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Transactional SMS route can be used to send critical information, notifications, OTPs to your users. However, we highly recommend sending OTP via our dedicated platform SendOTP. Here's why?

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Transactional SMS service can be used by businesses to send important or essential updates to the customers regarding their product or service. For instance, on an e-commerce site, updates regarding the order invoice number, OTP, delivery status, return or refund status, delivery note, etc are sent through transactional SMS to the customers.

To put it simply, a transactional route enabled by a transactional SMS provider is employed by companies and enterprises that want to send non-promotional messages to both their DND and non-DND numbers 24/7. A transactional SMS service differs here at this point, where promotional messages can’t bypass a DND setting but the former can. With transactional SMS services, a company can send the recipient SMS without their approval too.

A transactional message is a non-marketing automated SMS or message that is used by organizations, entities, and institutions to send unrestricted critical information, notifications and updates to its contacts. For example, travel companies need transactional SMS to send booking status, flight or transport status, refund updates, and cancellation information to their customers. Even colleges and institutes can use transactional SMS while conducting examinations and sending important updates regarding admission status, exam results, and more. With MSG91’s powerful SMS API, you can send programmable transactional SMSes across the globe. 

Transactional SMS  are non-marketed messages like notifications and updates which are sent to customers for information regarding a particular product or service. Transactional messages benefit from some specific features which are not present in the case of promotional messages. Some of the features are: 

  • In the transactional SMS  gateway, a company is eligible to send the recipients SMS without their approval.
  • Through a transactional route, SMS can be sent to both DND and non-DND numbers, since they are used only for essential information and updates..
  • You can send transactional SMS 24/7, without any time constraints.
  • The transactional SMS gets delivered to the contacts almost instantly minus any hassle or wait time.
  • Transactional SMS can be sent using your own company’s name as a sender ID.

A transactional SMS gateway delivers the SMS updates to your customer and then returns with a delivery report containing details such as the time of delivery and delivery status. A transactional SMS gateway figures out which mobile network the recipient’s mobile number is on, transmits the message directly to the appropriate mobile network provider, receives a delivery report from the mobile company’s system, and then sends it back to the original requesting software.

To send transactional SMS, you can employ the help of a transactional SMS service provider by registering with them. For registration, you will need to submit a few documents regarding your business and permits after which you can choose a package that is appropriate for your company’s needs. Once your account has been set up, you can upload a contact list or the cloud-based database of customer transactions where they enter their registered mobile numbers while making transactions to automatically be sent transactional SMS.


Depending upon the nature of the SMS, appropriate automated SMS will be generated as per the status of the transactions, or updates created and sent to both DND and non DND recipients. MSG91 is the best transactional SMS provider that has a streamlined and extremely simple interface to make sending transactional SMS easy.

While promotional SMS can’t be sent to DND numbers, transactional SMS can be sent to both DND and non DND numbers even without their permission.

This is because transactional SMS consists of only important updates and messages of non-marketing nature, while promotional SMS is of a marketing nature and can be marked as spam in a recipient’s inbox. While promotional SMS do not get a sender ID of their own, transactional SMS are sent by the name of the organization itself.

As per the law, transactional SMS doesn’t have any time restriction and can be sent 24/7 to the recipients. On the other hand, promotional SMS can only be sent between 8 am and 9 pm in the US only to non-DND numbers or users who have opted in for these messages.

Typically, transactional SMS contain informational messages, OTPs, alerts related to bookings or orders for the registered customers. Promotional SMS is meant for sending offers, discounts, etc. to both existing customers and prospects.