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Send bulk SMS using MSG91

Upto 50k SMS, email and voice API credits/month

Send bulk SMS using MSG91

Free for the use of OTP and Transactional purpose

Send bulk SMS using MSG91

Free for 6 months

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You, us and thousands of other businesses are all tagged as startups. When multiple startups combine, they arise with new power. Empowering this thought, MSG91 puts its hand forward to help businesses get better together. Here’s an opportunity for you to combine with MSG91 and create a buzz about your biz.


Bulk messaging services that’ll increase the growth of your startup exponentially. Moreover, get 25,000 transactional SMS for FREE every month with MSG91! All you need to do in return is to display our logo on your website and you are ready to send bulk SMS for your promotions, notifications and other purposes like internal communication too.

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