I know what MSG91 did last summer!

In February 2015, Team MSG91 embarked on a rigorous introspective journey with one tall order: dazzle the MSG91 customers at every step of the way. This was a yearlong exercise that involved numerous brainstorming sessions, churning of craziest ideas, chucking of many ideas, selection and rejection but most importantly – a lot of honest work.

So what did we achieve? No, we didn’t achieve anything. Our clients did. The whole point of this exercise was to make the lives of our clients happier, easier and more convenient. And here’s what they got –


Innovations that helped customers  


  1. SendOTP: For clients or any enterprise interested ONLY in sending One-Time-Passwords (OTPs), we created a dedicated infrastructure called SendOTP . We released this service with a policy of SURE-SHOT delivery of OTPs. In case the message is undelivered for any reason and the user requests a voice call, we bear the cost.
  2. Delivery reports that matter: We ensured that the delivery reports truly summarized the communication. Apart from the new executive summary, the presentation of the reports got a make-over. We have a system of auto export of weekly executive reports that are  uploaded on S3 (we have a backup for your delivery reports).

  4. Default Backup route: Now the routing during bulk messaging shifts automatically. This means that even for a slightest mishap, the backup route is activated to deliver the message.

More plug-ins, more convenience


  1. Send SMS via Google spreadsheet: People use Google sheet to store data. Now they can send SMSs directly from there. We got 1,422 downloads within two months of launch.
  2. MSG91 plug-in for Magento e-commerce framework: ECommerce users, whose app is on Magento, can activate SMS notification functionality in one click.

Startups got special offerings


  1. 10,000 messages free policy: We introduced a special policy for startups. We gave away 10,000 messages free of cost to any startup that used MSG91 logo on its website. 500 startups were onboarded. Some of these startups are either funded or have been acquired by bigger players. They are Zencommerce, Swiggy, Aha Taxi, Gift XOXO, Yellow Messenger, Home Triangle, Getmesoft among others.
  2. Coupon code feature: We distributed coupon codes to B2B startups and enterprises to integrate MSG91. Any user who comes through them, gets upto 5,000 SMSs free of cost.

And more

  1. Blue panel re-design: We have completely redesigned the Blue panel and made it more beautiful and user-friendly.


  1. More capacity: MSG91 has now a more powerful API. We introduced another language, Java in core logics that gave our system – more capacity and reliability.
  2. Auto-discard of duplicate messages: Duplicate messages get discarded within 10 seconds. It’s a system-intelligent service that discards any duplicated message by default. This has totally eliminated possibilities of any manual or other error while bulk messaging.

These developments have made the enterprises that we serve more efficient. That’s what we want. We want businesses to flourish and get empowered for better client service and revenues.

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