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Transactional SMS route can be used to send critical information, notifications, OTPs to your users. However, we highly recommend sending OTP via our dedicated platform SendOTP. Here's why?

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Transactional SMS service is used by companies to send essential updates to customers and clients, for example, OTPs, delivery and refund status, order invoice, etc. It is essentially a transactional route set up by the transactional SMS service provider to deliver important updates to recipients.

A transactional message differs from a promotional message. Promotional messages can’t bypass a DND setting on a receiver’s mobile. However, when a transactional route is enabled by a company that wishes to send non-promotional messages, the transactional SMS service provider can send it to both DND and non-DND customers during any time of day, and it does not require prior approval from the receiver.

When an organisation needs to send transactional texts, these texts are treated as unrestricted and important information to their list of contacts. It could be a room booking confirmation sent by a travel agency or a flight ticket booking confirmation by an airline company. 

It is a non-marketing automated SMS used by organisations and companies to send notifications and information to their customers. Any message that is treated as a piece of essential information and is not for marketing purposes is regarded as a transactional message.

For example, e-commerce sites use transactional messages to confirm your orders, transactions, delivery, refund and provide your order tracking links. Even travel booking companies use transactional SMS to send and receive a confirmation on trips and bookings. Even educational institutions can send transactional messages in the form of admission statuses and examination date updates. With MSG91, you can send transactional messages to your customers around the globe.

The sole purpose of a transactional SMS gateway is to authenticate the sending and receiving of a message. The gateway can figure out the receiver’s network provider and transmits a message directly to the said provider. It will also receive a confirmation from the provider whether the message has been delivered to the recipient.

To use this service, you can register with a transactional SMS service provider and set up an account with them after assessing your package needs. After your account is set up, you need to upload the contact list or cloud-based data of your customer details and create the transactional SMS templates. MSG91 provides the best transactional SMS service in India with a very streamlined and simple interface that makes sending transactional messages easy.

These are the key differences:

  • Promotional SMS are sent for marketing purposes, while transactional messages are action or update oriented
  • Promotional SMS cannot be sent to DND numbers but transactional SMS can be sent to both DND and non-DND numbers.
  • Transactional SMS has no time restrictions, that is, it can be sent 24x7. In India, Promotional SMS can only be sent between 9 am and 9 pm.
  • Examples of Transactional SMS include OTPs, delivery alerts, password reset, etc. Examples of Promotional SMS include discounts and offers sent by companies to potential customers.