What is SMS Gateway?

13 tactics to use SMS communication effectively


An SMS Gateway as the name suggests is a channel which enables a computer to send/receive SMS to or from a telecom network, eventually routed to the mobile phones. It translates the messages which are in user-friendly application’s language to the mobile carrier compatible languages for the delivery over transmission networks to be able to reach the recipients. This whole process happens in a matter of seconds and the message is sent to a large number of recipients simultaneously.


SMS Gateways have made it a really easy and quick job to send SMS to a large number of recipients (mass recipients) spread across the world.


Journey of SMS Gateway


SMS Gateways started as fixed wired devices initially having inbuilt transceivers which transmitted messages from the terminal to the SMSC (Short Message Service Center). The devices were wired and carried only wired text only and no voice messages.


Over the period of time, SMS Gateways have evolved and served multiple options connecting via REST API such as MSG91 where they route SMS texts to telecom networks via SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer).


At MSG91 we provide the other connecting options through our Addons where the user can send SMS to mass recipients via Web page, Software, Database, Contact Lists etc.



Benefits of SMS Gateway



  • Faster System: Gateways enable you with a large variety of channels where you can make your systems faster without worrying about the connectivity with different telecom networks.


  • Easier Processing: Now that compatibility is no more an issue, processing becomes a lot easier.


  • Cost Effective: SMS Gateways are very cost effective especially when your SMS have mass recipients.


  • Secure: With SMS Gateways, your system becomes more robust and secure.


  • Lesser Downtime: The robustness of SMS Gateways ensure a very low rate of downtime makes the system lot more efficient.


If you are ready to improve the mass SMS services SignUp now!

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The Most Affordable SMS And Verification Solution For Businesses And Entrepreneurs by SMShare

Bulk SMS is the most customer engaging medium

Enhance your website with full SMS communication and verification capabilities with SMShare. SMShare offers 2 plug-in for SMS and 2 for two-factor authentication.


Formerly known as SMShare, PreWebSMS is an Android-powered text messaging solution for Businesses and Entrepreneurs. Making business texting simple and cost-effective, SMShare works great with ecommerce platforms making it simpler to send automatic SMS using Android or any other gateway.



SMShare plug-in for Shopify


If you are a Shopify store owner you’d definitely agree to the fact that one of the most important feature a Shopify store owner requires is an easy option to send engaging SMS to their customers at different events. Not only the customers but other shop administrators can also be kept timely informed about any event including

  • Sign up
  • Order confirmation
  • Order shipped
  • Order delivered
  • Payment received
  • Checkout
  • Un/Subscribing a newsletter
  • Coupon added
  • Security hack
  • Product out of stock

Keeping customers timely-informed increases their confidence in your store and makes them come back to you again and again.


By installing the SMShare plugin in your Shopify store you can not only send timely alerts and notifications, but also run SMS marketing campaign, add coupon codes and use your Android smartphone or the SMS gateway of your choice.


Install MSG91 SMShare plugin for Shopify


SMShare plug-in for OpenCart


An out-of-the-box shopping cart solution, OpenCart offers unlimited business opportunities with powerful store management features. The SMShare OpenCart plug-in or the Affiliate Notification by SMS allows affiliate to subscribe to SMS notification and send automatic SMS to affiliate on commission.


Send automatic SMS to customers or store administrators and enhance your OpenCart site with full texting capabilities to notify on

  • Order confirmation
  • Completion of transaction
  • Send coupons
  • Associate an order status with a customized template
  • Registration


By installing the SMShare plugin in your OpenCart store you can not only send timely alerts and notifications, but also run SMS marketing campaign, add coupon codes and use your Android smartphone or the SMS gateway of your choice.


Install MSG91 SMShare plugin for OpenCart


PVA: Phone Verified Accounts SMS at Registration


At times it becomes difficult to know your customer and PVA is for making those difficult times easy. When any user fills up a registration form and submits it, PVA generates a unique code that is sent to the user on their registered mobile phone via SMS. Once the user enters the right code in the phone number verification page they are successfully registered with your site.

What PVA helps you do is verify the customer and their registered details so you know the transactions being made on your site are genuine.


Install MSG91 SMShare PVA extension


SMS Confirmation of Payment Methods


You can now verify your customer before confirming an order for any selected payment method, even if it is cash on delivery (COD). The SCPM extension is an anti-fraud system that ensures that the order placed is by a genuine customer by simply sending an SMS to the registered mobile number verifying the customer.

This 2-factor authentication allows you to make the purchase process seamless while resolving the related issues.


Install MSG91 SMShare SCPM from OpenCart at Checkout


Enhance your site with full texting and verification capabilities with the ultimate SMS module that lets you send SMS according to your different needs and events. MSG91 is fully compatible with the Android-powered text messaging solution.


Make MSG91 your default SMS gateway for SMShare plug-in.

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Top Features of Good Bulk SMS Marketing

Marketing Automation Strategies with Ixigo, Clevertap and MSG91


Campaign of Bulk SMS, which is mostly known as mobile marketing, has become the most effective mode for businesses to market their products and services using the technology of mobile phones. SMS refers to the technology of Short Messaging Service.

Earlier bulk SMS had a negative impact because companies used cold database and began spamming to customers. But this scenario has changed. Nowadays, there are a broad set of guidelines stipulated by network providers, which have to be followed by senders of bulk short messages. With this, bulk SMS marketing has evolved into an effective tool for marketing.

Modern companies can exploit this effective medium of marketing using MSG91. This is possible if you adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Seek Permission

Prior to sending bulk messages in India, you must make sure that clients or customers have agreed to receive messages from you. This can be done by a keyword opt-in or web-opt-in facility. You can build a reliable bulk SMS database by acquiring permission from your customers. But to do this, you must make this easy for customers to join in your messaging list. You must also let customers know, how often you will be messaging them.


  • Plan Budget

For this marketing channel, you must begin with a planned budget. This is to avoid unnecessary hassles and regrets in the future. A well planned short message strategy can be managed easily and will help improve your bottom line.


  • Send Direct Messages

When you are preparing messages, avoid the temptation to add too many details. SMS is limited to 140 characters, and so, ensure you include all vital points within this limit. An effective message is one which contains, ‘what is in there for you, the customer?’ This is what will be the attractive factor to lure customers. Use simple, plain language including most popular texting shortcuts.


  • Send Relevant Messages

One cannot overemphasize the relevance of a message. Even if your design a highly creative message, you cannot strike a chord with customers, if it is not relevant to their needs. An important role will be played by segmentation and targeting of audience. So, when you are designing your message, you need to consider your demographics and target group.


  • Send Personal Message

Bulk messaging is an effective strategy to build up a long term and unique relationship with customers. But this is possible only if you send personalized messages to customers. For instance, use first name to address the customer in your message. This will make the customer feel special.


  • Proper Scheduling of Message

Discussing when the messages will be scheduled is also important. This is crucial as the most attractive and creative SMS will fail in its objective if not properly timed. For instance, do not send messages during the standard office hours of customers when they will be busy and when they will ignore messages.


When you hire MSG91, one of the best bulk SMS service providers, it will always factor these points while designing SMS marketing strategy. Bulk SMS through MSG91 is a great way to exploit the potential of your local market. It will help boost public relations, enhance customer education, and generate leads in the long run.

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Magento SMS Extension For MSG91 By MageComp

Bulk SMS is the most customer engaging medium

The leading eCommerce platform Magento accounts for approximately 25% of websites among the top 100,000 eCommerce websites. With a robust open source community edition as well as an enterprise edition that is more affordable than some, Magento has also generated a strong community of developers and partners that have facilitated the Magento ecosystem to be one of the strongest CMS platforms.


As the eCom sector highly relies on customer satisfaction, you as a Magento store owner wouldn’t want anything less than offering the best shopping experience to your customers. To assist you with the same we give you a strong communication plug-in that can be seamlessly integrated into your Magento store to send alerts and notifications to your existing, new and potential customers directly from the store.


The Magento plug-in enables you to send bulk SMS at all levels to your customers, administrators or team at all times without the need of switching platforms empowering Magento store owners to stay connected with their customers whenever required.


One of the leading Magento-based development companies, Mage Comp offers varied Magento SMS extensions in both Magento 1 and Magento 2. These extensions do the difficult work of simplifying a store owner’s work and time by allowing them to send SMS directly from the Magento platform that assists in increasing user experience and optimize store conversion.


MageComp plug-in is compatible with MSG91. To seamlessly integrate MSG91 into you Magento store


Here are a few ways you can stay connected to your customers by sending SMS through the MageComp Magento plug-ins for MSG91


  •         New registration
  •         Order placed
  •         Order confirmed
  •         Order cancelled
  •         Order update
  •         Order invoiced
  •         Delivery status
  •         Order shipped
  •         Order delivered
  •         Product update

Here are a few ways you can stay connected to the store administrators by sending SMS through the MageComp Magento plug-ins for MSG91


  •         New customer registration
  •         Order placed
  •         Payment received
  •         Order status changed
  •         Contact form update


Signup with MSG91 using any of the plug-in to avail free 10k transactional credits.

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Set Your Business Brand As Your Sender ID

Marketing Automation Strategies with Ixigo, Clevertap and MSG91

Beep Beep Beep…


Your mobile phone vibrates and you see that you have received an SMS in your inbox saying


AM-MSGIND: Your account no. xxxx789 has been credited with 10,000 credits.


Ever wondered what role does ‘AM-MSGIND’ play here? Of course it is the chosen Sender ID but what exactly it does and represent?


Sender ID is used to identify who the sender of the SMS is. It basically represents your brand/company name distinguishing it from a million others. So yes, this sender ID plays a massive role defining your brand to your customers.


In simple words, Sender ID is the name or number which appears on the mobile phone as the sender of an SMS. In India, Sender ID is restricted to 6 alphabetic characters for Transactional and an operator-fixed 6 numeric characters for Promotional SMS.


In other countries, it can be numeric like your mobile phone number or alphanumeric such as the number/name of your company.


Although, this feature is only available in supported countries!


Among these supported countries, some only support sending transactional messages and require sender ID pre-registration, meaning that you can only use the alpha sender you pre-register.


The Source Addresses must abide by the following criteria:

  • For India, Sender ID with 6 alpha characters are accepted for transactional messages
  • International SMS can have alphanumeric sender-ID (maximum 14 characters)
  • Must not contain blank spaces
  • Must not contain accented characters
  • Must not contain punctuated/special characters, such as * $ < , > ? ! % [ ] | \
  • Must not contain Greek characters
  • Must not just be a name of an individual
  • Source Addresses are case sensitive


At MSG91, we usually transmit our own Brand Name or Gateway Number as the Sender Identification for each of the messages that the users send. Users can change this to have their own Brand/Company Name without any approval and additional cost.


Click here to know how to set your default Sender ID.




‘MSGIND’ represents your brand, but what does the prefix ‘AM’ represent


The prefixes AM, VM, BW etc. are displayed because SMS are sent in huge numbers via bulk SMS.


SMS providers follow rules framed by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and according to TRAI rules,

  • The first character displays the Telecom Operator name
  • The second character displays the circle of the Telecom Operator


So here ‘A’ represents ‘Airtel’ and ‘M’ represents Mumbai.


Click here to know more about the prefixes.


Important Tips on Sender Identification

  • The Network/Operators reserves the right to approve the Sender Name/Number for Users at its sole discretion.
  • Some Networks/Operators do not grant the facility of a Dynamic Sender ID, meaning each Sender ID has to be specially approved by them before a message, bearing that Sender ID, can be transmitted through their Network. This has been implemented to counter spam to a certain extent.
  • There are local restrictions and in some markets the Sender ID cannot be changed.
  • In some other destinations only certain senders are allowed (i.e. only alpha sender or international numeric) so senders not complying with local regulations may be overwritten, either by the operator or by SMS gateway, to ensure the message is delivered.


Variations of Sender ID


Fully Dynamic – You can define your Sender ID as you wish, with the only restrictions being length and needing to use characters from the range


Characters outside this range (e.g. <space>) may or may not be supported depending on the destination operator.


Dynamic Alpha – You can set any Sender ID you like up to 6 characters as long as it only uses letters


Dynamic Numeric – You can set any Sender ID you like up to 15 digits as long as it only uses numbers


Random Numeric – A random number to comply with local regulations (usually taken from a pool of numbers we have access to from the relevant destination market)


Fixed Sender ID – This is where the local markets require to set a fixed Sender ID, sometimes numeric, sometimes alpha, in order that messages are permitted to be delivered.


Different countries & operators have different standard.


Click here to know the rules for Sender ID in your country.


Set your brand name as your Sender ID to let it serve as your brand identity.  

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Your OTP Will Not Fail; Come What May!

2FA Services by MSG91

Authenticating users over the phone or on a website is one of the most important factors for any business. When websites/application want to authenticate a user, they simply create a token or random code and send one-time-password (OTP) to the user’s registered mobile number. Once the user receives the token or the randomly generated code, they enter the details and authenticate themselves. Sounds like a cakewalk, doesn’t it?

But, there was a time when one-time-passwords were notorious in India for delays or non-delivery.


Failed OTP can be frightening, simply because all it takes for a user to leave a website is 8 seconds!


Sensing this big gap in the market for high-priority SMS or what we call OTP, we grabbed the opportunity with both hands and voila ‘SendOTP’ was conceived and yes, we did make it a cakewalk.

Conceiving it was simple, but it was the execution and development of a fool-proof product that was challenging. We wanted to give our users a comprehensive solution to the persisting problem of delays and non-delivery and equally important, authenticating the user through a platform that was easy-to-use. A platform where we generate and deliver OTP to your clients through a dedicated high-priority route!


After many arguments, much discussion and many failed attempts, SendOTP arrived with a promise. A promise of

  • Guaranteed delivery of OTP
  • Make the integration of 2FA (two-factor authentication) easy for developers
  • Reduce the infrastructure cost involved in the process
  • Provide the best security for the user


Welcome to SendOTP, your one-shot OTP!


A one-time-password generating, delivering and verifying mechanism that by simply copy-pasting a couple of codes allows users to integrate the two-factor authentication and everything from generating, delivering and verifying the one-time-password is done by SendOTP (remember we said cakewalk).


2FA Services by MSG91
2FA Services by MSG91



But what makes SendOTP stand out is not its simplicity, but it being foolproof from day one – a Voice Call backup, so there’s no need for a Plan B. Also, did we mention the Voice Call comes at no extra cost. You got that right, in the event of non-delivery via text SMS (4-5%) we send a Voice Call and that too at our own expense.


We understand you do recognize the importance of such a unique feature but again, it’s our responsibility and sometimes our pride where we need to tell you (and not boast) the importance of that Voice Call backup.


Another privilege of using SendOTP, the times when the government is forced to ban bulk messaging, instant messaging and mobile Internet in various parts of the country.

Due to the ban, the internet-based businesses face disruption in their day-to-day communication with customers. Banking sector and internet-based enterprises are worst-hit as their transactions become incomplete without OTP verifications, and a ban on bulk SMS service leave them fidgeting.

SendOTP has time and again with its Voice Call backup bridged the communication gaps between customers and enterprises by offering Voice OTP, in the wake of the ban on delivery of text OTP, allowing us to serve our customers even during times when it seems highly impossible.


But that’s not it…

We envisioned a comprehensive solution for 2FA and we give our users all that and more with

  • OTP Engineering
  • Voice Call Backup
  • Global Coverage

When the customer asks for OTP and if the same is not delivered within 30 seconds, it is automatically sent via a call. And it works every single time. This solution with complete reporting is available and ready to implement in just a few minutes.


Your OTP will never fail; come what may, because yes, all it takes for a user to decide and leave your website is 8 seconds.


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Exciting Times For Automation In SMS Marketing – mCampaign

As a marketing professional you might recognize what changes automation in marketing can bring to your marketing campaign. However, considering the limited number of marketers using automation, only a few genuinely understand how automation can change their marketing game.


Well, it comes as no surprise as automation is perplexing and does needs a little explanation.




Let’s Start With The Meaning Of Automation


The sine qua non for any customer relationship is marketing combined with sales or in simpler words, sales is the core of any marketing.


As a business starts growing maintaining a personalized relationship with every customer becomes challenging and as your company becomes big the small challenge of staying connected with the customers proves to be one of the biggest challenge you face. It becomes difficult to manage business with the use of simple tools and eventually you need to hire a specialist who helps you implement programs that are both customer-centric and performance-driven.


And here is where marketing automation comes in.


“Marketing automation is a platform that marketers use to plan, coordinate, manage and measure all of their marketing campaigns, both online and offline. The use of a marketing automation platform is to streamline sales and marketing organizations by replacing high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions.”


Automation In SMS Marketing


Marketers usually use SMS marketing and automation as two different processes, but one is the element of other. However, they are really different from each other but when integrated fits in with the conversion funnel of a company.

Here’s an example of what it is and how it works.


A customer accessed your business by searching for it online and then decides to follow the company on the social media pages and keeps visiting your website for updates that you share and eventually some shared info catches their attention and they subscribe to your company website.


Now here’s how automation plays the role…


Just like with your company there are various buying or connecting touch points, similarly automation in marketing links to varied touchpoints and marketing channels. Automation in SMS marketing makes it simpler and quicker to stay connected with the prospect by sending them one-on-one personalized texts making communication effective. The focus remains on the quality of the message and the campaign and that happens through a collection of data on your company’s goals and the interest of their intended audience.


In the above example, since you know the prospective client is showing interest in your work you can influence their interest by sending them text SMS at particular touch points where it is bound to work and all this can be done by automating the process as automation provides your team with the know-hows and insights helping you add a personal touch to the SMS campaign you are working on.




As a result of automation in SMS marketing your organization will be encouraged to perform certain tasks comprehensively:


  1. Customer segmentation – Identify clients and prospects through their behavioural interest and demography.
  2. Appropriate market designs – Try different variations like assessing how many times an SMS was sent to a particular prospect, what time slot works best, which type of SMS works best and so on.
  3. Add facets to an individual’s profile – Dispatch targeted offers.
  4. Consolidate market channels – Ensure all touch points where SMS need to be send are well-defined for conversion optimization.


What Automation In SMS Marketing Looks Like – mCampaign


Now that you truly recognize the significance of automation in marketing let’s get into the specifics about SMS marketing. What we want to emphasize here is automation marketing as a tool. Set up a contact list of about 10 people, it is easy, isn’t it? But what about a contact list of 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 or even more!


Lots of businesses are dealing with communicating with thousand of customers every day, some even hundred thousand.


Let’s take a look at a simple example here


Your company has recently gone mobile and you not only need to inform all your contacts about it but also invite them to download it. You send an SMS informing them about the pros of going mobile and request them to download it. Say about 20% of the users did it in the first time but what about the whopping 80%?


Sure you can send notifications to them all day long who came in for a few times but bailed out just before downloading the app. But what a waste of time and money.




But what if you have an SMS automation marketing tool that sends the reminders to the users at a particular time when they are most likely to work on the open rate or device or area making your SMS campaign highly successful by increasing conversion? Introducing mCampaign.


mCampaign – Reach the Unreached!


The MSG91 Drip Feed SMS Campaign or mCampaign as we fondly call it is all about automated follow ups and analytics. Reminding your customer or prospect at every touch point about your brand and how well it works for them. With mCampaign you not only stand to reach a larger audience but also track the impact of your campaign.


The MSG91 Drip Feed SMS Campaign is

  • Personalized
  • Cross vertical, cross industry, cross platform
  • About analytics and more importantly working with that data towards progression
  • Getting users to do what you want them to do
  • Delights customers by continuing to build a communicative relationship
  • Creates a deeper integration between sales and marketing platform


mCampaign is not just any SMS marketing automation tool but it is about psychology and conversion funnel as when executed well, mCampaign can help your organization build a strong relationship with prospects and clients.


Click here to Signup for mCampaign

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How these tools saved my 30 hours a month?


My task is calling people who daily sign up in MSG91. I understand their requirements, segregate them and accordingly send them more information over SMS and email.


Cut-Copy-Paste in Sheet, Email, Phone and lots of clicks.


For every lead, this usually takes my 2-3 minutes apart from my on call time. 


I realized that I was actually spending hours on google sheet to manage this entire data. 


My usual protocol

I had to manage a master sheet where I used to add entire information of a Client and then depending on the data I used to move them to various different sheets. After moving them to different sheets, I used to send emails and SMS to those Clients.


Brilliant tools that saved my life

I installed Trigger & Send add-on. With this add-on, whenever Google form data is submitted and its entry is made in my Google Sheet, an automatic trigger is sent.


Trigger & Send –

I then used Socket URL to send this data.


This is how it works:

Data Captured in Socket –




In Socket, I collected the data and triggered Sheetsu Delete API which deletes data from my google sheet. I further used Sheetsu Add API to add this deleted data into another sheet, according to the type of data.


This is how Sheetsu plug looks in Socket

Sheetsu Add API –


Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 1.11.03 PM


A further Email is sent to the Client according to its new segment, using Sendgrid email and finally using MSG91 API, an SMS is sent to the Client.


These tools greatly helped me in my work, improved my productivity & helped me to manage my time efficiently. 


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MSG91 to expand enterprise messaging solution with acquisition of ToSMS

We’re thrilled to announce that MSG91 has acquired ToSMS, a mobile messaging company based in Kolkata, West Bengal.


ToSMS provides consumers with community and personalized services that include SMS and Voice. This acquisition accelerates our vision and strategy for meeting the demands of the marketplace delivering relevant messaging services to consumers as well as offering new tools and programs.


The acquisition is a part of our strategy of acquiring companies that have technologies we can build as part of the fabric of MSG91. We believe our customers need applications built on one technology foundation, resulting in just a single version of MSG91.


ToSMS’s technology and talent will strengthen our position in the emerging era of enterprise messaging, where we bring together the power of communication— connecting people to knowledge, information, services and other people in more relevant and simple ways.


The ToSMS team’s expertise around mobile messaging, HLR Lookup, Voice SMS make them a great fit to join the MSG91 team, especially with the work we’re doing in the area of communication.


Founded in 2013 by Manas Chowdhury, an experienced leader, and entrepreneur in the field of SMS communication, ToSMS has already been gaining industry expertise in this field. Manas is a unique talent and a well-respected thought leader in this area. We are confident that he will make significant contributions to our ever-evolving platform.


ToSMS is now integrated with MSG91. Its existing customers are welcomed to MSG91-level support and continued improvements to the service. Besides customers, we heartily welcome ToSMS partners also to the MSG91 family. We are confident the ToSMS acquisition will help us further our ambition.


For more details visit

MSG91 announces acquisition of ToSMS



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15 Must-Use Tools For Every Startup


Being in your early years you have multiple things to manage including your productivity. You do need tools that would streamline your workflow cutting right through your workload boosting your productivity and efficiency.




After a lot of exploring and experiments, MSG91 brings a comprehensive list of 15 must-use tools to boost the productivity of your team.


Communication & Collaboration






We use it for our internal communication and highly recommend it. Why? Use it and you will know why.



This is one platform that not only collects your email data but also makes sure your email is delivered to all of them. Who else does that?


Task & Project Management





A web-based whiteboard with post-it notes. Organize your projects into boards and get an overview of how things are moving.



Plan, track and release effective software as it can be integrated with developer tools to personalize the solution.


Sales Management



An exact fit for sales processes. It’s an intuitive and visual way of displaying business leads to having a good overview of sales.


Workflow Management




Developing a mobile App? How do you send some data to your server? SOCKET makes it possible without writing code. Powerful yet simple. Automate processes by collecting data, modify and fork it to multiple apps and websites using a single URL.



Create a chain of simple conditions by connecting your favourite apps, services, and devices. Predefine any event to perform an action.


Search-and-Alert Program



Search the entire web for your defined keywords and assign a follow-up to the activity or track the sentiments when your key terms are found.


Web Performance & Security





Secure your site with Universal SSL while boosting its performance. 


Application Performance Monitoring


New Relic

A single tool to diagnose and fix all your application problem in real-time and monitor their performance.


API Development Tool





It is the best way available to test your APIs and helps build them by quickly putting together both simple and complex HTTP requests.


Cloud Application Platform



A no-nonsense approach towards application deployment, Heroku takes care of all aspects of your “platform” so you simply deploy your application.


Remote Access Program





The multi-platform nature is its real strength. An easy-to-use interface that lets you transfer files, switch sides to trade the control of the device and do so much more with ease.


Ammyy Admin

Enjoy easy and fast remote control access to your PC or server administration through this portable program.


Customer Support



One of the most personalised way to communicate with clients. Offers a no-fuss approach to sending their queries leading to a better client relationship.


P.S. If you think we missed something here then do let us know in the comments box below.

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