3 Strategic Suggestions to utilize Transactional SMS at its best

Transactional SMS now forms a critical part of the business-customer relationship. According to the report by Coherent Market Insights, the global transactional SMS market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 7.2% over the period of 2019 to 2027.

Authenticate your customer a smarter way with OTP Verification

The lockdowns also brought a considerable number of customer complaints from interruptive customer experience into the foreground. Businesses, thus, need to ensure a frictionless customer experience that provides maximum customer satisfaction and zero compromises on practicality.

Using Transactional SMS - 5 Ways You Can Use It Your Business

Let’s discuss this with a few examples for better clarity. Imagine you have just withdrawn a certain amount from the ATM. Your bank will immediately message you about the amount you have just withdrawn, along with the clear balance outstanding in your bank account. This is done via the transactional SMS service provider. This message is an instance of a transactional sms service provider.

How to Use Transactional SMS API for Your Brand in 2021?

In the last few months, the Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted the business landscape globally. The incessant lockdown has pushed many businesses to close down their operations temporarily or even permanently worldwide.

All You Need To Know About Customer Service Platform

The customer service platform is a part of the company’s customer relationship and management infrastructure. Often referred to as the central point of customer relationship management, this is where all the customer contacts are managed (nowadays with the help of

Steps For DLT Process Registration

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India TRAI has set up new rules for the telecom entities of India. This is to prevent Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). This rule requires the telecom brands to complete the DLT registration process to provide their SMS services to the people in India. This rule was published on 19th July 2018  to make the SMS subscriber policies more secure and beneficial for both the telecom companies and the customers.

Top Brands Are Using Number Masking For Their Business. Are You?

In the field of communication, privacy is a legitimate concern. We use our phone numbers quite often these days, from shopping to registration in social media. Number Masking can offer you the confidentiality that you need. But before going into details, let us understand what number masking is.

6 Tips For Driving More Value With Your Transactional Emails

A marketer’s best friend, transactional emails are typically the most relevant emails you can send to your customers. They reflect what your visitors have actually done – signed up for a new account, purchased, downloaded content, entered a contest

5 Customers Communication Lessons To Be Learnt From 2020

Remember those everyday in-person conversations you had with your clients and co-workers prior to the COVID-19 pandemic?  What about those small touch points conversation and updates with the food delivery boy, your travel booking agents, and feedback conversations.

All You Need To Know About Transactional Emails

How to Generate Sales like a Rockstar with the Power of Transactional Emails? One of the most essential aspects of any business is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction determines whether your business is a success or otherwise. Customer satisfaction depends on the quality of products or services you offer to your customers, but most importantly, customer satisfaction depends on how you relate with your customers. Business needs to build a personal and healthy relationship with its customers. One way of doing just that is constant communication between you and your customers. You need to be keeping your customers informed of your new products/services or change in your way of operation. And for businesses running e-commerce, you need to have a communication platform that you can use to notify, confirm, and verify your customers’ activities on your platform which can be done, for example, with the help of strategic and the best transactional emails. For instance, whenever a customer places an order, you need to inform them that they have successfully done so. Because you do not want your customers guessing whether their important actions were successful or not.

What Does SendOTP Mean? A Short Guide On MSG91s Innovative OTP Service For Businesses

OTP or one-time password refers to the random and uniquely generated code or OTP verification number** which is generated while performing a confidential transaction and sent to the mobile phone as SMS or email address of that person for OTP verification and authentication.

WhatsApp For Business - The What, The Why And The How

In an era of technological advances, businesses are moving their operations online. Aspects such as marketing activities and conversations with clients are now being held on the internet. This shift of strategies has been heightened by the growth in social media – which is one of the cheapest forms of marketing a business can have. According to studies, more than 85% of the US population has at least one social media profile. Platforms such as Facebook, email services, and WhatsApp are used by billions of people; and tapping into these services is a tremendously great business move. This article discusses the use of WhatsApp for business purposes.

How Cloud Technology Has Changed The Outlook Of Health and Fitness Industry

The transformation of medicine to telemedicine, physical fitness to virtual fitness was difficult to accomplish. The health sector is under tremendous pressure to operate in real-time and provide access to multiple locations.

Why you should send SMS online?

The advancement in technology has managed to provide us with new tools and methods to communicate, but today these innovative and endless channels have left businesses overwhelmed, and they are unsure where to begin. This is where mobile SMS online comes in. Once companies choose to SMS send via the internet, they will witness efficient, easy, and cost-effective methods of communication that will leave an impression on the customer’s minds. When you send SMS online you are retaining a positive impression of your business to the consumers, consistently.

API vs Web Service What is the Difference

API stands for Application Programming Interface, it’s an interface that can be used to program software that works with an existing application. Practically, the API is a set of procedures and functions that provide you with access and helps you build on data and the functions of an existing application.

Are You Engaging With The Most Online Active Users?- The Millennials

Putting up a lot of pressure on marketers to do in-depth research are the technology consumers, the millennials who are termed as the quick learners, the first digital nerds of the 20th century, born between 1981 and 1996, this unique breed observing the economy through their digital lenses.

Why Communicating With Your Customers Has Become More Important Than Ever?

The shift to the new normal has been tough, but it is the digital world that has enabled businesses to retain some form of connectivity with the people in their lives. Also, the fact that there is an abundance of communication tools at disposal to solve bewildering challenges.

What Is SMS API? - How It Can Do Wonders For Your Business

SMS has been a long-standing means of communication in mobile networking for about three decades. With the latest improvements to technology, the humble SMS has received its fair share of revamps too, and are now just not used to chat and communicate with near and dear ones. With startups, freelancers, and businesses setting up new and innovative ways to keep in touch with their client base, SMS has been playing a vital role in marketing and non-marketing communication for businesses. For instance, your customers can now receive the latest updates regarding new product launches, sales, and exciting deals to grab from promotional SMS that you can send to millions at a time, thanks to and solutions that you can employ from service providers. Another example of non-marketing communication with customers would be sending them OTPs, login updates, order completion statuses, cancellation and refund requests and moreover a simple SMS where they are notified the second a process is underway.

What is Transactional Email? A Guide by MSG91

What is a transactional email? An in-depth look at how it can help empower businesses.Email is a non-intrusive medium that helps businesses in conveying detailed information to customers, without being intrusive. Emails needn't just be a marketing tool to push promotions and offers to customers. A business can leverage transactional email in creative ways to build its brand and goodwill.

The importance of OTP and 2 factor authentication for customer security

As has been said over and over, Cybersafety is crucial, and passwords play a big role in that. However, there are laid-out practices that allow for successful and efficient use of passwords for example, the use of a password with a combination of alphanumeric and special characters. According to recent surveys and studies, about 40% of consumers admit to having had a security incident – for example, having their passwords stolen.

Switch To One API. Know How It Can Be Beneficial For Your Business?

For your communication flow to never break, we’ve combined various communication API into a single API that we call One API or Flow. You just need to integrate One API into your existing system and you can send SMS, Voice, Email, Push Notifications, all with that single API.

No Magic Trick- This 2FA Is Invisible.Create magic with invisible OTP verification

OnlineCommunity is expanding with growing opportunities and with it, the bad actors. There are all sorts of people, playing their role, some push the community to raise technology, some mess with it.

What Does it Take to Create Something Awesome

Pushpendra Our Founder, from the beginning wondered if we can create a website on a Google Doc? Yes, you read it right! The conversation started & ended in 1 line, so typical Pushpendra

4 Ways You Can Use Content to Improve Customer Experience

Today’s consumers are savvier than ever before, and they can smell a sales pitch from three blocks away. It’s tempting to push the hard sell on your products online, particularly when it feels like you’re up against thousands of other brands selling the same stuff, but this can make customers tune out and take their business elsewhere. 

Tips & Tricks to Successful Business Texting

We’re living in a mobile-first world. Be it interacting with one another, brands with their customers or the world around us, mobile devices have become our go-to gadget and texting our go-to communication medium.