Mahindra has established efficient communication across its different business lines with MSG91

  Efficient communication has always played a vital role in the company operations and rapport building with the customer. Be it a startup or an established company having an efficient communication is crucial for everyone in the business. Mahindra has been following the same suit for its different business lines establishing efficient communication throughout the […]

One of the food delivery startups is managing its customer communication with SMS amidst the internet ban in the Kashmir Valley

Internet: The backbone of customer communication   The Internet has brought in a fleet of social media channels with it. It is these social media platforms which have played a major role in the marketing and customer communication. Small businesses have largely engaged in different social media platforms of which Facebook has been the most […]

MSG91 WHMCS SMS Plugin 2.0

A comprehensive web hosting automation solution, world’s top brands are definitively integrated with WHMCS.     Being an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses, you might want to consider this significant business automation tool if you wish to begin your ecommerce journey as WHMCS puts you in charge. And, if you […]

How To Install And Send SMS With MSG91 SMS Extension For WooCommerce

So here’s another one for your convenience – MSG91 WooCommerce Plugin. The e-commerce sector solely relies on customer satisfaction and with the MSG91 WooCommerce plugin, sellers can now stay connected with their customers and enjoy increased level of customer satisfaction by regularly updating them about product orders, status, shipping details, cancellation request and much more […]

The Multiple Roles Essayed By An SMS In The Lifecycle Of An E-Commerce Customer

In a world that is increasingly driven by convenience, it is vital that you as a business optimize by offering your customers personalization and convenience throughout the buying cycle.   Popular, personal and progressive, texting immediately creates a one-on-one connection helping a customer bridge the gap between browsing and purchase. Also, the huge difference between […]

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