SMS Marketing For Businesses In The Times Of Automation And Digital Noise

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Why Businesses Text?

The number of times I see a text and wonder why it was sent to me – maybe 1 in 50.

This peace of mind – and uncluttered inbox, I attribute to the DND facilityOnly those brands reach me, that have my consent.

This fact itself makes texting one of the most feasible communication channels for brands. The user has the device on a person at almost all times, and 90% texts are read within 3 minutes of delivery


In the times of all the digital noise, here are 3 interesting examples of how SMS marketing for business is unlocking powerful opportunities for brands on a never-seen-before scale.

#1 Ford: Send us a Text

Send an SMS to Ford

Ford asked people to text the word ‘FORD’ to them to promote and get more information on the release of their new Escape and Taurus models. These prospective customers were then asked in a return text for the type of vehicle they were inquiring about, their name, and zip code. Later, a local Ford dealer would follow up.

It resulted in a 15.4% conversion rate for dealers representing millions in sales.


#2 RedBox: Ten Days of Deals

10 days of SMS deals

A 10-day long SMS marketing campaign required customers to send a text with the word ‘DEALS’ to 727272. In return, when customers placed their next DVD rental order with RedBox they got the chance to win discounts of between 10 cents and $1.50.

During the 10 day promotion, RedBox acquired 200,000 new “Text Club” subscribers and saw 1.5 million text messages.


#3 National Wholesale Liquidators: Mobile Coupon Campaign


SMS coupon campaign

A 12 store retailer, National Wholesale Liquidators created an SMS campaign idea to build up its email and text database advertising the campaign online, in-store and via print ads. The opt-in users were given a coupon worth between $5 and $25.

The SMS marketing campaign gave the company 50,000 new email contacts and saw that campaign participant spent a surprising 80% more than their typical customer.

Attentive SMS Marketing For Business

With undeniable benefits, texting boasts of greater immediacy and attention than any other platform. It has an advantage over many other mediums – it has created multiple ways to uproot spam and is effectively doing so – better than any other communication channel.

How users interact with SMS for business supports our claims

  • The open-rate for SMS is 98% while for email it is around 25% and push notification is around 3.10%.
  • The response rate for SMS is 3 seconds while for push notification that requires app installation ranges between 7-48 minutes.
  • Click-through rate for SMS is 36% while for email it is 3.4% and push notification is 1.18%.

As you chalk your business marketing strategy with the best SMS marketing platform, you’d see that no medium is as reliable and receptive, and when combined with other communication channels of email, push notification, voice, it simply adds to the result.


Is your SMS marketing for business combating noise?

SMS for business, a marketing tool considered very effective by 65% of marketers, to add fuel to your SMS campaign ideas, consider these 7 best practices.

1. Get User Consent

Text marketing isn’t called permission-based marketing for no reason. You can only send a business SMS to someone who has granted you permission to do so making it critical to the success of your SMS campaign.

2. A Unique Sender ID

6 alphabetic characters for Transactional and an operator-fixed 6 numeric character for Promotional SMS, sender ID represents the brand/company that distinguishes your SMS from million other businesses.

3. Integrate With Your Automation Logic

Integrate triggers for SMS in your product. Businesses are using tools like Zapier to integrate MSG91 into their product’s flow. The more relevant and timely your texts, the more effective they are.

4. Conversation In Real-Time

While making a personal connection with a customer you need to give them the opportunity to connect with you in real-time. Keep them engaged by automated follow-up text messages.

5. Concise And Compliant

Be clever with the content by keeping it concise with a clear call to action. Also, offer them an easy opt-out option.

6. Measure The Performance

A direct, measurable and trackable channel, text marketing for business allows you to analyze which SMS campaigns ideas are working and if they aren’t, then why.

7. Glocal Services

The best SMS marketing platform carries a global appeal to it with extensive carriers but delivers your message to your audience at their suited local time.


SMS has become the best marketing platform that is rapidly evolving with the changing preferences of the customers allowing you to have an engaging conversation with the right audience at the right time. The use of SMS for business is definitely on the rise and there are good reasons for it.

It’s time you get started with your SMS campaign ideas.


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5 Communication Lessons Companies Can Learn From Amazon

The space between the consumers and enterprises is rapidly shrinking, and to be one of the successful companies you need to learn a thing or two from the leaders.

Amazon’s emergence as one of the world’s most successful companies is generally attributed to it being incredibly visionary and extraordinarily customer-centric. While it is undoubtedly praiseworthy, there are many more factors that contribute to the success of Amazon, say for their communication.


Here are 5 communication lessons companies can learn from Amazon –


  • The Art And Science Of Writing


Writing something is more challenging than talking about it and at Amazon they have to follow a set of writing rules. Strategies they plan or agenda to be discussed are written making the purpose of it clear. They follow the thumb rule of –

Think > Analyze > Anticipate

The lesson from Amazon –

  • Be specific about what you want to convey
  • Skip the additional adverbs
  • Stick to data
  • Also, keep it crisp, clear and concise


What you can do –

Start writing your thoughts, plans, ideas and iterate. By penning down your thoughts you have a better chance of formulating them into a workable idea. Also, you get a fair idea of what you wish to convey.


Takeaway – Precise message leads to clear communication that leads to understanding resulting in saving on resources and enhanced decision making.


  1.  Don’t Just Listen, Understand

Thousands of managers each year at Amazon have to attend two-day call center training, a doctrine borrowed by the U.S. Marines.

Listen > Understand

The philosophy at Amazon is not only about listening but also about understanding the customer and no one does it better than Amazon.


What you can do –

Train your employees to be a better communicator and an even better listener, they need to know that they are here for the customer.


Takeaway – It’s easy to listen, but it is understanding the need of the customer to successfully better the organization.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid To – Apologize

Apologizing is an open surrender telling the world you screwed up, however, a heartfelt apology represents that your organization really cares and Amazon understands if something goes wrong it needs to be amended.

A quick dry and inhuman press release of an apology made the situation worse but what turned customers around was the informal and sincere apology from the CEO, Jeff Bezos.


What you can do –

Mishaps are a part of life and if such a thing ever happens, acknowledge and apologize with true intent.


Takeaway – Be true to your customers.


  1. Things That Won’t Change

“I very frequently get the question: ‘what’s going to change in the next 10 years?’ And that is a very interesting question; it’s a very common one. I almost never get the question: ‘what’s not going to change in the next 10 years?’ And I submit to you that that second question is actually the more important of the two – because you can build a business strategy around the things that are stable in time….in our retail business, we know that customers want low prices and I know that’s going to be true 10 years from now. They want fast delivery, they want vast selection. It’s impossible to imagine a future 10 years from now where a customer comes up and says, ‘Jeff I love Amazon, I just wish the prices were a little higher [or] I love Amazon, I just wish you’d deliver a little more slowly.’ Impossible [to imagine that future].And so the effort we put into those things, spinning those things up, we know the energy we put into it today will still be paying off dividends for our customers 10 years from now. When you have something that you know is true, even over the long-term, you can afford to put a lot of energy into it.”

This is what Amazon is working on – lowering prices, faster delivery, adding new products, communicating effectively.


What you can do –

Plan your strategy on things that won’t change even in the coming 10 years.

As we are talking communication here so let’s take an example of a communication medium, SMS. It has been in use since 1993, more than 25 years now and with time it has become the most powerful communication medium.

Takeaway – Putting your energies into something that customers will still care about in 10 years. If not, start working on things that will matter 10 years from now.


  1. The Details Are In The Data

Amazon is the data-driven company. They don’t leave anything to chance, especially their customer communication. They analyze it with scientific discipline and an action plan is implemented based on the data.


What you can do –

Establish smart metrics > Use analysis in an active way > Automate

It enhances the efficient implementation of business decisions. Also, forces any employee to stop being complacent about their ideas or performances.


Takeaway – Analyze the resources you spend on communicating and does it result in tangible actions that drive results?


There’s no immediate action needed to be taken from these lessons from Amazon, a positive change in your outlook at your customer and internal communication will lead to the required actions. Take this as an opportunity to learn from the man himself who’s focused – only on the customer; we surely do 🙂


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The Pivotal Role Of SMS Marketing In The Fashion Industry

Marketing is a tricky business, all the more for industries that are ever-changing, like fashion. With trends changing faster than the seasons, the fashion industry is fickle and to handle the pressure, it requires a marketing channel that is fast, efficient and personal.

Customer loyalty is immensely important in the fashion industry. The big players in the market recognize this fact and utilize marketing channels which instantly grabs the attention of the customers – SMS. Everyone is on mobile and so should be the marketing.


Text messages play a huge role in any strategic marketing plan as SMS campaigns are one of the valuable ways of

  • Increasing business traffic
  • Growth in sales
  • Customer loyalty

With a 98% open-rate, SMS is the most powerful medium of communication and it is this medium that allows fashion industry to reach their customers at every level.


Your Own Database

It is the first and foremost step towards effective marketing. SMS campaigns directed towards your opted-in potential customers are any day more effective than sending SMS to people whose data you have bought.

Finding dedicated customers is the easiest in the fashion industry as customers do sign up and register for loyalty or discount programs leaving their personal data with you – their name and contact details.

Points to remember

  • Get your customer consent for marketing purposes
  • Obey the personal data processing rules


On-The-Go Shoppers

Mobile is the go-to device for consumers researching a brand, an outlet or even shopping and an SMS plays an important role for these on-the-go and off-the-cuff impulse purchases.

On-the-go shopping is just like SMS marketing, fast-paced and instantaneous. SMS here further allows marketers to provide an omnichannel customer experience. And since consumer decisions are spontaneous, they are more likely to open a well-timed SMS offering discounts or notifying the customer about new products.


Improved Ordering Experience

While online shopping is exciting, people still feel unsure whether their purchase will arrive on time or if at all. It is at such times that SMS adds a level of positivity to the customer experiences.

Confirmation messages and delivery update when the purchase is made, on the way and delivered can help cement your brand in the customers’ minds helping them overcome and solving their related concerns.


Personalized Messages

Every customer likes to be treated in an individual and priviledged way and since modern marketing is based on personalization it again adds to the experience.

Segmenting and targeting audiences allows marketers to send personalized messages but it might not be enough in the fashion industry as it is more about personal style.


Hi Kate,

We are excited to have included your favourite brand XYZ in our list! Get 20% off on all XYZ products this entire month.



We now stock products from XYZ. Get 20% off on XYZ products this entire month.

What do you think, which SMS would make a lasting impression on the customer?


Secured Payment Gateways

Shopping is exciting, but if the payment procedure is not secured, not many customers would be back.

Verify the customer and secure your payment procedure via two-factor authentication that offers security and peace of mind to the customer.


Time And Localization

Agreed, trends change fast and yes, it is your customer that gave you the consent to receive your SMS updates but that does not mean they want to receive it all the time.

Nobody likes to receive too many promotional messages. Avoid over sending and also segment the user base based on their locations if you operate from offline stores.


Regional Touch

Customers prefer to do business in their own language from both, a cultural and a linguistic point of view.

Not every fashion brand will have a use for regional SMS, especially if they’re targeting a homogenous user base. But brands that are looking to establish themselves locally can provide their customers with a clearer, more useful messaging experience.


Stay Connected

A relevant SMS is what allows your brand to stay connected with your customers.

Providing consumers with a connection via SMS encourages brand loyalty and return customers plus is a great way to improve customer experience.


Customer Retention

Customers want businesses to connect with them in a personalized way, more so in the fashion industry. By sending messages at the right time, your once-off customers could become your return customers.

Coupons, vouchers, offers, loyalty schemes and tailored promotions via SMS are all ideal ways to retain your customers. It shows that you haven’t forgotten about them after they made their first purchase with you.


Hi Mary, use this text code to avail 15% off on your next purchase. Applies to new & sale items. Exp 30/9.


Seller Alert

Sending shipping notifications and purchase confirmations are beneficial to customers but what about the sellers? For them to act instantly upon received order or delivery big industry players offer their sellers an SMS service alert.

To alert sellers about incoming orders big fashion brands send text messages with information regarding the list of unshipped orders and details of a selected order enabling the seller to dispatch their orders in a timely fashion.


Order Tracking

Customers can choose to opt-in for receiving tracking information via text message.

Buyers can be saved from constantly checking the delivery room or their mailboxes by updating them with an SMS with the tracking link of their order.


Custom Notifications

Customers are only interested in their orders and wishlist and through a custom text message you can let them know about their products.


Mr. Kim, Your boots are repaired and available for pickup anytime between 12-6 PM. Thanks for choosing us!


An SMS campaign can be a game changer for a fashion house that wants to boost sales. To make an SMS campaign for your fashion house highly likely to reach your targeted audience and succeed:

  • Tailor your SMS to make them even more enticing and this can be done by using the data collected.
  • Increase app downloads and site traffic by providing a shortened URL in your SMS directing customers to the specific page.
  • Keep them short and to the point, resonating with audiences that aren’t interested in wading through the promotional material to reach the end link or promo code.
  • Rather than having customers navigate your website to find out about the sale, send them an SMS with details and a link to the right page.
  • Sending a thank you message when someone has signed up to your mailing list can also create a strong relationship with new customers.
  • A well-timed message is more likely to convert a potential consumer to a customer.
  • Messages are opened instantly means that you’ll have a better chance of garnering conversions and leads.


Thanks to the high open rate and low barrier to the communication of SMS, the possibilities continue to grow for the fashion industry to creatively use this powerful communication platform for exceptional customer service and beyond.

These are some of our insights into SMS marketing for the fashion industry. But we are curious to know what role text messaging is playing in your marketing campaign.


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SMS Lead-Tech: Transforming FinTech

A crowded and rapidly evolving sector, targeting the most relevant customers in the FinTech industry needs deep-level understanding and expertise.

The Financial Service Industry scene in India is red hot with many FinTech startups setting up, also the shift towards a cashless economy and changing user behaviour has a lot to do with it. Although the needed thrust is there, FinTech startups are still finding it hard to reach out to leads, converting them being even tougher.


The biggest challenge faced by the FinTech industry today is harnessing the lead.


Market – Generate Lead – Convert Lead – Customer – Serve & Engage – Long-Term Customer


The process remains the same, but it is easier said than done!


FinTech companies come from diverse areas, from small-time lending to wealth management, from consumer lending to asset management, from trading to payments and so many more areas.


Every company has their own set of marketing and outreach campaign and they aren’t necessarily based on customer segmentation via geographic, linguistic, or behaviour patterns. Besides each company has its own customer acquisition cost and not many have the tools and system to measure and manage the campaigns.


Integrated marketing solution is the need of the industry and so is adapting to the ever-evolving market!


Cold marketing is a thing of the past. Without a specific audience in mind, you are just firing without any aim. Quantifiable leads come from consumers who are already searching for a service. Addressing consumers with solutions, who don’t necessarily know what exactly they are looking for, can lead to a higher conversion rate.


Know your customer and understand what mediums your customers prefer!

Are they attracted by implicit marketing where you offer them tailor-made services?

For example, a visitor on your website wants to download a whitepaper and enters their phone number. Since the prospect has shared their phone number it implies they might be interested in your product or services and then you can send them personalized texts asking about their choices and then offering them customized services.

Or is it explicit marketing tactics that attract your prospects where you offer them free consultations when they sign up with your services?


Hi Alex. We thought you might like to know that you currently qualify for a home equity line of credit up to Rs 1,25,000. Contact us at XXXXXXXXXX if you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity.


Targeting consumers by better understanding in order to convert them requires the right tools and channels. Also, it needs to be understood that while addressing the generation of leads it is also important to ensure that no leads are dropped and to make it possible an omnichannel system needs to be adopted that reaches out to the consumer at all the needed touch points.


And how is that possible?

Automated SMS marketing gives FinTech lenders the ability to optimize customer acquisition along with taking on other challenges. This includes conquering 2 main obstacles

  • Become more efficient through automation
  • Delivering a superior customer experience


Coming back to the major challenge of customer outreach

Attract – Converting strangers to site visitors

Consumers might find you through a variety of means, fuelled by your SEO efforts, social media strategy, SMS content offers, PPC, and more.

Convert – Anonymous visitors start to become identifiable leads

Dedicated website landing pages, clear calls to action via SMS and email, contact forms help them register interest in what you have to offer.

Close – The conversion gradually becomes a service user

It can be managed through SMS workflows as it will nurture, educate, and demonstrate what your product or service can do for the user.

Delight – The funnel doesn’t stop when the sale is secured

By encouraging repeat business through relevant conversations and content via SMS, now is when you convince your customers to become your promoters and regular customers.


Put marketing automation to work

In the financial sector, even the best marketing channels can be difficult to identify without the use of tools that keeps track of traffic and marketing activities. That’s why 49% of companies are now using marketing automation to assist with repetitive marketing tasks such as SMS, social media and managing leads.

  • Save time – Create a whole month’s worth of messages and schedule them
  • Tailor to the size of your business – Send SMS campaigns accordingly
  • Leverage data – Analyze the result of campaigns and make adjustments
  • Track ROI – View the engagement levels and compare them with the efforts you put in


Here’s how our FinTech clients use the most powerful medium of communication to reach out to their existing and potential customers.

Two-Factor Authentication

With cyber crimes occurring at record levels, financial firms can’t afford to have their customers’ data compromised. That’s why many are using SMS-based OTP to strengthen account security.


Mobile Payment Integration

FinTech companies need a fast, safe and simple integration for mobile payments and it is via two-factor authentication (2FA) that they provide authentication solutions for mobile, online and in-app transactions.


Payment Reminders

Many customers are worried about financial missteps but aren’t necessarily proactive enough to handle it well. Financial firms are addressing this pain point by sending out payment reminders to customers via SMS.


Hello Raghav, Your mortgage payment of Rs 9,999 is due tomorrow. Please log in to your account to confirm the payment or contact us at XXXXXXXXXX if you have any issues.


Real-Time Communication

83% of text messages are opened within 90 seconds. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, and 98% are read within 10 minutes; clearly, SMS are getting through to these users.


Hi Keval! We haven’t seen you for a while. If you need help getting started or have any additional questions feel free to get in touch with our customer service via XXXXXXXXX.



FinTech firms are using SMS to enhance their marketing efforts as occasional messages can lead to higher sales and more customer engagement.


Automate to distinguish information from the noise!

Innovative FinTech firms are leading the way to transform the FinTech industry. Take a cue from how they are using automation by understanding the sensitivity of communication in these times of noise. How providing relevant content at relevant times through relevant mediums helps convert leads to customers and further on using those mediums to turn a one-time customer into a lifetime customer.


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Long Code Service: Everything You Wanted To Know

A reception mechanism used by businesses to receive text messages and voice calls, the long code also known as a virtual mobile number, unlike short codes which are generally shared, enable businesses to have a dedicated number.


Let’s begin from the top – Long Code Service

What is a Long Code?

Simply put, it is a 10 digit phone number used for communication between two or more individuals.


Where can Long Codes be used?

  • Two-way communication
  • Gathering customer information
  • Providing targeted, relevant content
  • Appointment, reminders and confirmation
  • Alert notifications
  • Troubleshooting product or service problems


Advantages of Long Code

With a minimal setup time, with a long code, you can send SMS and even make calls from the same number making it easy for your customers to reach out to you via a single contact point. Making it a single channel for communication, be it SMS, voice call, fax, long codes allow businesses and customers to have personalized and seamless two-way conversations.


  • Long codes are less expensive and quicker to set up
  • Popular keywords are always available for long codes
  • Better for 2-way communication, allowing end users to reply to the message received
  • Long codes can be setup to match an existing phone number


Disadvantages of Long Code

They take a little longer than short codes to enter into your phone and also are hard to remember. Also, the content is limited only to SMS and you cannot send high volumes of text messages at once.


Who can use Long Code Services?

Globally accessible and affordable, an end user can send a message to a virtual mobile number at normal SMS charges.

They are a perfect fit for enterprises who don’t want their target customers or employees to pay extra and use it for closed group information system like existing customers, employees, vendors, dealers, salesforce, service engineers, etc. who can regularly use the two-way SMS application to fetch or provide the desired information.

Typically, a long code is used by courier companies, banks, airlines and other service sectors for customer service related communication. Here are a few use cases –


  • A courier company could use a long code to inform a customer that their package is out for delivery.
Hi Bharat,

Your order is out for delivery and will reach you before 7 PM tonight.

  • A bank could text clients their account balance every month.
Hi Kathie,

You have Rs. 20,000 in your Bank of India account no. xxxxxxxxxxxx as on August 1 2018.

  • An airline can reply to a passenger’s seat preference request.
Hi Sameer,

As per your request, you have been allotted seat number 12 C on flight IN476 from Mumbai to Delhi for tomorrow.

Besides, long code services are also used for recharge application, collecting feedback from the customers, information-on-demand, etc.


Classified into two different services

  • Shared long code
  • Dedicated long code
 Dedicated Long Code Shared Long Code
 Number of your choice  Default number
 Unlimited keywords  Per keyword
 Local number available  Default number available
 Dedicated resources  Shared resources
 Complete traffic forwarding   Keyword-based forwarding 


A shared long code is the common number for a group of people.

It works with a unique keyword assigned to the long code number and when you or your customers sends an SMS to this number they will receive an automatic reply that has been set by you. Also, by enabling URL forwarding the information can be fetched from your database.


For example, your keyword is SHOW on 922922442

When your customer sends the SMS with the unique keyword, the message, phone number, sent time can be tracked and the details can be stored in the customer database.


For MSG91 the shared long code is 9229224424. Using this number will be free of cost and you will be charged only for the incoming SMS. Incoming SMS is differentiated by keyword, and hence your keyword must be unique.


A dedicated long code will be 10 digits mobile number of your choice.

There is a one-time setup cost for the new mobile number. The keyword can be of your choice as the incoming SMS are differentiated by the mobile number in this case.

It works in a better way as you have a dedicated number of your choice with extended features.


Few applications of long code services include:

  • Multiple account management
  • Polls, promotions and surveys
  • Voting
  • Two-way communication
  • SMS-to-email applications
  • Chat services
  • Customer service communication
  • Conducting promotional campaign
  • Person-to-person communication


Long codes – Better for users, better for businesses



They look like any other text the recipient might receive. The long code gives businesses an opportunity to present a personal face instead of an anonymous brand.

Hi Anish,

This is Amy from the Beauty Destination. Just wanted to remind you of your appointment for 2 PM tomorrow.



Enabling two-way conversations, recipients feel connected and engaged and not advertised or announced at.

Right! Does your salon has a parking space?



They can be functioning phone lines so your customers can reach back out on other channels in one seamless interaction.

Yes, there’s an attached parking lot. You can call on this number if you have any trouble finding the entrance.



They don’t just disseminate information but are a channel for value-added interactions based on your customers’ preferences.

Great, thanks!


With higher deliverability rates and lower cost, a long code can be the perfect fit for your business.


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Text-To-Speech: What, When, Where?

Making the web a more accessible place for people who are unable to read text on a screen, the text-to-speech is the generation of synthesized speech from text.


Voice solutions are becoming more common with each passing day as everything from websites, apps, digital books, docs and more can have their own voice now. The computer-generated speech is drastically being used as elements of user interfaces allowing people to obtain and process information without having to focus on a screen for the same.


Benefits of Text-To-Voice


Providing an option for content consumption on the go, taking content away from the screen and into an environment that’s convenient for the consumer, text to speech can be a very useful tool.

Offering many benefits for content owners and publishers, text-to-speech feature increases the accessibility of online content for people with visual impairments or reading difficulties. Also, text-to-speech facilitates access for a larger percentage of the online population including those whose native language is different from the language of a particular website or mobile app.



Text-to-speech provides access to people who are unable to read due to literacy challenges or impairment by offering them an alternative way to receive information or updates.


Make learning fun by applying text-to-speech to online materials that further facilitates e-learning in the fields of comprehension, vocabulary, motivation and even in building confidence.


Any digital content can be turned into a multimedia experience with text-to-speech solutions that people can listen to while on the go or even when multitasking.


Enabling easier management of turnarounds and priorities, text-to-speech can work hand-in-hand with a workflow management system.


Ease of communication offering flexibility to work from any place by simplifying and streamlining content.


Implementing text-to-speech solutions in any area is fast and inexpensive, thanks to cloud computing.


Giving Voice to Industries



Receive information quickly and efficiently!

  • ATM – A step-by-step audio guidance to withdraw money, deposit cheque or check the balance.
  • Weather Notification – Stay informed on day-to-day weather updates via a mobile app.
  • Audio Kiosk – A necessity for the general public to access information at places with heavy foot traffic, text-to-speech lets you change and update information as and when needed.
  • Prescription Label – For the elderly and visually impaired, simplify medication process using text-to-speech.



Turn your written content into audio!

  • Audio Books/Articles/News – Listen to your favourite books, articles or even News updates anytime.
  • Websites – By speech-enabling your website you can increase accessibility for all users.
  • Mobile Apps – Listen to it all; texts, social media feeds, articles, news…
  • Training Module – Create audio training modules for your users.



Informational as well as fun!

  • Language – Brush up on your language skills or take up a new language.
  • Edutainment – Combine learning with entertainment with audio inputs.
  • Company Orientation – Get to know the company and its working.
  • Training Simulation – Step-by-step audio instructions enabling users to follow along.



Delight your audience!

  • Game Content – With audio-driven storytelling assist players with voice prompt hints and more.
  • Home Automation – Connect your house with smart products that could update you with time, weather and more.
  • Smart TV – Let your TV read it all out; News, reports, weather notifications, movie descriptions and more.
  • Toys – Children can learn faster when they interact with voice embedded learning toys.



Stay on top of your finances!

  • Mobile Finance – Access all your accounts on-the-go.
  • Telebanking – Access your financial information with your banks’ automated system.
  • Credit Collection Calls – Personalize and schedule call notifications ahead of collections.
  • Stock market Notifications – Listen to the quick overview of how the market and your account performed.



Stay healthy with a voice-guided assistant!

  • Appointment Reminders – Personalize and schedule outbound call notifications for appointment reminders.
  • Electronic Prescribing – Streamline prescription processing at the pharmacy.
  • Health Monitors – Choose a healthy lifestyle with voice feedbacks on blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate and more.
  • Personal Assistant Apps – Switch to routine voice notifications encouraging a healthy lifestyle.



Give your customers the quickest answers!

  • IVR System – Enable multiple voices running to handle call spikes and deliver the highest quality customer service.
  • Call Centers – Redirect customers to the appropriate department that could handle their request.
  • Outbound Call Notifications – Generate outbound notifications for all occasions.
  • Communication Applications – Enhance the quality of interactive call centre and support communication applications.



Provide passengers with all the essential information!

  • Announcement System – Keep passengers and commuters informed with real-time voice announcements.
  • GPS – Drive like a local with clear audio directions.
  • Audio Kiosk – A necessity for passengers and visitors to access information from the airport and train station.
  • Mobile App – Track your bus or train in real-time and receive voice notifications for the same.


Text-to-Speech in general makes it easier for people to access online content on mobile devices, increases engagement and strengthens responsibility by ensuring that information is available in both written and audio format.


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SMS – The New Marketing Gateway For WordPress

MSG91 Wordpress Plugins

As a business owner, your ultimate goal is to provide your customers with convenient and accessible channels through which they can engage with you, and undoubtedly, SMS ticks all the checkboxes. And, if you run your business website on WordPress, then let us tell you why adding SMS functionality makes sense and how you can equip your site with this functionality.

According to a report, 64% of consumers who have the option to text a business would prefer to do that instead of call. Still wondering why you should integrate SMS on your WordPress website, here’s why

  • SMS has a 98% open rate
  • 90% of messages received are read within 3 minutes

SMS is a viable marketing channel as it offers

  • Speed
  • Timely delivery
  • Higher open-rates
  • Tracking
  • Analysis
  • And most importantly, it’s on mobile – where the world is.

Business communications via SMS, as it is, gets more views and, if your call to action is appealing enough, brings more engagement.


What can you do with SMS on your WordPress site?

You must’ve integrated marketing channels such as social, video, email to your site, but have you integrated SMS? Are you even aware of the full range of the capabilities SMS has to offer?

Let me tell you here itself, if you are thinking that SMS is only for super-sized e-commerce sites, you are mistaken.


WordPress SMS Integration is beneficial for:

  • Instant verification
  • Confirmation of a signup
  • 2-factor authentication
  • E-commerce notifications for purchase confirmed, order processed, package shipped, etc.
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Event announcements or reminders
  • A heads-up about special, insider deals
  • Sending discount codes and coupons
  • Notification about new blog posts, video content, etc.
  • Alerts related to exceeding account limits, password verifications, recent transactions…
  • Confirmation for upcoming appointments
  • Reminders that products need to be refilled or reordered
  • Follow-ups after sending out important information
  • SMS-only contests


A simple text message sent directly from your site not only allows you to remind or alert or inform your customers but also complements your other marketing efforts eventually driving them back to your site.

But before sending out texts to your visitors keep in mind these points:

  • Send text messages only to visitors who have expressly given you permission to opt them in
  • Include a STOP or OPT OUT option in the message
  • Keep your messages under 160 characters
  • Include a clear call-to-action.
  • When including a link, optimize the landing page for mobile and remove any extra steps
  • Don’t forget to schedule them for an optimal time and date

MSG91 WordPress SMS Plugin

Having SMS functionality as part of your communication methods for customers is an absolute must for online stores. This is easily achieved through the use of pre-made plugins, which means you won’t have to code anything.

The MSG91 WordPress SMS plugin comes handy for sending notifications for

  • Personalization
  • Appointments
  • Contact forms
  • Payment gateways
  • Notifications to subscribers
  • Order updates
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Automated messages on triggered actions
  • OTP

As you move into omnichannel marketing, it’s essential that your WordPress sites keep up. If t your target audience is using their smartphones to engage with your site, social media, email messages, and more, then SMS is definitely a smart move for you.

Integrate the MSG91 WordPress SMS Plugin into your site. Know more

This is how our customers are using WordPress Plugins to spread the word.

Euphoria Jewellery

Euphoria Jewellery uses the MSG91 WordPress plugin to notify their customers regarding their order status. The integration allows them to send the SMS in real-time, as and when the order status is updated.


Offering desi ghee and cold pressed oils, GheeStore sends order status, offer updates and other dietary information to their customers directly from their WordPress website via the WordPress plugin.

Attar Ayurveda

Attar Ayurveda informs their customers about ayurvedic products and notifies about the order status through SMS sent directly from their WordPress website.

We’d love to know how you are using the MSG91 WordPress SMS plugin to inform your customers directly through your website.

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Send OTP – Best Practices For Two-Factor Authentication

A growing user population calls for a growing opportunity to conduct business while on-the-move. And with increased opportunity comes increased responsibility, along with heightened vulnerability.

Users these days are always in a rush and using an easy password to access their network is quite tempting making it vulnerable to hackers. Implementing a strong two-factor authentication system is the need of the hour.

For accounts where security is the utmost concern, 2FA greatly reduces the chance of the account being compromised.


A Password Just Isn’t Good Enough

A strong password stored safely can go a long way in keeping your accounts secure, but not many of us create strong passwords, let alone store them securely. Also, every time we login we are asked to feed the password and every time it presents a chance of the password being stolen. Whatever precautions you take, you can fall victim to attacks.


But Not With Two-Factor

The second authentication factor isn’t the same every time you login so even if your password does get stolen, there’s a good chance your account would be secured as the second authentication factor isn’t compromised.


More Factors, Fewer Problems

2FA would enhance security only if the two channels (something you know and something you have) are independent as it will reduce the chances of both the channels being compromised at the same time. And it will only happen when the two authentication factors are stored on different devices.


Two-factor authentication is a tool and to use this tool effectively, you should know how it works.

On the basis of a static secret key and a moving factor, the dynamic OTP is generated and by providing the correct OTP it is confirmed that the secret key is correct as without the secret key it would be hard to produce the correct OTP. The secret key is kind of the traditional password – static codes – different in terms of how they are confirmed.


The vulnerability of a traditional password is that it has to be revealed each time it is confirmed, but a two-factor device allows a secret to be confirmed without directly revealing the secret. It is confirmed indirectly by checking for the correct OTP on each login.


A recommended best-practice for protecting sensitive data, here’s what you need to know before you use OTP services for 2FA.


# Use 2FA to confirm sensitive actions

2FA is the extra layer of authentication that goes beyond the basic model of a username and a password. When you log in an account, the website will ask you for a code from your phone. If an attacker doesn’t have your phone, they can’t get the code, so they can’t log in.


# The OTP should be in the first few words

  • Your verification code is 4343 for your Quickr request.  
  • 4343 is your Facebook confirmation code.
  • Thank you for signing up. To confirm this contact number, your code is 4343.

Which one works best for you?

P.S. you most probably would be seeing it on your mobile device 😉


# A service that allows retry

A one-time password is usually employed for sensitive information including account updates, logging in securely to an account, completing a monetary transaction and such.

If an OTP is not received within the limited timeframe you can understand the disturbance it can create in a user’s mind, also resulting in loss of trust in your service.

Retry options are like plan B, if plan A doesn’t work, you have plan B to bank on.


# User-friendly panel for sending OTP

Generating and sending OTP should not be a task. A user-friendly panel makes it easier to send OTP, even if the OTP is required to be resent.


# A time-sensitive OTP delivery service

One-time password is time-sensitive and should not be treated as an SMS. It requires to be sent through a different route. A dedicated infrastructure is needed for the time-sensitive OTP that needs to be delivered come what may.

SendOTP – Two-Factor Authentication



Using SendOTP as 2FA reduces the dependency on passwords decreasing vulnerability and the chance of a successful attack. The OTP that is produced and sent over SMS to input along with the password is for a one-time use only and changes with every login making it dynamic.

The algorithm attached to SendOTP makes it unique as it does not, in any case, let the OTP fail. If undelivered by SMS, the OTP is sent over a voice call ensuring your OTP is delivered; come what may.


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Users Actually Enjoy These 7 Types of Text Messages

Mobile is indispensable and it has been made clear by marketing news time and again.


Moblie is the primary device being used by most of us to access the internet. As a matter of fact, a quarter of us interact less with anything else and more with our mobile devices. And, since it is the primary source, content has to fit that format.

Brands are adhering to this fact, even so, more since Google announced that non-mobile friendly pages will be ranked low.

It is the apps that will be impacted the most with the increasing use of mobile devices and most vital role in sending notifications will be played by text messages. I’m sure many of you already receive notifications through SMS.

Mobile users are more than ever interested in receiving SMS and the texting stats rates say it all.

  • 22 billion texts are sent every day, worldwide
  • Texts have 99% open-rate
  • 89% of consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses
  • 75% of people like offers sent via text
  • 90% of leads prefer to be texted

But, there’s a catch here! SMS can be forgotten or ignored if not sent at the right time and that’s why these messages need to be optimized.

Why is that? How can it be avoided? How can they benefit the user and the brand? Read on to know which 7 text messages users actually enjoy receiving.


  1. SMS that encourages

Once I missed my training session and the SMS I received from the institute went like,

“You haven’t been active lately and missed your session. Login to book another.”

Is it only me or would you too feel judged by an SMS like that?

You don’t need an opt-in SMS that shames the users, but an SMS that encourages. Most health and fitness apps are designed in a way to push users to do something. But, users need a break too. Maybe they are unwell or taking a day off or some other important reason. Let the user decide how long they want the hiatus to be and then send a message asking them if they are ready to start.

Mera Health Genie pushes user in a positive way to work on their health.

Dear Payal, Your custom-made diet plan is now available on your Mobile App and website. Now enjoy our full features like alarms, shopping basket and many more. For any further assistance, contact us on xxxxxxxxxx.


  1. SMS that makes life easier

Do you put everything on your calendar? One thing most people forget, even you could be one of them, is scheduling online check-in for their flights.

Airlines apps remind the users to check in 24 hours in advance and it might be one of the reasons that travel apps have the highest opt-in rate.

Many airlines send the reminders via email but with SMS outweighing emails by a staggering 23% as the preferred method of communication, no wonder we look for quick notifications.

SkoolTree helps schools stay connected with parents making it easier for parents to know the attendance status of their children.

Dear Parents, It is to inform you that school will send the attendance message only to the absentees through the Mobitendance from 12/07/2018 (Thursday). Please note that the attendance message of the students those who are present will not be sent.


  1. SMS that knows where their users are – location

Localytics asked its users which type of notifications they preferred the most – the third most popular response with 34% – “a special offer based on my location”.  

If you are already out somewhere, why not treat yourself with a special offer.

Knowing your user and their choices accomplish two things: You are looking out for your users and their choices and offering them something special based on their choice.

Domino’s sends its users’ text messages informing them about their nearest outlet based on user location.

It’s a way of adding value to a user and a personalized notification is just like a cherry on the top.


  1. SMS that excites the users

There are notifications that know where you are and offer accordingly, and then there are those notifications that offer where you want to be – a beach, some warm place, in the mountains.

ixigo allows users to set their notification criteria based on destination, dates, popular location and sends them SMS alerts when the prices for those trips go down.

Train bookings open for Diwali! Pay Rs.0 service charge on train bookings via ixigo. Don’t get waitlisted! Book Now:

Imagine yourself indulged in daily routine when you receive a text message offering a good holiday deal; exciting, isn’t it? Especially, an offer based on your preferences!

The rewards with this kind of notifications are twofold – users are receiving information and you get a return on their investment in your brand. Also, there’s this positive association with your brand as users are actually getting what they want.

Think what would add that excitement factor for your user and that information would portray the message that your app is actually benefiting users in the way they would like.


  1. SMS that alerts people about things that matter – to them

Most of us like to stay informed – what’s happening in our town, state, country and even the world. The level of personalization plays a huge role in such kinds of alerts as users are 3 times more likely to respond to a notification that affects them directly.

To make it more effective, let users choose what area of information they would want to be notified about and also let them choose the time of the day so they are not disturbed by the text message.



  1. SMS that let the user pick up from where they left

You visited an app or a site with some intention and then got distracted. By the time the distraction passed, you forgot why you visited the app or site in the first place. Did you know, we humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish?

There are apps that send an SMS to let you pick from where you left making your life easier.

But just 2 things:

  • How busy your user might be?
  • Would this notification help them to act on it or just distract them?


  1.  SMS that keeps people posted

There are a few things we really want to know –

  • When is our food order arriving?
  • When are our important docs arriving?
  • When is our shopping parcel arriving?

Notifications that inform and keep people posted would always be welcome by most.

KartFood, a food delivery startup in Kashmir valley sends SMS informing customers when their order is out for delivery.

Hi Customer, We have received your order, Details: Order ID: 341 Restaurant: Grills Total Amount  ₹556.50 Order Details: 1 x Tandoori Chicken Full 400.00 2 x Plain Naan 80.00 Regards Kashmir’s First Online Food Delivery Service

According to a survey, 43% of users think taking more than 10 minutes to respond to an SMS is unacceptable. Whether we like instant gratification or not, in the time of mobile, we have to adapt!

Does your app/site require users to wait? If it does, ask yourself

  • Are you making your users wait longer than required?
  • Are you keeping your users posted about what they are waiting for?
  • Are you updating your users or disrupting them?
  • Can your users reach you in time to get updated information?

Text messages work wonderfully, but only if they share just enough information striking the right balance.

Ready to start texting? Make sure to meet these criteria:

  • They aren’t disruptive
  • They keep users informed
  • They make life convenient for users
  • They encourage users

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13 Easy Tactics To A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

Power user's guide to SMS marketing services

Text marketing is the only mobile channel that offers the widest reach with the well-known actuality of 98% SMS open-rate, with 83% opened within 3 minutes. When used dexterously, SMS campaigns can boost conversion rates and foster loyalty to build a great customer relationship.



A low-cost high-return marketing system, short message service is one of the best methods to reach your audience and beyond and hopefully with these 13 easy yet insightful SMS tactics you can effectively leverage this powerful channel.


Amp up your marketing game!


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