How One API Can Benefit Your Business?

How would you feel when all your integration channels come within a single suite of One API? We know we would feel awesome! Just imagine how prominent it would be to fetch all the channels by calling out a single API and it would work for all? When you integrate…

5 Communication Touchpoints To Help You Build Killer Customer Relationships

Today’s customer demands simplicity, flexibility, convenience and services anywhere anytime. In order to establish customer loyalty, it is important to connect with the customer first. And, for that, you need to take responsibility for your brand communication. As a small business owner, building rapport with your customers is easy.…

Chatbots and Business Communication: How to be more Human?

Remember those times when for even a minor issue we had to wait on hold, listen carefully and then respond to various IVR questions and then finally get connected to a human representative and start the process again. Far too lengthy and most of the time complicated process, all it…


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