Stop wondering, Start segmenting!

Run targeted campaigns, personalize marketing content,
precise data access with customer segmentation.

Segment distinct customer groups automatically
with our customer segmentation tool

Segment according to customer action or event. Automate your communication and easily track all segments with a single API.


Marketing Content
Generate personalized content for different segments. Subdivide and send relevant content to users, boost up your customer retention by tailoring and segmenting.

Run Targeted

Filter out ceasing and inactive customers, personalize information for them, rebuild permanent customers by running targeted campaigns.

Precise Data

Slice it off and only access data that you need. Teams can segment data according to their needs by filtering it and take actions accordingly.

“70% of customers say they prefer customized content.”

When customers don’t get relevant information, it might irritate them. Receiving repetitive messages makes them disinterested and leads to a bad customer experience!

Customer retention increases with customer segmentation and personalization.

“Let your customers feel, this is written specifically for me”



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User segmentation is when you divide the company’s target customer base into various groups, who fit similar criteria. The target client base is broken into various groups based on gender, behavior, age, psychographic, and demographic. By utilizing target market segmentation, marketers can use the right pitch and aim it at the relevant customer group. This will enhance your marketing campaign success because the targeting approach will be personalized and each group can have a look at the product they are interested in.

Send customize messages in order to increase the relevancy of your communications. You can tailor messages for your audience based on their actions and activity on your platform. For improving conversation send important updates, offers that they will likely engage with.

Consumer segmentation with the top content marketing software allows a business to distribute their resources and increase their up-selling opportunities, effectively. When an email is sent to a target group of customers that is set to their needs it’s easy for brands to send special offers to the targeted consumers.

Another benefit of customer segmentation involves being one step ahead of the competition, along with identifying new products that existing and potential customers may be interested in.

Customer segmentation is usually identified based on the similarities of your users. Some factors that help with identification include values, traits, personal characteristics, behaviors, and so on. These aspects should coincide with the behaviors that drive the profit of your product.

  • Firstly, you have to start by setting a list of target segments that are essential for your brand and product line
  • Then you will have to narrow the search to the most promising target groups, you have to look at age, ethnicity, and demography
  • Select the customer group that offers your company great potential. The customer that checks all your boxes is the perfect one
  • Conduct market research and surveys to understand your customers’ assumptions and logic

An efficient marketing content software helps with customer segregation because of the targeted methodology. Your business can have various clients, and they will all have different needs, wants, and tastes. Sure general marketing tactics can get you results, but you will experience better success with consumer segmentation. Target marketing will create user segments based on various preferences, age, demography, motivation, and behavior. Once the users are divided, you can market your service/product to them from their point of view. This will increase sales and conversations.