Kartfood: A food delivery startup communicates via SMS amidst the internet ban in the Kashmir Valley

Kartfood uses MSG91 for communication

Internet: The backbone of customer communication


The Internet has brought in a fleet of social media channels with it. It is these social media platforms which have played a major role in the marketing and customer communication. Small businesses have largely engaged in different social media platforms of which Facebook has been the most popular one, followed by Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. According to a survey

Social Media channels for business stats

With such a rate of involvement, Internet has proven its mettle in engaging a large audience also making the communication to the customer easier.


Kashmir Valley still barren of startups due to frequent Internet bans


While India is emerging as a Startup nation, Kashmir Valley is still waiting for the startups to happen. A major reason for startups not choosing Kashmir is the disruptive internet connectivity, which happens frequently.


Due to separatists activities, Kashmir has been facing frequent Internet bans in the past few years, which has hit the small business to a major extent. The inaccessibility to the internet would mean a disruptive social media presence which will adversely affect the connectivity with the customers. With more than 39 bans being imposed since 2012, online business has paralyzed, while many looking to change base locations and the upcoming startups dropping the idea to start their businesses in Kashmir.


All these factors have contributed to the startup void seen in the valley, while the other regions have their fair share of startups.


Kartfood is successfully operating with an alternate strategy


Kartfood, a local food delivery startup has also been facing the same issue to communicate with their customers amidst the disruptive internet services. Sales have been hit as they had no stable medium of communication with non-functioning of social media platforms due the frequent internet bans.



Kartfood uses MSG91 for communication


Amidst this situation, they turned up to an alternate medium of communication i.e. SMS. Though considered an old school in this advanced time, SMS still has a wide reach and had been an effective channel to communicate in real time with a larger target audience.


With a 98% reach and 83% of people opening the SMS in the 3 minutes, it has been a channel to communicate with the mass. Due to the quick responsiveness and wider reach, SMS has come to rescue in the absence of internet. Earlier, while the Kartfood was facing challenges to communicate regarding deliveries, offers and other information to its customers, they have seen visible results after opting for SMS services.




MSG91 has been helping Kartfood with their advanced API based SMS services to communicate effectively with their clients. This has not only helped them to sync their food delivery process but has also let their business grow at a higher rate.




Furqan Qureshi, Co-founder Kartfood says “MSG91 has helped us in solving our communication problems completely with their robust and reliable system which delivers messages in Real-time, syncing the entire food delivery process hassle-free. This has also led us to a phenomenal sales growth of 10% in the last week itself, and has also helped us reach out to a wide range of potential customer, with their efficient API integration add-ons

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A Startup is promoting Paperless Bill Receipts safeguarded by MSG91

Oxebox uses MSG91 for communication

Everyday Bills and Receipts cause a lot of Carbon Footprints


With too many bill receipts processed every day for almost everything, a huge volume of paper is used just to print these bills. To meet the requirements of the paper supply, a large number of trees are cut across the world. This has brought in the generation of a lot of Carbon Footprints.




E-bills with Oxebox secured y MSG91


With the increasing Carbon Footprints, we have started facing severe Ecological and Environmental issues like Global Warming, Extinction of Species of Flora and Fauna, Climatic changes, Depletion of Ozone Layer, Melting of the Icebergs at the Poles etc.


These issues will have a severe impact on the coming generations of humans. To stall this major destruction, and restore the ecological system of the earth, we need to start acting now!


We need to focus more on sustainable development, afforestation, practicing eco-friendly measures, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and going paperless as much as possible in a bid to reduce the Carbon Footprints significantly.


One such Bangalore based startup Oxebox is working towards this noble cause.


Oxebox is ensuring Reduction in Carbon Footprints with secure e-bills using MSG91


Oxebox is working towards making billing secure and paperless to ensure a reduction in the Carbon Footprints. With the e-bills, a large volume of paper and subsequently trees used to make paper could be saved. This could play a significant role in the conservation of the environment by reducing Carbon Footprints.


Reduce Carbon Footprints


Since the billing and expenses information is crucial and has to be kept secured, Oxebox ensures that the bills could only be accessed with the registered mobile number as the login credentials using MSG91 OTP API. To safe keep your account Oxebox uses a Two-Factor Verification at the time to sign up by sending the Verification Code to the registered mobile number via MSG91 API.


Oxebox providing secure E-bills via MSG91


Apart from being secured, Oxebox helps you manage expenses and bills online with its app. which is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Just by signing up for the Oxebox app with a registered mobile number, you can safely keep your bills on the Cloud which could be accessed only by logging in with valid credentials.


On the other hand, as a retailer, using Oxebox to send e-bills and receipts could help you save the expenses on the hardware and paper used for printing bills. Oxebox also gives you the liberty to customize the bills according to the ongoing offers, events in order to enhance customer engagement along a secured channel.


Sachin Sinha, Co-founder Oxebox says “To ensure the security of the customer account by verification of the registered mobile number, MSG91 has helped us by providing robust and secure real-time APIs to auto-send Verification code as soon as the User signs up.


Oxebox uses MSG91 for communication



Also, for a customer, to handle and keep the paper bills for future reference is difficult as they often get misplaced, and eventually lost. While an e-bill generated with Oxebox is secured in the cloud and could be referred using the mobile phone whenever required.


This way as a consumer, you can assure all your bills are secured and easily accessible in an eco-friendly manner.

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A Hyderabad-based Startup is connecting Hostels and Tenants on a Single Platform

Joey Rooms uses MSG91 for communication

Hostels and PGs: A secure and affordable accommodation


Going to a new city for work, studies or just a trip means one needs to find a comfortable and secure accommodation without burning a hole in the pocket. While finding such an accommodation is not everyone’s cup of tea. PGs and Hostels are the places where could stay comfortably and securely with spending just a small amount. But unlike hotels, one has to search for them thoroughly in different areas, and being a newbie in the city adds on to the problem.

To solve this problem, Hyderabad based JoeyRooms have come up with an innovative idea where you need not pay bigger amounts to fancy hotels for a secure and comfortable accommodation. Rather you could find a could accommodation which is secure, comfortable, homely as well as fits well in your pocket, via Joeyrooms.


The user gets to choose from a fleet of PGs and Hostels in the desired Location with the one minute PG Locator. Joeyrooms website acts as a platform where PGs and Hostels could register themselves and update their details from time to time.



MSG91 for startups (Joey Rooms)


The user could give reviews, select PGs based on the reviews, location and the services provided to them. In its initial stage, Joeyrooms offers the PGs and Hostel accommodation only for Bengaluru  and Hyderabad, but are planning to soon expand their services to other cities across India.


How they built a secure and reliable service with real-time robust communication.


As soon as a User signs up, they get a verification code on the number they have provided while filling up the Signup form. The user is kept in sync every time they opt to rent a property with message alerts. The entire communication such as the updates, PG owner details, OTPs, Verification codes, Offers and other information is communicated via SMS using MSG91 SMS Gateway services.


Joey Rooms uses MSG91 for communication

The Communication process remains robust, reliable, secure and real-time making the renting portal a big hit both among the PG owners and the Tenants. A proper database of both the tenants and PG owners is maintained which plays a key role in the communication with the help of the Excel Addon. Here the API directly fetches the data from the database with the help of Excel plugin, saving time and energy and preventing human errors.


With such a robust and reliable communication system JoeyRooms is able to make a mark in the industry raising standards of customer satisfaction paving their way for further expansions.

Goutham, Founder JoeyRooms says “MSG91 has helped us in establishing and maintaining a robust end-to-end communication with our users, helping us to keep in constant touch with them. While the Excel plugin has been a true time-saver by picking up the contacts straight away from the database.”


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15 Must-Use Tools For Every Startup


Being in your early years you have multiple things to manage including your productivity. You do need tools that would streamline your workflow cutting right through your workload boosting your productivity and efficiency.




After a lot of exploring and experiments, MSG91 brings a comprehensive list of 15 must-use tools to boost the productivity of your team.


Communication & Collaboration






We use it for our internal communication and highly recommend it. Why? Use it and you will know why.



This is one platform that not only collects your email data but also makes sure your email is delivered to all of them. Who else does that?


Task & Project Management





A web-based whiteboard with post-it notes. Organize your projects into boards and get an overview of how things are moving.



Plan, track and release effective software as it can be integrated with developer tools to personalize the solution.


Sales Management



An exact fit for sales processes. It’s an intuitive and visual way of displaying business leads to having a good overview of sales.


Workflow Management




Developing a mobile App? How do you send some data to your server? SOCKET makes it possible without writing code. Powerful yet simple. Automate processes by collecting data, modify and fork it to multiple apps and websites using a single URL.



Create a chain of simple conditions by connecting your favourite apps, services, and devices. Predefine any event to perform an action.


Search-and-Alert Program



Search the entire web for your defined keywords and assign a follow-up to the activity or track the sentiments when your key terms are found.


Web Performance & Security





Secure your site with Universal SSL while boosting its performance. 


Application Performance Monitoring


New Relic

A single tool to diagnose and fix all your application problem in real-time and monitor their performance.


API Development Tool





It is the best way available to test your APIs and helps build them by quickly putting together both simple and complex HTTP requests.


Cloud Application Platform



A no-nonsense approach towards application deployment, Heroku takes care of all aspects of your “platform” so you simply deploy your application.


Remote Access Program





The multi-platform nature is its real strength. An easy-to-use interface that lets you transfer files, switch sides to trade the control of the device and do so much more with ease.


Ammyy Admin

Enjoy easy and fast remote control access to your PC or server administration through this portable program.


Customer Support



One of the most personalised way to communicate with clients. Offers a no-fuss approach to sending their queries leading to a better client relationship.


P.S. If you think we missed something here then do let us know in the comments box below.

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