Integrate SMS, Email and Voice API in your software

Build global customer engagement products with our developer-friendly communication APIs. Send critical information, updates, and notifications to your consumers with this robust and integrated SMS API provider.


Dynamic, without any modification in code.

Send automated SMS.

Dedicated routes for promotional and transactional SMS.

Send in English, deliver in हिन्दी, ಕನ್ನಡ, française…


Best email API service for adding to the seamless omnichannel experience.

Dynamic template building.

Reporting dashboard for viewing analytics.

Reliable delivery and scale to enterprise volume.


Talk to your customers anywhere and keep track of conversations.

Code and customize your calls.

Make, manage and route calls to your phone, application or website.

Access reports to analyze and improve the calling experience with our Voice API.

Developer-Friendly APIs

From developers, for developers!

Robust, responsive, secure, scalable APIs to develop the
best-in-market product.


APIs catering users to globally over 800 networks and 190 countries.

Integrate anywhere, deliver across the world.


Automate your communication product
Enable Smart messaging into your application Build communication products that talk to your customers
Make it scalable as and when required

Build awesome

Enable smart messaging into your application to automate your product.
Build communication products that talk to your customers. Make it scalable as and when required.

Let your communication FLOW

Use One API to integrate SMS, email, voice, WhatsApp and more in your system. The platform allows you to configure your flow of communication with the help of omnichannel experience provided by One API, to ensure guaranteed and smooth delivery of the message to your customers.

For instance, say you send an email to a potential customer, and they fail to open the email. You can then follow your email with an SMS and later a push notification – this way you’ll ensure your message reaches your consumers – in an automated and seamless way.


Completes the communication. Let us tell you how?

Engineered for reliability
This integrated solution guarantees the delivery of message without manual effort.

Multi-route technology 
This solution delivers your messages anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Flow can be configured at your end!

Modify and play around your needs.

Communication API allows you to communicate
while One API guarantees it!

Flexible pricing

Simple usage-based pricing. MSG91 offers fair & flexible pricing for channels you use according to your business requirement. Check out our plans now!

0.18 /SMS
0.02 to 0.05 INR per email based on total spend in an account.

To know exact price for your account, login and click on buy.

Pre-built Templates

Helping you save time and effort, our solution even offers you pre-built templates for your communication needs. Hassle-free flow structure to communicate, just import and start using!

SMS - Voice - Email

Push Notifications - SMS

SMS - WhatsApp - Voice

5 minute setup

Unify your various communication channels using a single API. Integrate MSG91 One API to gain excellent omnichannel experience without any breaks in the flow of communication. 

Be our partner and build a plugin for everyone

Integrate SMS, Voice, Email add-ons in your software to offer effective
communication for your customers.


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One API is a single integrated API of multiple communication channel APIs developed by MSG91. One API integrates SMS API, voice API and email API to enable a consistent and uninterrupted communication between the customers and your company.

Benefits include:


Additional security of your account

Real-time content changes 

Easy to pause your campaign

Add multiple channels


  • Global communication: Available in 190 countries and in 800 plus networks, One API facilitates communication all across the globe.
  • Can be easily paused: With its robust features, any particular SMS or email campaign can be paused for a certain period of time.
  • Customizable flow: MSG91 enables you to design your own communication flow template.
  • More channels: What if you want to add voice as a backup or replace SMS with WhatsApp? It is now just a few clicks.

To integrate One API in your system, just follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your MSG91 Panel
  • Create a Flow in One API
  • Copy the Flow ID and pass it in API Documentation through Send SMS via Flow.
  • Fill the parameters to get the final API

To get detailed steps, watch the video: How to integrate One API of MSG91 for Transactional SMS


An email API is an application programming interface that allows applications to access the complete functionality of an email platform. Through email API, users can generate and send transactional emails by utilising templates, building drafts, and more.

API services in India can be easily integrated into existing workflows or platforms. MSG91 is the best email API service provider that lets you build your own template, enables immediate and scheduled email delivery, and access to the dashboard with email analytics and reports.

SMS service providers are the intermediaries between the mobile network provider and the customers. These are the companies that partner with mobile network operators which enables them to send messages using their networks.  SMS service companies also provide SMS APIs enabling businesses to send communication to a large number of subscribers or customers.

You can get an SMS API from an SMS API provider in India like MSG91 by signing up for a messaging route that will allow the sending and receiving of SMS texts from any CRM, applications, or websites by using an SMS API service provider in India like MSG91. All you have to do is visit MSG91’s website and customize your SMS API order, this can be done at really affordable prices for your business. Once the SMS API is set, you can send messages in various forms, track the status of the messages, and gain a recipient’s response without having an authentication code.

SMS can be automated in simple steps by integrating our API in your web application.

Yes, there is WhatsApp API that is a means for software developers to amalgamate the platform with various online customer touchpoints. A comprehensive WhatsApp API documentation is available for developers, this will help them generate messaging experiences that are engaging for customers and businesses.

With a seamless Voice API, developers can create a call logic that can be used on any device at any place around the world. This can be done using full VoIP functionality with only the internet as a medium. MSG91 provides a seamless Voice API that lets you customise your calls as per your requirement and helps you in routing the call to the phone, app, or website.