Integrate Text, Call and more in your software

Build global customer engagement products with
our developer-friendly communication APIs.


Dynamic, without any modification in code.

Dedicated routes for promotional and transactional SMS.

Send in English, deliver in Español, ಕನ್ನಡ, française…


Dynamic template building.

Reporting dashboard.

Reliable delivery and scale to enterprise volume.


Voice your messages, talk to your customers anywhere.

Code and customize your calls.

Make, manage and route calls to your phone, application or website.

Developer-Friendly APIs

From developers, for developers!

Robust, responsive, secure, scalable APIs to develop
best-in-market product.


APIs catering users to globally over 800 networks and 190 countries.

Integrate anywhere, deliver across the world.


Automate your communication product
Enable Smart messaging into your application Build communication products that talk to your customers
Make it scalable as and when required

Build awesome

Enable smart messaging into your application to automate your product.
Build communication products that talk to your customers. Make it scalable as and when required.

Let your communication FLOW


Completes the communication. Let us tell you how?

Engineered for reliability.

Multi-route technology to deliver your messages anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Flow can be configured at your end!

Modify and play around your needs.

Communication API allows you to communicate
while Flow guarantees it!

Flexible pricing

  • Transactional notifications with fast & reliable delivery network
  • Verify accounts, protect logins with OTP
  • Personalised marketing
0.18 /SMS
*Min balance : 100 USD
  • Real-time email traffic monitoring
  • Quick integration via API or SMTP
  • No volume commitment
$40 per 100K email.
$0.0004 per email.
To know exact price for your account, login and click on buy.

Pre-built Templates

Hassle-free flow structure to communicate, just import and start using!

SMS - Voice - Email

Push Notifications - SMS

SMS - WhatsApp - Voice

5 minute setup

Be our partner and build a plugin for everyone

Integrate SMS, Voice, Email add-ons in your software to offer effective
communication for your customers.


Ask us anything!

With a single API, Flow allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your customers across different channels while spending minimal development resources. 

Benefits include:

Additional security of your account

Real-time content changes 

Easy to pause your campaign

Add multiple channels

Easy stoppable- What if you want to pause a particular SMS for a certain duration?

The flow can be paused anytime in case if you wish to stop the campaign for any reason.

More channels - What if you want to add voice as backup or replace SMS to whatsapp. It is not just a few clicks.

Flow API is the same as One API. All you need to do is trigger the API. 

  1. Login to your MSG91 account. 
  2. Click on the option of ‘Flow and API’ on the Dashboard and open API documentation using the API Documentation button.