several ways you can gauge which SMS API company to pick by doing your own research, but checking if your options answer these four questions is a great method to understand if it is the right service provider for your business or enterprise.

1.  Does the SMS API service provider use direct connections?

If your service provider uses direct connections to mobile network companies, the messages will be sent to the recipient in a flash of seconds. On the other hand, if they use grey routers to save on costs, it might take a longer delivery time due to the international hops it makes.

2. How complex is their integration and documentation procedure for an SMS API set-up?

Sign-up with an SMS API service provider that makes it easy for you to integrate your systems with their software through simple set-up instructions and quick documentation. There is no point in joining an SMS API provider’s platform only to find that their interface is too complicated for you to use. MSG91 can help you out with an easy-to-setup API process that can be carried out by anyone.

3. What is their pricing per SMS? Do they have competitive bulk pricing?

Don’t forget to match and compare per SMS costs or the cost of bulk message packages. If you’re a medium to large scale organization, reach out to the service provider to know if customized packages at attractive pricing can be offered.

4. Do they provide prompt ongoing support to their clients?

Always read testimonials and reviews. How is their customer service and assistance when it comes to troubleshooting and after-sales support? Is their infrastructure secure enough? Frequent downtimes? Reading up on all this should give you more clarity.


Signing up with the right SMS API service provider can significantly make your job easier as you don’t need to overspend on an in-house customer service center and manual SMSes.

MSG91 will help you seamlessly integrate your website, software, and application with our SMS API at great prices while providing the assistance you need. Our integration process takes just a few minutes to set up with zero hassles,  so you can reach out to your customers and help them interact with you in the most convenient way possible.