Mahindra uses MSG91 for communication

Mahindra has established efficient communication across its different business lines with MSG91

Efficient communication has always played a vital role in the company operations and rapport building with the customer. Be it a startup or an established company having an efficient communication is crucial for everyone in the business. Mahindra has been following the same suit for its different business lines establishing efficient communication throughout the business cycle.

Mahindra using MSG91 APIs for establishing their communication channel


Let’s have a closer look at these business lines to understand how well they have been able to establish and maintain a seamless end-to-end communication.

Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive Division

Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive Division has been providing customer care services with its website Withyouhamesha, where they help users with their queries, service appointments and other services. To make it seamless with real-time quick responsiveness, they use SMS communication via MSG91 to keep in sync with the customers.

Through the entire business cycle, the customers are contacted on SMS making it speedy and hassle-free. MSG91 has been playing a vital role with its APIs, delivering the SMS to a large number of customers in real-time in accordance with the user actions.

Right from the beginning when the user signs up for the first time, an SMS pops up on their phone having their user credentials and account activation code, to an SMS with OTP at every login, the customer is provided with a secured sign in every time. Users receive all the updates and Service alerts on their registered mobile numbers via SMS whenever their due Service dates approach.

This way MSG91 has played a vital role in maintaining customer communication with their smart APIs, robust and secure infrastructure.

Mahindra Saboro

Mahindra Saboro is the milk unit of the Mahindra group, where they manage their customer activities efficiently with SMS. Upon the first Sign up the customer receives an OTP for the verification, making it secured.

With MSG91 APIs and real-time robust system, SMS is delivered to the customers at different events such as:

  • Once the customer makes an order, he/she receives an SMS for the Order Confirmation.
  • Upon the confirmation when the order is delivered, the customer gets notified with the Order Delivery SMS.
  • If the order is cancelled, then the customer gets notified for the Order Cancellation SMS.
  • Apart from the notifications regarding Orders, clients also receive Offers, Alerts and other information via SMS.

This way MSG91 has helped Mahindra Saboro maintain effective communication with Customers via SMS.

Smart Shift

Smart Shift which is the logistics business of the Mahindra & Mahindra Group has also used SMS to communicate with their customers.

With the help of MSG91, they are able to send the SMS to their customers which have been a part of their operations making it smooth and hassle-free.

  • As soon as the customer signs up, he gets the Verification code OTP via SMS.
  • Every time the customer makes a new shift, he receives OTP along with the billing details via SMS. This OTP has to be shared with the logistics operator, in order to start the shift.

Thus, real-time messages have made the process lot easier and seamless with robust and secure services from MSG91.

Car Chat

Car Chat the live chat car service provided by Mahindra & Mahindra Group has been using MSG91 to send OTPs via SMS at different occasions to ensure security.

Customers receive an SMS with OTP on the following events:

  • Sign Up: An OTP after the first time to ensure secure signup.
  • Number Verification: To ensure that the number registered by the user is correct an OTP is sent on the number for the verification.
  • Password Retrieval: If the user forgets the password, an OTP is sent for the verification to ensure security before allowing the retrieval of the password.

This way MSG91 is ensuring security with its secured real-time OTP messages.



Mahindra uses MSG91 for communication


The Bottom Line

This way Mahindra & Mahindra has a close association with MSG91 and had been efficiently using the MSG91 APIs for their customer communication, looking forward to further enhancing the bond.


Het Patel, Deputy Manager – Technology and Analytics says The MSG91 portal is just amazing. Seamless backend and report generation. Timely delivery of messages have increased the satisfaction of customer experience.”

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