Track and Optimize SMS campaign, SMS sequencing

SMS Campaign

MSG91 Drip Feed SMS Campaign Service

#1If SMS delivered

To get desired results, send follow up SMS on every delivered SMS.

send followup SMS, msg91

Send followup SMS

#2If not delivered

If the SMS failed, resend it at desired date and time.

resend SMS, msg91

Re-send / Do nothing

#3URL Shortner for SMS

Forget old dirty links! Short and trackable links are the new fad.

  • Automatic/Customized URL Shortner.
  • Send app download links and redirect automatically to , or
  • Send attachments.
URL shortner for SMS

Powerful URLs

#4Webhook / API

Campaign analytics at your fingertips via our webhooks and APIs.

SMS campaign reports


URL Tracking

Open rate check for SMS, Check Click rate, Check Link clicks every possible level.

  • SMS Delivered

  • Open Rate

  • Android

  • City

Start Auto Messaging

auto messaging

Send. Relax.

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