Why does your business need Two-factor Authentication?

In the era of digitalization, online communication and transactions have become an integral part of our lives. Though passwords have been the primary form of authentication since the beginning of the internet, data protection has recently come under threat due to data breaches, malware and other cyberattacks. These incidents are raising awareness among people about cybersecurity, and people are growing more conscious about protecting their information online.

5 Customers Communication Lessons To Be Learnt From 2020

Remember those everyday in-person conversations you had with your clients and co-workers prior to the COVID-19 pandemic?  What about those small touch points conversation and updates with the food delivery boy, your travel booking agents, and feedback conversations.

How Cloud Technology Has Changed The Outlook Of Health and Fitness Industry

The transformation of medicine to telemedicine, physical fitness to virtual fitness was difficult to accomplish. The health sector is under tremendous pressure to operate in real-time and provide access to multiple locations.

What Is RCS Messaging And Why Your Business Needs It?

The next-gen text messaging protocol, RCS, is set to offer a real change in the messaging experiences for consumers. having a significant impact on texting, image and GIF sharing. With an open, consistent and globally interoperable messaging service, many carriers are planning an upgrade to RCS from SMS.

Long Code SMS- Everything You Wanted To Know About Virtual Number

SMS marketing can yield long-term benefits for a business, however, to achieve this, businesses must learn how to make use of this tool. On a basic level, SMS services are divided into short code SMS and. Here, we offer a brief insight into short code vs long code, what it means and which one would be suitable for your business.

Text-To-Speech- What, When, Where?

Making the web a more accessible place for people who are unable to read text on a screen, the text-to-speech is the generation of synthesized speech from text.