Simplify your messaging experience with the use of shared and dedicated long codes that enable two-way communication at ease. You can always try shared long codes for keyword specific messaging and dedicated long codes which are keyword independent, and are dedicated to you alone.


Shared Longcode

10 paisa/incoming SMS
Free Keyword (6-20 characters)
No monthly rental

Dedicated Longcode

₹ 3000/month
Free incoming SMS worth ₹ 3000
Onetime setup charge ₹ 5000

Experience the ease of long codes with

Send bulk SMS using MSG91

Online surveys

Get feedback of online surveys in realtime with the use long code. People are able to send replies to the said number in an instant.

Lead generation

If your advertising campaign includes the use of long code, you can measure the effectiveness of the campaign in numbers, based on the responses received.

Send bulk SMS using MSG91
Send bulk SMS using MSG91

Create auto responses

With pre-formatted set of questions, you can create auto responses which can be sent against the questions asked via long code.

Integration into web application

Integrate the long code into any web based application to receive quick responses from people. There couldn’t be a better way to make your web application effective.

Send bulk SMS using MSG91

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