Craypolar communicates with its customers using SMS via MSG91

Craypolar provides CRM services to Gym and Fitness centres, where they communicate to their customers information, offers and updates regularly. With the vision to help the customers get seamless fitness services in time, Craypolar has been rigorously working on the operations for the customer’s welfare.

LeadSquared updates the customers of their clients across industries via MSG91

LeadSquared is a lead conversion Marketing and CRM platform. With the vision to offer their customers with the best Marketing automated services, and to ensure the lead conversions happen efficiently, LeadSquared has been rigorously working on sending the various updates and information for their customer’s satisfaction.

ZingHR communicates with the potential candidates using SMS via MSG91

ZingHR provides HR CRM services to various companies, where they communicate with the potential candidates. With the vision to help their clients get seamless services in hiring, ZingHR has been rigorously working on the operations to the behest of their clients.