Use native language
so that people can act faster.

Connect in regional language where it matters. Let your customers choose the language they prefer.

Filling the communication Gap with Local Language

We allow you to choose your preferred language while
composing your message, and deliver it in your
user’s chosen language.

Your customer preferences
matter to us!

We auto-save the preferred language for your user,
to keep the record of their preferred language.

There are over 7,000 languages worldwide

and cross communication in the native languages keeps the world united.
To achieve that unmatched linguistic diversity,

We help you to connect in native languages

Create your Multilingual SMS template


SMS API will allow you to take your native language communication to the next level . It will automatically detect user preferences or region and send the message.

Talk to your customers in the
language they understand


Unlike a mobile network service provider, an SMS service provider is a business communication tool that acts as a third-party between the SMS service users and mobile network service providers. An SMS provider company is a business that forges contracts with different mobile network companies to send and receive SMS using their mobile networks.

SMS service providers have a platform that businesses and individuals can use to send promotional and informational messages while also supporting more powerful features for interaction. They are also known as an SMS gateway provider, SMS broker or SMS aggregators because they provide a gateway to their customers to send and route messages to a different gateway or SMSC. 


The easiest way to set up an SMS service is using an existing SMS service provider like MSG91. To get the best rates for bulk messages, you can consider negotiating with different SMS provider companies or checking out the price list and benefits provided.

First, you need to sign up for an account with an SMS gateway like MSG91. We will also provide you an example code of how to send and receive SMS using MSG91 SMS API. Then you can wrap the SMS functionality around your website’s logic.

SMS aggregators are the link between a mobile network company and a text message software provider such as MSG91. If there were no SMS aggregators, we would have to form contracts with all mobile network companies, which may run into the hundreds in the US and India alone.

SMS aggregators put in time and capital into forming connections with wireless network carrier companies by being a middle person to ensure compliance. As per each of the wireless carriers, the SMS aggregators are charged a rate per SMS or a flat rate (bulk SMS) to be allowed to send and receive SMS using a direct line from the wireless carrier company.

The best SMS gateway is one that provides multiple packages depending upon your budget and message volume to help you to send messages to your leads and prospective clients for conversion or promotion. MSG91 is a great business communication platform that provides outstanding SMS gateway services through great regional SMS deals to their partners in the USA.

Promotional SMS are used to send information regarding upcoming sales, offers, discounts and promotions to new and existing customers of your product or service. The recipient list can be from your existing database, or through contacts provided by lead generating companies. Promotional SMS are only delivered to non-DND mobile numbers and voluntary opt-ins. 

You can send promotional SMS online very easily with MSG91’s online promotional SMS services. Our dashboard is easy to operate and very user friendly. All you need to do is sign up and choose a promotional SMS package on our website. Once done, you can upload your contact database, filter them based on groups and sub-groups, create a promotional SMS and send it. You can also schedule your promotional messages and send links or keywords to redirect the recipients to visit your business landing page.