Use native language
so that people can act faster.

Connect in regional language where it matters. Let your customers choose the language they prefer.

Filling the communication Gap with Local Language

We allow you to choose your preferred language while
composing your message, and deliver it in your
user’s chosen language.

Your customer preferences
matter to us!

We auto-save the preferred language for your user,
to keep the record of their preferred language.

There are over 7,000 languages worldwide

and cross communication in the native languages keeps the world united.
To achieve that unmatched linguistic diversity,

We help you to connect in native languages

Create your Multilingual SMS template

  • Define your SMS Template in multiple languages.
  • You can send a multilingual SMS to profiles with different preferred languages: each profile will receive
    a variant of the SMS in his preferred language.
  • Create your own prerequisites default content using the SMS template in multiple languages.


SMS API will allow you to take your native language communication to the next level . It will automatically detect user preferences or region and send the message.

Talk to your customers in the
language they understand