Oxebox uses MSG91 for communication

A Startup is promoting Paperless Bill Receipts safeguarded by MSG91

Everyday Bills and Receipts cause a lot of Carbon Footprints

With too many bill receipts processed every day for almost everything, a huge volume of paper is used just to print these bills. To meet the requirements of the paper supply, a large number of trees are cut across the world. This has brought in the generation of a lot of Carbon Footprints.



E-bills with Oxebox secured y MSG91


With the increasing Carbon Footprints, we have started facing severe Ecological and Environmental issues like Global Warming, Extinction of Species of Flora and Fauna, Climatic changes, Depletion of Ozone Layer, Melting of the Icebergs at the Poles etc.

These issues will have a severe impact on the coming generations of humans. To stall this major destruction, and restore the ecological system of the earth, we need to start acting now!

We need to focus more on sustainable development, afforestation, practising eco-friendly measures, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and going paperless as much as possible in a bid to reduce the Carbon Footprints significantly.

One such Bangalore based startup Oxebox is working towards this noble cause.

Oxebox is ensuring Reduction in Carbon Footprints with secure e-bills using MSG91

Oxebox is working towards making billing secure and paperless to ensure a reduction in the Carbon Footprints. With the e-bills, a large volume of paper and subsequently trees used to make paper could be saved. This could play a significant role in the conservation of the environment by reducing Carbon Footprints.


Reduce Carbon Footprints


Since the billing and expenses information is crucial and has to be kept secured, Oxebox ensures that the bills could only be accessed with the registered mobile number as the login credentials using MSG91 OTP API. To safe keep your account Oxebox uses a Two-Factor Verification at the time to sign up by sending the Verification Code to the registered mobile number via MSG91 API.


Oxebox providing secure E-bills via MSG91


Apart from being secured, Oxebox helps you manage expenses and bills online with its app. which is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Just by signing up for the Oxebox app with a registered mobile number, you can safely keep your bills on the Cloud which could be accessed only by logging in with valid credentials.

On the other hand, as a retailer, using Oxebox to send e-bills and receipts could help you save the expenses on the hardware and paper used for printing bills. Oxebox also gives you the liberty to customize the bills according to the ongoing offers, events in order to enhance customer engagement along a secured channel.

Sachin Sinha, Co-founder Oxebox says “To ensure the security of the customer account by verification of the registered mobile number, MSG91 has helped us by providing robust and secure real-time APIs to auto-send Verification code as soon as the User signs up.


Oxebox uses MSG91 for communication



Also, for a customer, to handle and keep the paper bills for future reference is difficult as they often get misplaced, and eventually lost. While an e-bill generated with Oxebox is secured in the cloud and could be referred to using the mobile phone whenever required.

This way as a consumer, you can assure all your bills are secured and easily accessible in an eco-friendly manner.

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