13 tactics to use SMS communication effectively

An Overview of Messaging Technologies


The creation of the smartphone had been one of the most useful advancements in the past two decades. It has profoundly impacted the lives of people and businesses. In the early 2000s, SMS was the primary method of interaction between companies and its customers. Since the early 21st century, however, the internet has slowly penetrated into the lives of people across the world. As telecommunications technologies advanced, wireless technology saw drastic improvement. Smartphones have paved the way for the popularity of internet-based channels of communication such as instant messaging.



Since the inception of instant messaging, tech pundits have been asking the question, “Is SMS dead?”. This has been a popular topic for about five years now, and from everything that has been seen until this point, the SMS is still used extensively and will not go out for the time being.


What is Instant Messaging (IM)?

Instant messaging is an internet-based messaging service. Pictures, voice notes can be sent in addition to messages. The software must be present on both the source and destination. These are generally preferred by individuals since there is no associated cost per message.




What is Short Message Service (SMS)?

SMS, also generically called a text message is a service provided by the network. Almost every service provider currently offers SMS. The primary advantage of SMS is that it does not require an internet connection. It can be sent to any mobile phone without worrying if it will reach them since unlike IM there is no need for any special software on the phone. Also, services such as SMS gateways makes it indispensable to




What are SMS gateways?

SMS gateways allow computers to send or receive SMS transmissions. Most of these messages are finally routed into mobile phone networks. Many of these gateways also support media conversion from email and other such formats. Finding a cheap SMS gateway, which provides excellent service is tricky.


MSG91 firmly believes that no other medium can ensure the reliability and instant delivery speed of SMS. With MSG91, the SMS reaches the targeted individual with a reliability of 99%. The primary reason for such a high percentage is that it uses several different operators In case one fails, a different operator is used to transmit the SMS. Most other bulk SMS providers are not able to address the messages that were not delivered, but instead, send the remaining messages through a different provider. Due to these advancements, companies such as Intuit, Policy Bazaar, MakeMyTrip, Mahindra and many more are some of the customers of MSG91. Established only in 2010, MSG91 has quickly risen to become India’s best SMS gateway provider.


To know more about What SMS Gateways are and How do they work visit on http://msg91.com/blog/what-is-sms-gateway/ and http://msg91.com/blog/how-does-sms-gateway-work/




Other features of MSG91:

  •    They have a Send OTP service that is used for the delivery of One Time Passwords (OTPs). For any OTP that doesn’t get delivered, a phone call option is available at no extra cost, which will then allow for confirmation.
  •    Startups get 25,000 SMS free of charge for up to 6 months after they sign up.


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