The Multiple Roles Essayed By An SMS In The Lifecycle Of An E-Commerce Customer

In a world that is increasingly driven by convenience, it is vital that you as a business optimize by offering your customers personalization and convenience throughout the buying cycle.


Popular, personal and progressive, texting immediately creates a one-on-one connection helping a customer bridge the gap between browsing and purchase. Also, the huge difference between a conversion and an abandoned cart can be attributed to the added SMS capability on a website.  


In order for a customer to complete a purchase, they need to be encouraged at the right time through the right medium and then time and again, incentivize them for more purchase.


From onboarding to purchase, here’s how an SMS drives conversions and boosts sales.



SMS Lifecycle of E commerce Customer


Onboarding, Window shopping, Adding to cart, Purchase, Post purchase, Changing seasons, Back to window shopping

With the widest reach possible, SMS stands as one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of communicating and as long as people remain obsessed with their phones, messaging will be relevant in connecting your business with your customers.

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