MSG91 SMS Extension for Magento to notify users




Did you know that the websites of world’s top 10 brands including Samsung, Lenovo, Olympus, Ford and Nike are built on Magento? According to an Alexa Study report, Magento continues to be a popular e-commerce platform with 20% of all e-commerce shops online using it. If you are a leading online shopping store or want to be one, you are most likely in the same bus. This shows you want nothing less than the best shopping experience for your customers.


However, often technology or communication platform deters you. What if you could sent SMS notifications to your new, existing and potential customers right from a plugin built on your website? MSG91 – an International bulk messaging player, just created it for aggressive sellers like you. Read on to find out how:


MSG91 has recently launched a Magento Plugin that enables you send messages at all levels, at all times to your customers right from your website without switching to another tool or platform. All you need is your website and this plug-in. The newly introduced plug-in, called as MSG91 for magento is developed with the aim of notifying the users by an SMS after ordering any product. As mobile phones are the most widely used medium of communication today, and SMS delivers any critical information in the best possible way.


The purpose of MSG91 magento plug-in is to empower eCommerce players towards dazzling their customers conveniently and frequently.


How an ecommerce website can utilize this plugin?


MSG91 magento plugin will enable such businesses to improvise the client satisfaction level by informing the clients about their orders and their progress rates via SMS.


  • Say Hello! Every  time you get a new sign-up, you can give a friendly feel to the user via a simple welcome message.


  • SECURITY HACK. Naah! Well now your customer will be notified about the login information, password reset attempt etc. all on his mobile itself through SMS.


  • Let your customer surf through each and every step of the road. Inform them with each of the following steps:


  1. Order confirmation.
  2. Date and other details of the order.
  3. Invoice of the product.
  4. Shipment/order tracking details.
  5. Delivery instructions.


  • Schedule your messages and get them delivered precisely whenever you wish to.


  • Inform your customers about the availability of their most wished products. We’re sure they’ll hop in as soon as they get the alert on their mobiles.


What’s in it for an online buyer?


With this plugin, a shopper can skip the step of checking his mailbox timely to know about his online orders. It has got easier with an SMS.


  • From placing order to the final invoice of payment, an SMS for each and every step of the process.


  • Also, no need of keeping an eye on the product in the wishlist. A user will automatically be notified via an alert or notification SMS.


  • Finding log details was never so easy! Users can find information about all the logs under our logs and and custom notification log menu.


  • In fact, a user will be able to receive information in the all the situations like:


  1. Subscribing/unsubscribing a newsletter.
  2. Placing a tag for review purposes.
  3. When a coupon is added.
  4. When a product is out of stock.


All of this and much more with just one plugin… and that too FREE of cost. So what are you waiting for! Integrate MSG91 for magento and notify your customers and serve them the best.

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Let Their Wings Do The Flying with MSG91




Not everyone is gifted with a phenomenal IQ level like Einstein & not everyone has the power to explore the concept of gravity with a falling apple. But everyone can have one great thing that averages knowledge for the youth in the current scenario, EDUCATION! And along with this beautiful gift comes complimentary all the schools and institutes that are responsible enough to ignite young minds.


A great man once said, “Character improves our personality, education makes it perfect.” With the trending modernity, parents are paying best attention for the schooling of their pupils. Also, the whole system of institutes is exponentially trying to develop and race along the fastening pace of technology.


But to keep the system up to the mark, it’s mandatory to keep it all updated. Even for schools and institutions, it’s quite important to distribute the information. The flow of information needs to be perfect when one needs to transfer the word to other. Any new notice or alert, worthy of students’ knowledge needs to be communicated to them via some reliable medium. And what can be better than bulk SMS to spread the word effectively? Although there are many mediums available like social media, emails etc. for the same purpose but let’s face it, you reflect swiftly when you hear a Tingg! on your cell-phone. Even many research papers validate that 98% of the text SMSs are read compared to other mediums of communication.


Exclusively for the education industry, bulk SMS solutions find their place in all possible places. MSG91 contributes its bit towards the industry in its own unique way. Be it students, faculties or parents, each one of them can be enlightened about the slightest details of the academy without pen-paper notices. MSG91 makes sure to replace piles of bundled paperwork with an easy to use SMS. We make sure to send every detail with accuracy. And with our reliable services, everything and everyone is just an SMS away.


Immense possibilities of MSG91 bulk SMS services for the education sector include- advertising before the beginning of each session, delivering monthly progress report to parents, sending notices alerts & reminders to students/parents, job placement notice for T&P cell of colleges, sending good thought of the day to students, examination schedules updates, sending study tips regularly, sending feedbacks, complaints and much more.


Along with sending messages through our user-friendly panel, we offer different mediums like SMS sheet which can add value when you need to send messages to many people from the contact sheet on Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet. Also MSG91 app is available on Android, ios and Windows. So why wait more? Put your hand in the sack and find the usage of SMS for your institute in the best possible way.

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To all the startups out there- Now dazzle your clients with SMS For Startups offer!





We love start ups. After all, we are one too. And what better way to stay connected with world’s largest startup community than our own brand MSG91?  We practise what we sell. Team MSG91 boasts of seamless communication because we use the exact same system to exchange messages that we provide to our clients. It’s the ultimate test of the MSG91 solution. And being a startup, we have special affinity for fellow startups. Thus, in a bid to support Indian startups, MSG91 has recently launched the “MSG91 for Startups” offer.


What’s in it for us?

  • We get to contribute to the startup community and hear good things about our beloved brand MSG91.


So what are we offering?

  • We offer 10,000 transactional SMS per month for startups across India .


And what do we expect in return?

  • Just a little startup-buddy-ship. As a token of bonhomie, we’d like the startups to embed our startup-patch on their website. But that’s that.


We know what it takes to be a startup. We know the struggles and the hard work. When we started off, we were always looking for free services to cut our costs but mostly to dazzle our customers. It’s time to give back. We wish to send out the 10K free SMSs offer to empower the startups and make them realize the importance of consistent communication with their clients. We want that communication becomes your USP not a barrier. And one of the most personalized and sure-shot way to connect and dazzle your existing customers is the old school way – messaging. And boy, how you will benefit from these many SMSs. It’s just a matter of your imagination.


Check how MSG91 clients dazzle their customers through transactional SMSs :


  1. Every day is a good day: Do you remember the famous line from Winnie the Pooh? “What day is it? Today. Oh, it’s a good day.” Some of our clients see every day as an opportunity to remind their customers how important they are. They use MSG91 bulk messaging to send messages to their clients.


  1.  It’s always better to spread the word in your herd first. Our clients know that the successful strategy to grow their business is to understand it within the organisation itself. Internal communication seems to solve it all! For example- Informing about any new project inside the circle or progress rate on every possible step of growing takes place through our SMS solutions.


  1. For a business to succeed, the product needs to reach the potential buyers. Unless your business is known in the community and have communication with your customers readily available, you have to use marketing strategies to create product or service awareness. Many of our clients use SMS marketing to promote their product and services.


  1. Critical alerts play a vital role in today’s technically advancing world. Education sectors utilise our services via critical alerts by letting the guardians know the tidbits of their pupils. This way it’s easier to keep them informed about details of the reports, attendance, progress updates and everything else.


So, it doesn’t matter if your startup is stepping in marketing, education or any other field, our solutions are available for you anytime, anywhere.


We’re making an offer you couldn’t refuse. So don’t let go! Today, you’ll paste our badge on your site because we’re helping you grow and through this initiative we hope that someday we’ll have the honor of doing the same for you too.

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How a developer’s curiosity led to a stellar product called SendOTP!


A user’s convenience is at the hands of a sufficiently curious developer. Sameer Singh Rathod is one such developer who fortunately works for MSG91. He developed one of our most prized products – SendOTP. It’s a product that decreases the ‘annoyance quotient’ of users while making online payments, transactions and the likes. Here goes the story of SendOTP and its creator.  

One fine Monday morning Sameer Singh Rathore was sitting on his desk minding his own ‘development’ (pun intended). He was summoned to the conference room for chit-chat. Little did he know that an interesting proposal awaited him from no less than a huge admirer of Steve Jobs, Pushpendra Agrawal.

Pushpendra: “Can we develop something that would make the developers spend less time in scratching their heads and focus on making the end-users happy?”

Sameer: “Umm, sure!”  

In Sameer’s head, the gist of the proposal was: Use MSG91 to empower developers so they can keep the end-users happy. This thought shook Sameer to his core. There’s a simple logic to any groundbreaking invention: make the developers happy, end users would automatically reap the benefit.  After relentless study, numerous sleepless nights, Sameer finally had a solution. He went up to Pushpendra with a paper in his hand containing wireframe and prototype detail of something which could address such an issue conveniently. The product code: Eagle Eye.


Eagle Eye had some clear-cut goals:  


  • Guaranteed delivery of OTP.
  • Make the integration of 2FA (two factor authentication) easy for developers.
  • Reduce the infrastructure cost involved in the process.
  • Provide analysis of each request to the user.
  • Provide the best security to the user.


Design and its hurdles!

The designing of this project was further boosted by a fact: OTP covers almost 30% of  messaging industry. Today’s world cannot survive without an OTP (One Time Password). Can you imagine net banking, online transactions, e-commerce shopping etc. without it?  And it does hurt when you don’t receive the OTP within seconds or don’t receive it at all, right? A merely two-member team working on the product had exactly this in mind.  In five weeks, they had the beta release ready.  





The main challenge in designing of the OTP generating system was providing foolproof service to the end-user. So the team combined two application services with separate databases for each on distinct clouds, one on Amazon and other on Azure. This was a leap of sorts since it ensured that the user receives an OTP addressed to him/her in thirty seconds via other application service even if the first one goes down due to some technical or natural error. As a backup if the user did not get an OTP in 30 seconds, we’ll send him a call on the same number.


After testing the system, when this beta release was exposed to the users, it received an astounding response. This in turn, led to the exponential increase in the demand of the product. Even the existing clients of MSG91 were quite impressed by the product and hence, Eagle Eye beta was released in the market under the name


Current status of SendOTP

The main version is expected to be released in the last week of August. The major modifications in this version are anticipated to include changes in the current SMS API’s. The code of  API’s is to be shifted from PHP code to JAVA code. A very light-weight framework known as sparkjava is to be used to accomplish this change so that no or minimal delay in the processing of API’s is achieved.


SendOTP is powered by MSG91 and its messaging services are also handled by the same with the aid of distinct routes so that the delivery of messages could be guaranteed with MSG91.

Check it out here:

So next time when your OTP reaches you within a blink of your eye, MSG91 may be behind it.


For more doses of development stories, watch this space!
Stay hooked. Stay curious!

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The possibility of devices taking decisions for human beings has gained popularity as well as pace with the growing era. In olden times, when Internet wasn’t as escalated as it is today, it was much harder for people to learn, discover and find out new trends to make life easier but times changed, and so did the use of Internet. It became the strongest network present in the current world. Internet of Things (IoT), as the name suggests, revolves around the concept- all the devices (things) should be connected to each-other and at the same time they should possess the capability to communicate without human intervention. It’s considered as the NEXT BIG THING.


IoT is taking the “THINGS” to a totally different level. Even the idea of instructing machines just with the power of speech seems so enthralling. Getting smart is all that matters. From humans to machines to homes to cities, anything and everything is getting automated and modish. Dreams are turning to reality with the growing scope of IoT parallely with technology.


The field of IoT has blown the world by turning imagination into reality in the past few years. Automation is the new demand in the current markets and IoT is the biggest tool for contributing towards it. What if we could smartly adjust the temperature of our surroundings by commanding the AC or heater directly without even touching the remote control or if a person gets stuck in a lift, isn’t it better if the lift-man or authority automatically receive an SMS informing about such situation and eventually come to the rescue as soon as possible.


Growth of IoT in different sectors has been depicted as it is being used in various fields. Critical alerts can be sent in real time. For instance, if a situation of fire takes place in a building, using IoT, an automated alert can be sent to higher authority and preventive measures can be taken for it accordingly. Gadgets like mobile phones play a vital role in utilising the capabilities of IoT as the number of cell phone users has exceedingly increased in the last decade. A simple SMS can prove to be the most efficient manner of communicating a message to the masses. In the field of automobile, one can calculate average, consumption of fuel and accordingly find out the best possible conditions for a vehicle to last long. Also, road assistance facilities can be facilitated with the growing scope of IoT. If an accident happens, an alert can be sent  the manufacturer who in turn will send it to the dealer who can directly send the GPS location to the operator itself avoiding the time delay in taking proper measures.


Many other fields are being analyzed to explore the scope of IoT further because in the end only the best things can survive. After going over the current and past of Internet of things, it won’t be a surprise to consider the future to be more advanced, developed and extraordinary.

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MSG91 initiates dialogue on IoT in an enriching conclave



What could one possibly expect at a gathering intended to discuss a technical topic? Nerds, lectures and long lost attention! But MSG91 succeeded in drawing sufficient interest from the who’s who of leading sectors in an enriching session on the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) on Saturday at the Radisson Blu hotel .


MSG91 Marketing Team led by Piyush Sharma initiated an education revolution of sorts on the future of technology known as IoT. As part of this campaign, the first conclave saw leaders of sectors like manufacturing, media, education, health, logistics, eCommerce, retail etc participating actively in a knowledge-enhancing session.


The warm-up


The evening began with a warm-up about the Internet of Things through fun questions thrown at the audience. MSG91 anchor Mukti Masih asked the audience to share either a childhood fantasy that came true through technology or answer a hypothetical question. In response to a question, an eminent entrepreneur shared that if he had a remote control, he would love to monitor his kid. While sharing about a childhood fantasy, educationist Sumit Maru said that his dream of knowing places beforehand had come true through several travel applications and aggregators.


IoT expert Narendra Saini dazzles the audience


Mr. Narendra K Saini, a widely known name in the IoT/M2M sector, began the session with a two- minute silence for late Dr. APJ Kalam. Through simple examples from day-to-day life, Saini enlightened the audience with useful information about IoT. He grabbed the attention of the crowd by demonstrating how IoT could benefit several sectors and make them more efficient. However, the session became all the more interesting when Saini started handling queries from several entrepreneurs one by one. He concluded with saying that the world would be a much better place if all the ideas combined and found one answer.

Followed by this session, MSG91’s Founder and CEO of Walkover Technologies, Pushpendra Agrawal shared an interesting story about the necessity of text messaging in the world of IoT.


Comedian Angad Singh surprises


Serious discussions shifted to loud giggles when upcoming Stand-up Comedian Angad Singh Ranyal climbed up the stage. Known as Pirated Sardar among the comedy circles, Angad touched interesting aspects of Indians in a humourous way. His newfangled jokes made the throng go wild with guffaw. Relationships, Punjabi women, typicalities of Indian communities were some of the acts that made the people hold their bellies tight. A light-hearted session of fun-picked jokes made the evening even more mesmerising.


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A small act of branding is a joy forever!




MSG91’s Graphic Designer, Rahul Sharma loves his work. But that didn’t prevent him from enjoying a prolonged vacation that he recently got at his hometown, Seoni.  Seoni is a remote district hidden away in Central India. So turned out Rahul’s enjoyment at this quiet place had a slight twist. His house was being painted at the time. He soon found solace in observing the various shades being painted on the walls. However, even this was short-lived for his mother sent him off soon on a call of duty. The “call” is mostly a long list of things to pick along the way. And no man in India will have the audacity to defy the orders of a woman.


So our protagonist Rahul got on his bike like a dutiful soldier along with Sergeant Dad at the pillion, and off they went. After collecting various things on the way, they arrived at the last stop – Bharat Paint Shop. Rahul’s eyes soon found colours spread all around and finally rested on the shopkeeper and his son. He sensed something peculiar. Both looked slightly at odds with Rahul. He cross-checked his appearance, creased the front layer of his hair and after some self-assurance shot a friendly smile at the duo. Much to his delight, they smiled back.


Rahul decided to break the ice and approached the shop owner directly. The shop owner returned the favour and invited him over to his cabin. They exchanged a few formal greetings and after a while he asked Rahul,“Where did you buy this t-shirt from?”
Rahul was taken aback by this unexpected query. He explained that he hadn’t bought it but his company had given him the tee. The shop owner asked, “Oh! So do you work for MSG91?”


Rahul nodded in positive. The shop owner informed that he was one of the clients of MSG91 and that is why he had got so excited to see MSG91 logo on Rahul’s tee. By now, Sergeant Dad had joined the conversation and the three of them got along and had a good long discussion about MSG91.

Rahul told him that he was a Graphics Designer at Walkover which owns MSG91 – one of the company’s best performing products. Following this discussion, Rahul came to know that many of the shop owner’s business connections were using MSG91 services and they were extremely happy with the support that MSG91 offered. It was a moment of pride for Rahul because he never thought that people from small towns like Seoni knew the brand MSG91 so well. In the course of this impromptu discussion, both the parties exchanged more stories, anecdotes and contact details.


While returning home, Rahul felt goosebumps when he thought about the impact of the brand he is part of. He realised that his entity had a purpose for both MSG91 and Walkover Technologies. He came back doubly motivated to work harder for a brand that is clearly touching lives. “Someday we will have the power to serve the whole world” he told himself.

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Good news for our direct white-label SMS resellership

All our direct resellers have shown immense faith in us over all these years. Their faith have been one prominent reason why we have grown so fast in last few years. So, as a token of accolade for their trust, we are closing direct reseller-ship. This will limit the amount of competition that they currently face.


We are closing direct-reseller program to let our existing resellers gain ground. Let’s say, it’s our gift for them for showing so much faith over all these years. All our existing resellers will always remain our direct partner to provide bulk SMS service through this panel.

And for all other interested parties, last week of January will be the last time to become our direct white-label reseller. This might be the last chance for them to enjoy completely white label services.



What ‘not-our-resellers’ will miss

Those who are not our reseller are already missing out on heaps of useful features. That too white label – your brand name, our services!

To make picture clear, here’s an example – If someone has domain, then, our ready-to-use website template allows them to instantly start to resell or use our SMS. This too, white label. This followed by white label panel to make management of endless users easy. We also provide white label support. Your clients will never know that our support team is solving their problem on your behalf.



Making the panel better than ever

We are making changes to the design of our panel as well. What we are trying is to bring maximum ‘doability’ in minimum clicks.

The panel is going to get revamped. And in coming times, add-ons will be released to bring even more easiness. We’re working to make APIs better. Also, users will be able to send SMS directly from excel and google sheet using our excel plugins and spreadsheet add-on. The panel will now be more colourful. We are really working hard in technology part as well.





Why and how we started

We started our reseller program in 2010 and are ever since growing. We are, today, the fastest growing network of SMS resellers! Initially, our only vision was to provide even better services. We still believe that local vendors understand the supply chain better. And anyways, more the vendors, better the management. Better the management, even better the services.



The end

We are proud that our services got better after we started our reseller program. But, everything that comes into existence has to cease existing. That’s why we are bound to limit direct reseller-ship so that our direct resellers may enjoy lesser competition in higher level of the reseller chain. Because, in the end, what makes us happy is seeing our clients happy.

Keep messaging.

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How to get white label SMS solutions from MSG91

This post is aimed at helping you how to point our IP to your domain. So that you can provide flawless messaging services under your brand name. The basic requirement is that you should have a domain. If you have one, please follow these steps:

  • Open cPanel
  • Log into your cPanel


cPanel Login
cPanel Login



  • Create a sub domain


Select sub domain option
Select sub domain option



  • Give desired name to the sub-domain (subject to availability.)


Name sub domain
Name sub domain



  • Open advanced DNS settings


Advanced DNS setting
Advanced DNS setting



  • Select A record


A label
A label



  • Point our IP to your domain. Our IPs are : & You can point any one from these IPs.
  • Put TTC 144 and Save.


  • Open Msg91 panel
  • If you are not a reseller, then click on ‘make me reseller’ option and wait for approval.


Make me reseller



  • Go to manage website option


Manage website
Manage website



  • Enter company name and domain name.

*Domain name is the sub domain you have created just now.

**Domain name should be the one you want our IP to point to.


Point domain
Point domain



  • Click on ‘Add new website’ .
  • Done.

It generally takes upto 6 hours for DNS to resolve. Please wait for six hours and after that our IP will point to your sub domain and you will be able to provide our services from your domain, under your brand name.


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How to Integrate MSG91 SMS APIs in Busy Accounting Software

We understand that it must be a tedious task when you have to integrate SMS APIs all by yourself. We don’t want you to be worried about integrating APIs anymore. This post here is the step-by-step guide of how you can integrate our SMS APIs with ‘Busy’ software. All you have to do is follow these steps:


  • Create an account with MSG91 and login
  • Click on ‘API’  in the bottom-left corner of the panel and ‘Generate’ the authkey then copy this authkey




  • Open ‘Busy’
  • Now, click on configure or press ‘F




  • A new window ‘Configuration Type’ will open up
  • Select the ‘SMS Configuration’ option and click OK




  •  A window for configuration of SMS will open
  •  Click on ‘Add New Format’. Give the desired name and click ‘Save





  • Now paste the sample API that you have copied from




  • Set the parameters – SenderID, Mobile number, Message, Authkey and Route



Api Config



  • Now click on ‘Save‘ and our API is integrated with this software. You are now all set to send SMS through our platform.


We hope that you will now be able to integrate our SMS APIs in your software easily. But if you still need help with the integration of our SMS APIs, feel free to contact us. We will be more than assist to help you.




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