13 tactics to use SMS communication effectively

Top 5 Strategies for SMS Marketing to Follow in 2018

The world of marketing is one that is continuously changing, developing, and adapting. It is vital for all kinds of businesses, small or large to stay updated and embrace fresh channels, strategies, and techniques to keep loyal customers engaged and attract new customers.

SMS is still a powerful channel of marketing and can be very relevant to marketing in 2018.

Why SMS?

SMS are sent directly to consumers through their mobile phones. As such they are personal and delivered within seconds after sending.

Plus, the average opening rate of SMS as per research is 99%. In fact, 97% of messages are read within 15 minutes of delivery. As such, the majority of marketers consider SMS as crucial to their business.

Strategies that would benefit marketers in 2018:

1. Building Traffic on Websites

While sending SMS to customers, you can incorporate links to your website, which encourages the latter to visit your website. Because of the high response rate to SMS, it is likely that consumers will click on the link. In case, consumers connect to your website; they are more likely to explore your company and its offers. This may lead to positive outcomes like subscriptions to your newsletter or even sales of products.

2.Use of Versatile Content

Many companies in the past have settled down to a regular format of content. But now customers have expectations that marketers use all kinds of channels and develop tailored content.  Among many channels of marketing like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, SMS is one channel in which customers are growing interested, hugely. SMS can play two roles in 2018: for starters, it can be used as a direct channel of marketing, and secondly, it can support marketing elsewhere on the net permitting direct linking of customers from an SMS to an app or website.



3. Personalization

There are numerous ways to understand your customers like their demographics, age, interests, hobbies, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Many companies have access to this data but do not know how to use it. In 2018, marketers can use such data to send personalized messages to customers. Wish them on birthdays or send a reminder of a sales event near their location. This boils down to using valuable data to forge a personal connection and enhance recall of the brand.

4. Demand for Off-Screen Experiences

There is more demand by consumers for experiences that take place away from computer screens. SMS marketing is a cheaper and technologically simple alternative to online apps or sites. SMS remains a unique and personal channel of communication, which is a good alternative to computer-based channels.

5. Customer Feedback

The channel of SMS marketing can be used to garner customer feedback. You can run a poll or survey to gain knowledge about the opinions of customers.  Response to SMS takes an average of only 90 seconds. Hence, SMS is the best medium to understand if the customer is happy with your service or product. You can use such customer feedback to guide you to improve services and products.

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Overall, SMS marketing is highly effective when integrated with other channels of marketing like e-mail marketing or mobile apps. It will continue to be an indispensable part of your marketing strategy in 2018.

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