SMS marketing in comparison with multiple advertising campaigns

Multiple advertising campaigns are nothing but campaigns that help in promotion of products/services by making use of promotional strategies such as hoardings, pamphlets, direct advertising et al. On one hand where multiple advertising campaigns are frequent and popular modes of advertising, SMS marketing have several advantages over them.

In this post, we are going to compare the two of them in general.

Multiple advertising campaigns     VERSUS  SMS marketing

1. Ridiculously low cost

The major benefit of Bulk SMS marketing is that it is ridiculously low in cost. This is advantageous for the business in the sense that it does not need to go the extra mile for incurring huge advertising costs that it usually spends on big hoardings, pamphlets, and other traditional methods.  

2. Mass reach

On one hand where traditional advertising is reachable to only a few people, bulk SMS marketing have this feature of being able to reach the masses. That way, a large piece of audience gets informed about the product/news in advance and it consequently helps to create awareness about the product.

3. Takes care of the timing aspect of marketing

Marketing is effective only if it is done at a right time, targeted at right set of people, otherwise people will not be interested in knowing about the product in the first place. Hence, timing aspect greatly needs to be taken care of.  On one hand where multiple advertising campaigns are forcible on the audience and do not consider the timing aspect at all, SMS marketing delivers the information at a time apt and convenient for the people.

4. Targeted marketing

Targeted marketing is one of the most useful things to be considered while marketing a product, and traditional marketing strategies seldom think of that. SMS marketing is done with the thought that not all products are for all people. Hence, it lets the marketer send messages only to its target customers which helps in delivering information to only those people who might actually be interested in purchasing the product.

5. Immediate delivery

The best part of SMS marketing is its immediate delivery feature that lets you send messages to your customers on immediate basis. There are chances that a person may or may not pay attention to the pamphlets you have distributed and the big hoardings you have put up, but people will certainly read the messages once they switch on their phones.

6. Enables two-way communication

Another good thing about SMS marketing is that it enables two-way communication by letting the customer get involved in the conversation. Traditional advertising methods are mostly one-way and impose the advertising campaign on the customer. SMS marketing on the other hand facilitates two-way communication by making use of short-code and long-code SMS service. For example: a radio channel can broadcast that the customers can request their favorite song by typing and sending their request, FM_<YOUR FAVORITE SONG> To 56767.

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